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  1. Madhatter12

    TV in the OV Cabin (Carnival Splendor)

    I used my laptop and iPhone on the tv on the breeze 4/1/18 cruise. There is a work around I found on the internet.
  2. Madhatter12

    iD docs questions

    I am a single dad that adopted my two boys, my name is the only one on the Birth certificate. I called carnival and they said to bring birth certificate, I am using the boys passport. I leave tomorrow I will tell you all if they ask for it.
  3. Madhatter12

    We leave tomorrow on the Breeze

    My family will be boarding when you are getting off. Have a blast!
  4. Madhatter12

    Spring break

    I live in LA area and my boys are on spring break the week of April 1. I know the junior colleges around the LA area are on spring break the same week as my boys. We are doing our spring break cruise out of Galveston that week. .
  5. Madhatter12

    Cheers out of Galveston

    I know I can’t get alcohol drinks till the second day of the cruise with cheers. Can you get the sodas on the first day with cheers?
  6. Madhatter12

    TV Stations on the Valor

    Did they get rid of the carton Chanel? My kids watch it.
  7. I am traveling on the breeze with my parents and my two boys April 1, my parents are elderly and they don’t eat that much and they usually share meals does the steakhouse allow that? If so will they be charge for one people? Because I would like to go to the restaurant and I prefer not to eat alone.
  8. Madhatter12

    Single parent traveling documentation

    Thank you all, I really did not want to take the adoption decree with me just in case it gets damage or loss.
  9. I am a single adopted father of 2 boys 8 and 10, what kind of documents do I need to bring except the passports? Do I need to bring the adoption decree with me to show that I am the only parent? Last year me and the boys went to Europe and I brought the adoption decree with me but TSA or UK customs did not ask for it.
  10. Here is the new room service fees https://cruisefever.net/carnival-adds-new-room-service-fee-eliminates-room-service-debarkation-day/ https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2248/~/24-hour-room-service
  11. Madhatter12

    No more major television stations

    I put my 8 and 9 years old boys to bed by 8pm I term on the tv to watch the news before I go to bed. I go to bed at 10:30 what should I do in the room for 2 1/2 hours by myself? I am a single dad.
  12. Madhatter12

    Silly Drink Question

    I went on cruise out of Long Beach I brought 10 pack of white monster. They didn’t look twice at it and let me bring it on.
  13. We are travelling with 6 and we have a split up 2 in one room 4 in other room and the rooms are connecting. We are travelling on the breeze 4/1/18
  14. It looks like on carnival horizon Will be another full service restaurant. It looks like redfog pub will be gone replaced with Gusy’s pig & anchor bar-b-que smokehouse and brewhouse. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/guy-fieris-pig--anchor-bar-b-que-smokehousebrewhouse-to-debut-aboard-new-carnival-horizon-300535019.html
  15. 4/1/2018 breeze. 169 days and 18 hours but who’s counting.