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  1. CDC ...another inept goverment agency. It must be by design that this inept goverment agency wants to destroy the cruising industry. As a very senior citizen cruising is really all I am capable of doing to enjoy my life. The ships I go on regent ,oceans, crystal  ,the luxury cruise mainly cater to seniors. With all the precautions the ships  are taking to avoid the spread of covid at major expense it’s time the cdc opened their eyes.

    second son

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  2. I think I have been too hasty in my conclusions about regent cruisers. After being on many regent cruises I found most people very pleasant and fun to be with. I think the world has gone crazy including me. With all the problems in America I guess venting on cruise critic is great way to escape reality.  And no doubt being on regent is a privledged  way of enjoying life. I look forward to being with all you nutty people including this nut,of course meaning me,on my next cruise in December. So let’s save all our nuttyness  and have lots of crazy fun on regent.

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  3. Why would anyone talk politics when discussing cruising. Love regent and never had a bad experience after being on about 7 regent cruise. Just a fun time.food great. People wonderful. Both crew and fellow cruisers. If you have a negative attitude before going your not going to have a good time.all regent cruisers are lucky to afford a wonderful time. And at my age iam really LUCKY!,,,, really looking forward to my next cruise ,unfortunatly it’s not until next dec.my mind is wide open and I am going to eat myself silly. Mostly on lobster. And I don’t work for regent!!!

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  4. Welcome to the Cruise Critic and the Regent board!:D


    What cruise do you have booked (and on what ship)? I remember very well our first Regent cruise (February, 2004). We had no interest in cruising --- until the cruise started. This began an addiction that continues to this day.


    Enjoy your time on CC.



    Thanks for the welcome. Going on explorer transatlantic in nov this year. Would like any advice if you have been on this ship!

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