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  1. I guess the two people in the captains club I spoke with to upgrade where not trained well, but then they kept telling me they had to check with a supervisor!!!!! still no discount
  2. did they charge you the discounted price or a credit? this was as of today 9/2/21 I did call 2 different times was told the same thing pay full price and the you receive the discount as a onboard ship credit NON REFUNDABLE!!!!
  3. After many cruises at elite and upgrading the drink package I just came to realize I never received the 10% discount after almost an hour on the phone I was told it should of shown up and here is the rub as a non refundable onboard cruise credit!!! The same goes true for the specialty dinning discount. So my thought is how would anyone feel if going to any store in the mall and you saw a 50% off sign and they told you it is only in a store credit, I don't think most people would be ok with that. So don't work so hard to move up in the captains club for thought it's a gimmick. The last three cruise no welcome back party (COVID) but they had a concierge party with about a 100 people on the Aug Equinox sailing at. Sorry this policy is wrong in my opinion.
  4. Was in Cozumel on the Edge 7/14 ONLY SHIP EXCURSIONS ALLOWED everything on the pier was closed VERY SUREAL only ship there and very few boats
  5. On the Edge now was told by a few crew members that there is 1501 passengers onboard Cruise is not nearly as enjoyable as past cruises very subdued
  6. Just upgraded for the July 10Th edge cruise upgrade was $10.80 PP you can do it online. Just a heads if there are 2 in the cabin both must upgrade!!
  7. hope all goes well, we are scheduled to be on the 3rd cruise July 10th. So please stay safe and healthy
  8. I would say that the NCL CEO established the question as fact!!!!!
  9. well I guess NCL said it all!!!! this order was a no sail order in just another form. Oh but they can have 45K fans most that I saw without MASKS ( oh did I hear social distancing)
  10. Just read the latest from the CDC, and cannot believe the harshness of there rules. I believe it is there way of discouraging cruising, how can anyone eat wearing a mask while chewing there food. The rules they want the industry to follow are not what any restaurant in the U.S. follows so why on a ship!!!! Also why did we get vaccinated, the CDC says we cannot spread or get the covid if vaccinated but we need masks HUH!!!! Am I the only one confused by this inept agency.
  11. I do not understand why other travel is allowed but not cruises!!! Could part of the problem be that most cruises leave from Florida a red state. 🙈
  12. also no one mentioned the odor and harmful vapors you are passing on to you neighbors
  13. stay far away from cabin 14029!!!!! directly under the bamboo pool area, every night the noise of the cleaning crew moving tables and chairs at 1:30AM was awful then again at 5:30AM. Even though we complained, it was quiet for one night!!! you have been warned!!!! opt for a cabin at least half way down the corridor on deck 14 on either side for your own peace of mind.
  14. Hello , have cruised on MSC 4 times (3) on Seaside (1) Meraviglia and a future cruise on 3/29/ on the Meraviglia. I would like to prebook the item below but need clarification if anyone has booked in the past. is the item below a salt scrub FOLLOWED BY A 50 MIN MASSAGE or is it a combined 50 minutes I have had both the scrub & the massage but as individual items. Walt HIMALAYAN DREAM: MASSAGE WITH HIMALAYAN SALTS Book now and save 30% vs onboard price! Including: Duration: 50 minutes of massage 1 Massage with Himalayan salts Benefits: This massage uses rare fossil ionizing salts from the Himalayan mountains to exfoliate, detoxify and cleanse the skin. The expert staff of the MSC Aurea Spa will apply warm oils which suffuse the skin to give you a sense of deep contentment, tranquillity and indulgence.
  15. does anyone know if the outlets in the cabins accept US plugs or are they the the round pin plugs? also are they 110 or 220 volt. have been on the seaside no issues but have read that the MSC MERAVIGLIA outlets are different
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