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  1. Not nearly as bad as SARS but certainly worse than the cold and influenza. This on a ship would spread like wildfire. Good on Carnival being proactive 🙂
  2. Can someone tell me were is the anytime dining room ? Midship or Aft also is it on both levels of that dining room thanks!
  3. I’d recommend renting a golf cart . It’s a fun and easy way to explore the island. The island is safe and so small you can’t get lost. We have rented carts 3 times in the past and may do it again this Feb.
  4. Can you give me their contact information please? Also how much did it cost and finally did you have to prepay. Thanks and enjoy your cruise😎
  5. Can you give us an update on the golf carting in GT? Who you rented from, would you use them again? We are on the Sunrise in Feb. enjoy your cruise!
  6. Yes there’s something to be said for that too. We had no choice and have to use the warfarin.
  7. I called special needs and they checked and said the ship cannot do it. Maybe because it is a five day cruise ( we are supposed to be doing 2X’s 5days)
  8. I thought about getting it done in Fort Lauderdale between the two cruises I would be paying out of pocket for this but I just need the bloodwork done and the results I don’t need to see a physician. I’m just not sure if there are any such places in FLL?
  9. I am so sorry☹️ I hope he has recovered? Did he have a head injury prior to the bleed?(I am an emerg nurse)
  10. Thank you for responding. Because we are Canadian a personal machine would not be covered .☹️
  11. Unfortunately we can’t because of the tegretol he is on for life ☹️He is on a huge dose of Coumadin because of this. The tegretol speeds up the metabolism of any anticoagulants so we need him on the Coumadin so we can measure levels. Thanks for responding tho 🙂
  12. just a brief update: I called Carnival and they are unable to do it on the ship☹️ I am now looking at trying to get it done in FLL between the two cruises.
  13. Thanks but I only need it on rare occasions and the cost would not be covered☹️
  14. We are doing a B2B out of Fort Lauderdale in Feb of this coming year. My husband is now on Coumadin and we will need an INR check after the first cruise. We are from Canada and I can’t run this through our travel insurance so I will be paying out of pocket . Can anyone give me some suggestions? Hoping it would be close to the port or a reasonable distance. I don’t need a physician just someone to do the bloodwork and give me the results. Thanks in advance!🙂
  15. Thank you, I was looking for anyone with personal experience with this on a Carnival ship. Thanks for your idea of contacting Carnival Special Needs though 🙂 I appreciate that and I will contact them this week.
  16. Thanks, I did a search on the topic but I couldn’t find anyone that had been on a Carnival ship that posted with the information. Not all cruise lines are the same as we all know .
  17. my husband is on Coumadin and will require an INR check while we are away. Can anyone comment on the cost and their experience with this?
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