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  1. Yes. This should mostly be over by Aug and a distant memory by October.
  2. It has everything to do with the sitting government.
  3. Last year it there were numerous offers for drink package upgrades...20%...25% etc. I have been watching since Feb for our next booking, and so far, there’s been nothing (unless i missed a sale). Is Celebrity moving away from these? I am holding out hope for Black Friday, but....
  4. Bingo....we were on the Equinox last Feb....she seemed nice and flamboyant complete with ready made corny jokes....but, whatever (actually, the corny jokes started to grate after a while tbh). Do I get there safely and on time? That’s all I care about.
  5. If this is what people want....hey, I am military and up at 0530 every day rain or shine...so, I’ll always get a chair.
  6. I believe i got 30% off for me and my wife last Black Friday? It was sometime late last year.
  7. French authorities were describing it as an accident while it was still burning. Ridiculous. Even a simple house fire with no injuries would result in days or weeks of investigation from the Fire Dept, insurance adjusters etc. In fact, something that looks like an accident is frequently even more suspicious. If French officials were trying to ‘get out in front’ of it to quell conspiracy theories, they accomplished the exact opposite.
  8. Based on what, exactly? The fire isn’t even out, but you’ve determined the cause? The have been numerous attacks on churches in France this year - including arson.
  9. Kids bad, drag queens good? Don’t let the door hit ya....
  10. We were on the Equinox in Feb and the kids were playing on the grass, so I went to the sunset bar to grab a drink for me and my wife. While waiting, some woman walked up to the bar and b1tched out the head bartender for 3 - 4 minutes....LOUDLY...what was her complaint? That non-smokers were sitting in chairs in the ‘smoking section’, and that as a smoker she had to stand. He took it like a trooper I would have lost it on her arse.
  11. This is how it works...supply/demand. After final payment all bets are off. I am sure you’d be willing to sell you house in TO for 1998 prices cause it’s unfair for young people starting out to have to pay much more than you did?
  12. I booked Feb 2021 9 day ABC islands last February with 2 perks Aqua class. It was $5700 CDN when I booked and I have been tracking the price regularly for drops. I did a mock booking today for the cabin next to us with two perks...$6400 CDN....so, that’s a $700 Cdn increase since yesterday...
  13. My wife is a Registered Dietitian and makes smoothies regularly at home. One morning i headed to the Aqua Spa Cafe to pick up a couple and gave one to my wife. She took one sip and made a face and said ‘it tastes like dirt’. I took a sip and agreed. You wouldn't be missing anything...
  14. a) Figure it out b) No c) No d) You weren’t ‘involved in the event’ either. No more than I was thousands of miles away. Not a little bit...not in any way. Being in the air space or territorial waters of a place where an event is occurring, doesn’t make you part of an event.
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