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  1. Too funny LaRue. I finally would have changed ships when they announced the no coke rule if I could have. I too was not excited about the Mexican Riviera. I ended up loving it because of great excursions. Who decided we wouldn’t notice it was Mexico if they put the word “Riviera” after it? And I was very displeased that the captain booked it out of PV to the cold so fast. I had heard the piano bars were great fun and out of 3 cruises they have been uncomfortably lame for me. It could be a timing thing I guess. I really do think others will love the Panorama. It just didn’t work for m
  2. LaRue. I think you will love that cabin! Before I sailed I thought those 6th floor balconies would be too loud because of the Havana area but not I think it will be just fine. The Havana bar is inside solid doors. The doors spin maddeningly slow by the way. There is a backside of the bar for Havana pool guests but it’s not a hoppin place. It looked like the rooms or balconies were bigger on 6 from the shape of the ship but even if they are not, it’s plenty big. Plus less soot!
  3. Lol. I knew I had the debark times wrong. I think it was actually related to me waiting to change my clock. Someone asked what time we had to be back on board in PV. I think we have established that you can’t trust me on time or directions but I think it was 730. To the poster who has my cabin in an upcoming sailing, I left old fashioned plastic straws in the desk drawer. There are enough to last a year. You’re welcome! And I hope you have the same cabin steward. He was genuinely nice and like a magic elf cleaning our cabin. I think his name was Komang. And yes, all the time changes are confu
  4. That is a tough call. The Havana bar part of deck 5 where the interiors are is actually really quiet. There are just little sitting areas there in kind of sectioned off alcoves. The band is in that middle section of the bar and faces the back of the ship (away from your room). Those might be better spots than deck 7. Or you could get a loud family who plays board games against your wall in the little sitting area all night long. The noise on deck 7 is the housekeeping crew for at least the half the floor getting all their cleaning carts and stuff out pretty constantly in the hallw
  5. Jbethel, My 14 year old grew up in Vegas. Seeing scantily clad women on billboards and cabs on a daily basis. He was traveling alone with teens and spending 30 hours a week without a parent with teens and coaches when he was 7 because of his sports involvment. He uses Uber better than me. The past two cruises the kids in Circle C have seemed way too young for him. Like the most mature were playing minecraft and thought being free to come and go as they pleased was a huge treat, while my kid was taking an uber downtown to go see a play or participate in a women's rights rally. My is a cit
  6. Sadly, the end: So it was finally debarkation day. Not gonna lie, the last two sea days were very rough sailing. It didn't bother me much because I was mainlining benedryl by this point because of breathing ship air. I think I said, the last night I finally gave up and slept out on the balcony. I feel a bit bad because I am sure the comforter I dragged out there was covered in soot, but holy cow! The stars and the silence on the balcony were really amazing. The last night we packed our bags. You pick up baggage tags the day before about mid day somewhere (I feel like it
  7. Part 2 of the land part: I saved the best for last. I usually do not choose a Carnival Excursion if I can avoid it just because they tend to be a bit tame for us. A number of people had said the Carnival's Sea Safari was extremely fun and a family who seemed similar to us was doing it for a second time. So we signed up. So a little aside I am sure some of you will get a kick out of. I met a family through a social network site who were white with a black kid the same age as my son. We are also white with a black kid. Recently my son got to spend a lot of time with two trans
  8. I'm really sorry that you can't transfer but honestly, Cabo is not the worst port to miss. My daughter was in a wheel chair and very disabled. So we never cruised until she passed away because I didn't think it would be possible in a wheelchair. Now that I am more experienced, I can see that it would have been possible but we would have had to miss some things. But it does give me the ability to judge wheelchair friendliness. Some tenders I think we could have pulled off in a wheelchair but not Cabo. In Mazatlan you have to take a tram from the ship to the end of the port. Its a working
  9. THe Land Part: First stop was Cabo. You have to get a tender ticket the day before on the 5th floor (near pixels if I remember correctly). The tender boats are small and it takes a long time to get everyone off the ship, so if you have a non carnival excursion, pay attention to when those tickets go up. I feel like it was a good hour after clearance before they got through groups 1-3. We had three big ships in port, so that might have made the tender process extra slow. We had 47 (which was the end of the "early" tenders" I feel like we got off the ship at about 11:30. Word
  10. The other choice is actually doing my work. I wish I was better with photos but there are plenty of photos of the ship around, so I guess people are not missing much.
  11. Smoking: There are smoking areas on deck 11 aft (convenient to my room on 7) and 5 right by the theater. 11 is open deck and quite windy. 5 is protected open deck but it was pretty small. Lots of open pot smoking on 11 aft in the evenings/at night. That kind of annoyed me. It seemed like as the cruise went on they stationed a "waiter" up there which cut down on the pot smoking. Despite the fact that I am a smoker, I don't like to smell other's smoke. This ship was good for that. There was smoking someplace in the casino but it really didn't seep out and invade the ship. Of the three
  12. Sky Zone: It is way smaller than it looks in the advertisements. Maybe 1000 square feet and half of that is rock walls. I could not really figure out how they grouped people but it was not like a normal sky zone where the whole family can show up and have time together. It seemed to be grouped by Toddlers, the rest of camp ocean, circle C and Club O2. There was no flipping or rotating and they were very serious about it and it was retty heavily supervised. Half of it was trampolines/dodgeball and the other half was rock climbing. My 6 foot 14.5 year old who has a gymnastics background and
  13. We are from Phoenix by way of Vegas, so our definition of cold is probably different than yours. There was only one day when I was too hot in leggings and a long sleeve shirt. I am definitely a cold wimp though. That said, the Havana pool had 5 people in it at one time but mostly it was just one lady (the same one). There was one day when I really wanted to go in when we were in Mexico, because it is a beautiful infinity pool off the back of the ship, I tried for a good hour to get the guts up to go in. I used the Havana hot tubs a few times and even drying off and in a robe I had to run
  14. OK. Next Topic SHIPBOARD ACTIVITIES This is where my lameness really shines. Here is what we did on board this big beautiful ship. Karaoke once. 2 Shows. 80's Party. Skyzone. Cooking class. Piano bar. Smoking. Yes, you read that right. We didn't even go on the deck with the fun outdoor stuff. We tried twice and it was just too cold and windy for us to even walk 10 feet. The Skyride seemed to be running everyday as far as I could tell from my smoking spot. It looked considerably less thrilling than I expected. It seems like I heard multiple times that only one s
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