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  1. If you end up being just one point short of platinum, you might get lucky and be made platinum early. The reason I say that is that I'm currently on 77 points, with the gold range being 55-79, but it says I'm platinum already. Makes me think the points required for tiers are more like guidelines, than hard rules! 98 points away from platinum plus apparently, which feels like a long way away, and looking at the benefits, pretty pointless.
  2. As far as drinks to try - somewhere on this board is a list of cocktails. On our last cruise, I believe my wife and I managed to try 52 different cocktails between us - that was a lot of fun!
  3. All Pearl cruises from Athens were cancelled (in particular for us, the 17th Oct to Greek Islands and Istanbul, and the 24th to Israel). The Jade is now sailing a different itinerary on those two dates from Athens. Presumably because the Pearl is currently around Aruba, and the Jade is near Naples.
  4. Hmm, I don't see an option for that, the options I've got are just 'Pay in Full' and 'Pay Deposit Amount':
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me how I can put a hold on a new booking on the UK site? Having just had our October cruise cancelled, I'm looking at getting a new booking setup, but want to chat to my wife first when she gets back from work, before paying deposit etc. I know I've managed to do this before somehow by accident, just don't know how! Thanks
  6. I can confirm that fridges can be put in studio cabins - I had one added in for my medication when I sailed in a studio. It was, admittedly, a bit crammed in - there's obviously nowhere dedicated for it to go, but it did the job for me. Google 'ncl access desk' and get in contact with them - they'll arrange for any adaptations you need, always been really helpful for me in the past.
  7. And a question from me about the upgraded drinks package. If we were travelling with friends, and we had the upgraded package with them having the standard, would we be able to order a bottle of Veuve for dinner each night and share it with them, or would they just have to watch as we enjoyed the finer things in life? For clarity, they'd be in a couple of other cabins - we're not all sharing a cabin.
  8. That's around 250000 mph by my quick calculations - that's pretty damn impressive for a cruise ship!
  9. I really like the Jade, been on her a couple of times. One thing I don't see mentioned very often is the bridge viewing room, forward on deck 11. Well worth a visit for a few minutes at some point, has plaques from some (all?) of the ports she has visited. Don't think the room appears on deck plans. Your cruise itinerary interests me, but I'm struggling to find it on ncl.com - any pointers on how I can find it?
  10. One thing I’ll add about the peace of mind promise - the fcc can’t be used as payment towards the same cancelled cruise. That’s from one of their FAQs (which I can’t copy/paste right now for some reason!)
  11. Thanks, like you found, managed to book earlier today through our PCC with no problems. One day, NCL will get their website working correctly!
  12. Many thanks for all of the replies, all makes sense now (in a weird NCL’ish version anyway!). It’s a bit aggravating in some ways, these things are meant to be usable as a deposit, but because of that conversion, that’s not an option on their site. Even more aggravating is the current message on their site: “YOU HAVE UNUSED CRUISENEXT DEPOSIT(S)Book Any Stateroom on Any Sailing. Limited Time Only.”, when you can’t actually use them for that, at least not online! Oh well, will get in contact with our PCC.
  13. I’ve just tried to book a back-to-back next October on ncl.co.uk. Got to the payment stage for the first cruise and as expected it shows a deposit due of £200. i was planning to use my two cruisenext certificates for the bookings, but for some reason, they show a value of £198 rather than £200 and when I try to use one, I get the error this error message: Balance Due Aug 08 2021 EDT : £1,704.00 Double check the entered amounts below - it appears less than the minimum deposit. (Credits do not apply toward the minimum deposit) I’m pretty sure (thoug
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