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  1. The headliner show is a Christmas show, try to attend. The rock band concert is good. Take small bills with you on Labadee for tipping. Main dining room for lunch has a good salad bar. Walk past the deserts till you see the big round strawberry & chocolate cake & select one of them. After you make show reservations check out your dining table & make reservations for specialty dining I think first night is bogo. Drink package cannot be shared. On Thursday the bars sell a drink card 10 drinks for $79 & you can share with anyone. Remember to turn in pool towels or you will be charged $25. The crew wants to please you instead of complaining about problems on these boards address issues onboard &they do their best to make it right. I try to go to entertainment venues 20 or 30 minutes early to get a good seat. You need tie tennis shoes for zip line & socks & long pants for skating. Be prepared to be wowed!




    August 26, 2017



    Due to Tropical Storm Harvey and weather conditions around the Galveston/Houston area, as well as the port's current closure, Liberty of the Seas will arrive to the Port of Galveston tomorrow later than originally scheduled. Because of this, boarding for the next cruise will now take place on Monday, August 28 between noon and 3 p.m. We ask that guests not arrive to the port before noon.

  3. If you like sterling silver I will add that my silver costume jewelry from Mexico may be a souvineer and bring fond memories but my silver costume jewelry from TJ Maxx is half the price and never tarnishes. Now I purchase silver locally before a cruise, enjoy it on the cruise & it still becomes my souvineer and fond memory of the cruise while my Mexican silver remains tarnished in my jewelry box. My favorite fine jewelry is St Thomas (USVI).

  4. You can expect to be led off the ship, wait, then led back on. Checking out with the old seapass card and checking in with the new one

    Verify the info on your new sea pass is correct. We do b2b all of the time and once it had our stateroom number with someone elses name. No problem tho they quickly made us new cards. It's an easy peasy process and nice luncheon.

  5. When you print your set sail pass in the process of the first leg they ask when you disembark will it be taxi, airport etc you will choose consecutive cruise. That also alerts onboard staff you are doing b2b.

    Cruisers call it a b2b but when researching (and you definitely should) search as "consecutive cruiser".

    This is in addition to what previous posters advise not instead of.

  6. It's free for everyone now, except for a couple of extra cost entrees. Those were even free for us (June 11) because of some sort of courtesy they extend to MTD people.


    Last time I was on Oasis we met some people who had MTD and they could not accommodate them the first night due to no availability so the MTD people used Solarium Bistro for MTD overflow. They were furious as they wanted the MTD menu and were not a fan of the healthier choices served in the Solarium Bistro. Don't think it was clear to them they could have gone to WJ & they didn't realize the Solarium Bistro had a different menu.

  7. I use one credit card to guarantee my cruise and a different card with free currency conversion in port. If your card is lost, stolen, or compromised in any way in a port it won't affect onboard charges. Never use a debit card (gives them direct access to your bank account). Bring a lot of small bills because change is often given in their currency. In one port we stopped for some water & beer on the roadside while on a tour and the owner pocketed the change and said times are hard.:eek: Remember islanders think you are rich and by their standard of living you are.

  8. You read correctly, the score was a 6.5-7 out of 10. Had it not been for repeatedly slow service the cruise would have been a 9/10.


    Once the food arrived it was of great quality for all 6 of our specialty dining glitches. The 50 minutes that it took for our app of sliced meat, cheese and olives at Jamie's was excessive. Not seeing our waiter at Chops 5 minutes before our food was delivered until he cleared our plated 40 minutes later is more than just a hiccup. He nor anyone else swung by to ask if dinner was cooked right, offer ground pepper, or ask if we needed refills. These are not over the top expectations, these are normal procedures. We have never considered giving no tip and we talked about it more than once this sailing. This was for specialty dining, we never went to the MDR so I'm not sure how it was there. :eek:


    We are casual and relaxed people, others surely will not have been as patient. As crusinfan said, perfection doesn't exist but we have certainly seen much better on Oasis Class ships. Thus my level headed comments, cruise score and observations.


    I just hope these are crew swapping glitches which have transpired from many contracts coming to an end or about to since the ship has been in service for close to 7 months. The ship is the destination but food is a big part of it, thus the 3 to 3.5 point deduction for poor service.


    We had an amazing time on the ship, and we just started to assume that we were the couple that were getting the Eeyore donkey service. We definitely didn't react like Donald Duck. :D


    I appreciate you taking time out of your vacation to give us this awesome review. The reasons you mention above are exactly why we like to wait 6 weeks after a ship returns from Europe.:eek: By then the 7 should be a 10.;) Thanks for getting her ready for us.:D

  9. Just got off Harmony Saturday, I bought on board and got the 30% off. Not all bartenders know about it as I told her there is a discount, she wrote it up but I still was charged full price, but I went to guess services to got it adjusted with no problem, no hassle.


    So buy it on board and cancel your pre-order I suggest.

    I cancelled. Was it listed on the list of benefits left in your stateroom on Harmony?


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  10. Ugh- I have really really bad ankles. Some days, trying to go down a set of stairs ends (especially if I have to carry my daughter) is a very scary scenario. I've fallen quite a number of times in my own home. I'll raise my hand to being one of the people who does use the elevator to go down, depending on what I'm wearing shoe wise, if I have my daughter in my arms, and if my ankles are acting up.


    Not everyone's trying to be a jerk ;)


    Judgy people have no clue as to why people can or cannot use stairs. You should never feel the need to explain.

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