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  1. Thanks... We did 2 sailings on her 10 12 years ago... then the Royal class started up... been on the Royal Regal 2x and on the Sky now.. Just hoping we are not disappointed going back
  2. Yeah Whatever!!! And I suppose you don't like Dirty Harry either
  3. My wife and I just signed up for a west coast trip on the Ruby... Vancouver to Frisco... Anybody have any reports on Her??? It has been years since being on her Thanks
  4. I am on the Sky right now...sitting in the Take 5 bar enjoying some great jazz.. about 40 couples in her... I see 11 men in Tuxes tonight... it's not dead people... there at least 3 guys in golf shirts too...
  5. had my 750 on the last cruise with a tripod and flash, along with some lenses and other "junk" to fill up the pack...never used any of it... my 28-300 never came off the camera.. noise was not an issue... everything was handheld and still got some great shots
  6. funny story... I'm a Cinti Bengals fan and we were on a cruise that departed Miami Superbowl Sunday in 89 (Bengals vs. 49ers)...the game was broadcast over the air them... we lost the signal at sea about the end of the 3rd quarter...did not find out the Bengals lost until the next morning when they has the summary the morning Patter... man have things changed!!!
  7. Found this information: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=4616 and a youtube video
  8. we have a bungalow rented for the day... has anyone tried the gourmet picnic basket they say is available?? if so, how do you order one??
  9. My Wife & I would like to think about some other line, Started out on Carnival back in the day, then went to Royal Caribbean for a couple , then to Princess... Currently, we are Elite on Princess and any other lines will not honor the perk level... I do have to say, Princess is slipping a bit in some areas (food quality & beverage offerings), but we keep coming back, this time we are booked on the Sky in 3 weeks, so we will find out how the medallion service is on a new ship
  10. I agree, the past few cruises, I have noticed quite a change in the dress... cannot quote the exact stats like "satxdiver" has in his previous response... My DW and I do like the excuse to dress fancy.. for us, it is one of the different aspects of cruising... I really liked renting because is was convenient and I did NOT have to pack and extra suitcase for the added suit - it is not the economics its the convenience... Really the extra suitcase is not too much of a hassle on these trips - i really don't have to handle them too much... we'll just pack another... Just dropped my daughter off at the airport yesterday - they had FIVE suitcases... I guess my two is not that bad after all!!!
  11. thanks for all the input... guess I will toss in a sport coat... cant wait i
  12. Has anyone heard if Princess hired another company to handle Tuxedo rentals?? We sail in about a month and I don't want to pack a suit or sportcoat... I loved just renting a tux for the two formal nights.. Or have the formal nights just become THAT casual??
  13. Interesting.. Is the Sky offering both Planks & Steamers on different nights on the same cruise?? Sounds like a nice alternative to the usual fare offered...
  14. Hi All My wife & i are looking at switching lines from Princess to NCL (a story for another time). I have been reading that smoking IS permitted and appears to be unenforced with people smoking in the state rooms and in the public areas... is this fact or just an overblown opinion of someone?? Both of us are not very tolerant of people smoking nearby, and I dont want to have to deal with this on a cruise. We are looking at the New England trip in Oct 2019 and we are getting ready to book it just wanted to hear from you on the smoking policy I appreciate your comments Cinti Curzer
  15. at the time, give me an apology - tell me the truth... maybe open a bottle of wine for my wife from the restaurant or Vines - a $50 bottle is the same price point as the beverage package ( 5 glasses @$10 ea) - but go an entire cruise without wine - DW is not happy
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