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  1. That is wonderful that Princess is helping with their travel arrangements to get their family to them. I hope they make a full recovery.
  2. We were on a cruise one time and friends received a message from their daughter that there was a fatal accident back home. Princess let them make as many calls as needed with no charge. I am sure in this instance they will accommodate everyone as best as possible. Thankfully most of those passengers not affected would have cell service while in port and be able to make contact with loved ones. We did a float plane on our trip to Ketchikan and had this happened I would of made sure to reach out to my daughter to let her know we were safe since our bear trip was something we anticipated for months.
  3. I just heard about the accident. I am so sorry for all those injured and the loss of life. We did a float plane while in Ketchikan, it was such a memorable experience. My prayers go out to the victims and their families.
  4. I am helping someone with an upcoming cruise and need private transportation for a family of 11 from an airport area hotel in Orlando to the Pier. I have searched and there are many companies, just wanted some personal recommendations if possible. Thank you!
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