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  1. When I was looking at cruised last month, only non refundable suites were showing up online, but when I called in they were able to price it as refundable. The difference was about $1500 for a 10 day Baltic cruise in a sky suite. One other point - I went to price a cruise in December to replace the one that was cancelled in March. Also in a sky suite. The original booking was a refundable rate, however, the December cruise was about $3000 higher for a refundable deposit versus non-refundable, and the non-refundable rate was already about $1500 higher than my original cruise. One differen
  2. Yes. I booked a cruise for December after cancelling my cruise for March 14. I received a call from the PCC to schedule my flights through Celebrity. Considering the current meltdown I’m pretty sure current airline schedules mean nothing. I refuse to book until things settle down. I did think the timing was weird. Seemed a little tone deaf considering all that is happening right now.
  3. Well so far pretty unanimous!! Looks like the Riverside it is...now I have my fingers crossed that cruises will have resumed by December. This was supposed to be a vacation week for me...instead I am temporarily unemployed and on lockdown. So by December I will be totally ready for some beach and sun and relaxation!!
  4. Hello everyone Hope you are all well, and staying safe out there. Trying to maintain my sanity during these unprecedented times, I am looking at hotels for my cruise in December from Fort Lauderdale. I am hoping things settle down by then, plus it’s nice to have something to look forward to once we emerge from lockdown!!! I have sailed from FLL many times, but usually I rent a car for the weekend and stay in Hollywood as it is a lot cheaper and I’m not so concerned about being beachfront as I will be headed on a cruise anyways!! This time I am doing things a bit diff
  5. I am in the same boat. I cancelled on Tuesday for my cruise that was supposed to sail tomorrow. Princess is offering those who cancelled earlier the same compensation, but for some reason I have a feeling Celebrity will not be as generous (this is just a guess, but given Princess had a more generous offer in the first place I am not optimistic about getting the higher FCC). I hope I’m wrong though - especially since future cruises are so much more expensive right now!
  6. Nothing was provided over the phone but the next day I received an email detailing the charges returned to my credit card and zeroing out the charges for the cruise that I cancelled. I also made a new booking for December and my agent said that she could see the details in my previous booking and she confirmed the amount of FCC.
  7. I’m glad I saw this post! I switched my Sky suite from deck 12 to deck 11. I’m new to Celebrity and when I initially made my booking on the website, it looked like sky suites were only on deck 12. Once I realized I could switch decks, there were none left, and I was hoping to switch because I didn’t like having the ocean view bar on top of us. I’m happier having cabins above instead of the bar! Now I just hope nothing major changes between now and then and I will be able to sail!
  8. I will not be changing my plans. I think that people need to be a little cautious, but at the same time not let fear dictate their life. I would definitely hesitate to cruise to Asia at the moment, but I do have a Caribbean cruise coming up in a few weeks (actually my first non HAL cruise - will be on the Celebrity Equinox) and I have another HAL one booked for next year to the Baltic region. I’m of the “if something is meant to happen it’s going to happen so I may as well enjoy my life” camp.
  9. Thanks all for your suggestions!! I have only cruised with Holland America in the past. I love their specialty restaurants, but while you can order as many appetizers and desserts as you want, you can only order one entree. As such, I didn’t realize I had the option to create a surf and turf. Sold!!! Maybe I’ll just tell them to bring one of every appetizer, my surf n turf selection and every dessert and just make my own little private buffet HAHAHAHA. (Yes I’m kidding. Kind of 😉)
  10. My first cruise with Celebrity is coming up shortly. I have booked dinner at Murano for our first day on the ship. Looking at the menu, I don’t eat beef..but the other options all look so good I don’t know what to pick!! I’m thinking either the Lobster, Duck or Venison. Any recommendations/suggestions? And while we are at it, any must try appetizer or dessert? I’d love to hear from the experts. I’ve only booked the one night at Murano - I plan on eating at Luminae on the others days. I will be on the Equinox if that makes a difference. Thanks!!
  11. I went ahead and booked the Baltic cruise. I do hope to do the Western Mediterranean sometime for sure, but having just done the Eastern Mediterranean, I felt like it would be better to do the Baltic cruise next so I can see an entirely different part of Europe. I am very excited for the cruise...thank you to everyone who offered their suggestions! 🙂
  12. Sorry I accidentally responded in the wrong forum and don’t know how to delete it off here!!
  13. I did consider that, although I am a bit of an anomaly here. I notice most people on this board tend to prefer the smaller ships (and I understand why they do) but honestly I’m not a fan. I was on the Rynadam (the older one) and I totally didn’t like the ship. Westerdam was ok, but I much preferred Nieuw Amsterdam and especially the Koningsdam. I find there’s more to do and I prefer the restaurant choices (I swear I could eat at the Tamarind everyday lol). I am starting to lean more and more towards the Baltic cruise!
  14. May I ask why you think it doesn’t compare? I appreciate the comment though - that would factor into my decision for sure. I loved the feel of the eastern Mediterranean so I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t the same (ish)
  15. Ha! Trust me if I had the time to do both I would but sadly I can’t take time off work for both, plus have time left for other things so I need to pick one or the other. I am leaning more towards e Baltic as it would be a totally different experience. Decisions, decisions!! thanks everyone else for your suggestions. Everyone on these boards has helped me a lot with my previous cruise choices!!
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