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  1. Honestly we bring a cooler everywhere now. You can always find a store on the way to anything to get your own refreshments. We always buy something where we end up but we like to not just save money but have our own stuff with us no matter what we decide to do.
  2. In Cozumel we always bring a cooler, head to their Walmart equivalent and load up on beer water etc. Depending in the port u dock this might be walking distance. Then we catch a cab to Money Bar, buy a drink or two and there are free chairs, wifi and awesome snorkeling. We bring our own gear but u can rent almost anything there.
  3. I actually just booked this cruise! I was concerned about the weather too but in the end the offer is too good to pass up. I am hoping in the South Pacific 70f is just like 70f in the Bahamas which makes for an awesome outside day. I priced out flights on American for the month of June 2020 since July wasn't available and it looks like about 1500. Fortunately I have plenty of miles but even if I didnt I think I would still have booked it.
  4. Can you tell me about the weather? I will be headed there next July and I am wondering what air and water temps would be like. I am from Florida so temps below 70f are chilly to me but this is a once in a lifetime cruise across the world for me so I am going no matter what but I want to be prepared. Thanks
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