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  1. Thanks for the brief review! I'll be on Mariner later this month.
  2. On the Serenade last year, I tried their "escape room experience" activity - all the puzzles and codes to solve, without the actual escape room part. That was challenging and fun. I'm looking forward to trying the actual escape room on the Mariner next month!
  3. What's the chance this will be the same schedule and activities on the Mariner next month?
  4. In the main theater, they had a comedian on night 1, and the production show (RC sings & dancers) on night 2.
  5. I got one of these upsell emails for my upcoming cruise too. It was a good price, so I said I was interested. I researched it here on CC enough to know not to get my hopes up. But never hurts to try I suppose.
  6. Enjoy your first RC cruise!! Yes, Windjammer can be a zoo on boarding day :)
  7. I booked a balcony GTY in April for a cruise in October, and had my room assigned by June.
  8. I initially wrote up a whole response without realizing the thread was that old.
  9. I redeemed points from my Visa for onboard credit a couple months ago for my sailing in October, and they still haven't appeared in my Cruise Planner. I just printed out a copy of the redemption receipt email and will take it to Guest Services when I board if they still don't appear.
  10. I sailed on the Serenade NE/Canada itinerary last fall and LOVED it! Embarkation was so quick and easy, even though I was only a Gold member with an interior room. It was raining during our Bar Harbor port day, so the tender ride was a little choppy. But I don't recall noticing it aboard the Serenade. I found Serenade to be a comfortable size, considering the shorter itinerary and the fact that I was traveling solo for that one. I stuck with MDR and Windjammer, and ate great. There are a few specialty restaurants on the ship, if that's more your style.
  11. From what I've read on other threads about this topic - they can charge a corkage fee on the wine you bring aboard, but it doesn't seem to be consistently charged across the fleet. Some crew will, some won't.
  12. I suspect it does have to do with summer pricing. My friend and I booked a 3 Day cruise on the Mariner for October, and only paid $1000 (after taxes & gratuities) for our balcony room.
  13. This thread has copies of the Cruise Compasses from Mariner's 6/25 sailing: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2649072&highlight=mariner Those should show the embarkation day activities and time frames.
  14. "Gift Preferences are not available at this time." :(
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