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  1. Well in 2016 thanksgiving week we did a cruise out of NYC with the breakaway Cheapest balcony Now when I look at this year...ok its the Encore...it is 71% more In 2017 we did the same cruise 7 days over new year...this year...on the getaway...it is 76% more! Both w/o the beverage package or any other free at sea deal
  2. Well we are on the Jul 12th cruise and so far we heard nothing about the mentioned OBC or future credit (can you use it for an already booked cruise?) Maybe because we use a TA and did not book directly with NCL
  3. Is there a steakhouse onboard? Thx
  4. I would never do that, because all paid for it. And kids do make some noise, they are kids! If adults want it quiet, go rent a private yacht or use the outside haven deck. I tell my kids we are not alone there and not to scream. But if they are running and it gets a bit louder some time, hey they are kids. Do drunk adults or loud speakers, how often do I have to listen to the conversations when I am in the restaurant and dont want to, look out for you? no.
  5. The is only one limit 1 main Everything else they say I would ignore and order whatever apps, sides and deserts I want
  6. Lobster tail looked good tonight Might have to really pay the upcharge at least once on our next cruise. Thanks Sid!!!
  7. Thanks for the menus So surf and turf has an upcharge... But you can add a lobster tail to any entree for $19...or do they count it is as a second entree?
  8. Thank you so much for your wonderful report. Anychance you could post the steakhouse, le bristo, ocen blu and Italien menu (they do have an Italien testautant do they) Would be really aprriciated Thank you so much and have a wonderful cruise
  9. Good advice so far...so what is the pre concierge email? Probably postet here but cant find right way sorry Thansk
  10. Read on some threads here they have an upcharge again in at least Ocean Blue for lobster etc... Can anyone confirm if that is fleetwide again or just encore/bliss?
  11. Ouch If they still charge it on my next cruise I am ging to cancel my reservation and go to the italian restaurant
  12. Is that really a $19 Supplement for the surf and turf???
  13. Well those Villas look great, but $489...incl latitudes discount and shore excursion credit is still pretty much for one day on my upcoming cruise. I think we might just take a tender over and return and enjoy an empty ship. I think the buffet wont be better than the Haven restaurant anyway. $250 would be max for us, but that probably wont happen.
  14. Sports bar....no you cannot Every other restaurant...desert yes, never had a problem Buffet...dont think they have containers
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