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  1. How about Courtyard Coral Gables. Any idea how much much a taxi ride may cost from Port of Miami?
  2. Which area of Miami will be in between POM and Miami Airport.
  3. I have a day room at Element Miami Doral - 3285 NW 107th Avenue Miami, Florida 33172 - near Dolphin Mall and would like to know how much approx. would be a taxi ride? Also how much approx. would be a taxi ride from Elements Miami Doral to Miami airport.
  4. I was getting mix comments. Now that I know once I drop off the car at Q8M location, I can take Avis shuttle to go to the Port of Miami. Thank you.
  5. Can any past cruisers confirm if avis provide a complimentary shuttle that will bring you to Port of Miami? There are 2 locations Q8M and M61. Which location to drop off the rental car to take the shuttle to the POM.
  6. Before renting a car at this location, I am looking for reviews/comments but cannot not find any. Have anyone recently rent a car at this location? I suspect that car selection will be very limited (small location) but I am looking for reviews: good or bad or any comments?
  7. Thank you Capt_BJ for the clarification. What do you mean by add rental tag to your account - do you mean add the rental car license plate? How long does it take the SunPass transponder to be activated? Can I use a double -sided tap instead of a suction cups? Can we buy the SunPass transponder at the Miami airport?
  8. Thank you for all these information. Is the SunPass portable a 1 time use or you can be used for future vacation...........? I am renting a car from Hertz and how would you install/ place the SunPass portable - on the top of the existing one already on the windshield I am guessing? Sorry these are new to me.
  9. I am renting a car and could anyone know how much is the approximate tolls? Can we stil pay cash or not anymore? I undertand that the car rentals have their transponders and they charge a daily fees. Can we bring our own transponders (buy one locally)?
  10. Would any one know, how much can it cost for a one way private transfers?
  11. I was thinking to take a car service ( quote price $75 all inclusive) but since the taxi is a flat rate of $28, I will take a taxi. Is the $28 include any toll?
  12. Would any one know how much a taxi would cost? Party of 3 persons.
  13. Does anyone know if the hotel provide a shuttle to Sawgrass outlet? Also any suggestion for a car services to go to Port of Miami?
  14. I have booked a transfers with Dial 7 and I am not able to find out how much is the extra $ for the toll to pay from: Elizabeth in NJ to Cape Liberty cruise port Cape Liberty cruise port to Manhattan Midtown Can anyone help?
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