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  1. There as definitely something wrong with your Flick show compared to when we saw it on Liberty 18 months ago. It was more than 4 people and lots of effects and stuff. What you are describing sounds like the maybe sat on state and sang through the script.
  2. You made the right choice. Orlando recently (like a couple of weeks ago) implemented "enhanced security." They are now saying to allow 2 hours just to get through security. I have never had it take less than an hour and had once where it took 3 hours. That's after checking bags (which is approximately a 30 mile walk from the Contrans drop off ;)) and not including the time to get to your gate after you get through security. There is plenty to do inside the gates if you end up there ahead of time but I do think it is insane that people accept 2 hours to get through security. It should not take that long (hello, that's two hours where someone can stand in an area with way more people than a single airplane with banned items).
  3. Also, I found the group you mentioned in another thread and friended you.
  4. Your kids will likely be split in the two different kids clubs. It’s not that big of deal. It’s not like babysitting. It’s more like activities and a way to make a friend group for those age ranges.
  5. You definitely want an excursion in Freeport. Whether it be for snorkeling or something else. We did the kayak thing also and it made me fall in love with the island. So many people really don't like the Freeport stop, but I suspect that is because they have not done it with a planned excursion. I wouldn't give up that Kayak tour and beach for snorkeling but I get lots of chances to snorkel.
  6. It didn't look worn to me. Maybe a little dated.
  7. With those times and an overnight flight, I would get a hotel the night before and sleep!
  8. Also, even if you are not a "clubbing" type person, make sure you check out the night club. It is really cool with a giant Frankenstein.
  9. It has actual pub for the Red Frog Pub with traditional bar games and really good pub type bands in the evenings. The comedy club is very comfortable (get there a bit early) and decorated like Alice in Wonderland. Also Serenity has a pool and very good bar service. As others have said, not feeling lost is a huge bonus! On our cruise they played movies in the afternoons in the main theater. There was never anyone there and it was pretty cool to have the place almost to ourselves. There was literally one other couple the day we went. Of course, they were playing Pitch Perfect 3 and, at 50, I think I was about the 5th youngest person on the cruise. So that might have had something to do with it! Almost forgot, make steakhouse reservations. It is really good and a nice experience. I actually wished I had made like 3 reservations for it!
  10. So fun to read. Hawaii is my absolute favorite. Heads up, I found the road to Hana really really boring. I would consider snorkeling in Maui and doing something else in Kauai (I can think of a ton of things but many are a pain to do from where the cruise ship docs). We visit Kauai a lot and the snorkeling is not at all great.
  11. Totally agree with everything you said. Felt like having a local friend show us around his town. This was one of my best excursion choices ever!
  12. I didn't answer either because I wasn't completely sure but we did this cruise. I can't imagine what you would hear. This is a much older cruise. I couldn't find anyone awake past 11 when we did it. Maybe morning noise would be a bigger problem but I don't think so. I also think it would be an amazing spot for the canal passage. Amazing. In fact that is probably what I would pick if I ever did it again. Make sure you also go down to the level with the red frog pub when you are coming out of the canal and sit in the circle windows. Its really cool to see yourself rising up. ETA: just looked at that cruise, that is a fabulous price for a balcony. Jump on it
  13. I couldn't find the page on site that shant be named site. But I checked in on the roll call. I am booking the sea safari right now. That looks perfect. Stupid question, but how do you get on the horses? I have a leg that doesn't have nerves in the thigh that I honestly completely forget about. You can only tell when I run. However, the last time I tried to get on a horse, I was shocked to find there was no way I could make those muscles work to get me up. I am going to work specfically on that leg but is there like a platform or assistance if I can't pull it off? I will find you over on the roll call.
  14. We are on the Carnival Panorama leaving December 21. Christmas Day is PV, so I want to make sure I have something planned that day. I am all for a nice hotel for the day but it seems like unless you book through the ship you can only "book" a couple of days in advance at most and that is only if the hotel is not full. I feel like the hotels will likely be full at Christmas. Plus, we are staying in the Havana area on the cruise, so I feel like we will get plenty to pool/relaxation time.
  15. I laughed outloud at your getting on the ship photo. And then cringed when you took the time to explain because really no explanation necessary. I remember the constant stress of wondering when my daughter was going to blow her top. Its exhausting. Looks like everyone had fun!
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