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  1. Coffee shops figured this out a long time ago. If you sell someone a 10 coffee punchcard, you don't worry about someone punching holes in it because the customer who does that is losing paid-for cups of coffee. You can use the cheapest generic hole punch you can buy. OTOH, if you're giving out cards where people get a free coffee after buying 10 coffees, you make darn sure that whatever mark you make (special hole punch, stamp) is not something easily forged by your customers. Similarly, if being vaccinated gets you better privileges on board, giving wristbands to the unvaccinated
  2. I am allergic to a different vaccine. I have emergency room records, a report from an allergist of a scratch test showing an allergic reaction requiring prednisone, and a blood titer showing high antibody levels after just the scratch test. I'd guess that would be adequate proof. (My COVID vaccination went fine with typical fatigue symptoms. All other vaccinations have been fine, but I'm never getting another DT or DPT immunization again.)
  3. Thank you for all the reports, @notamermaid - I hope that the floodwaters soon subside and that the lost and missing are rescued. Please stay safe.
  4. Just for confusion -- the Queen Anne architectural style came forward towards the end of Queen Victoria's era, and long after Queen Anne the monarch had passed from this mortal coil. Queen Anne was closer in time to Shakespeare's era than Queen Victoria's reign.
  5. if the Argentine officials used sampling, they don't necessarily need to check everyone's temperature. If the protocol was to check temps on X passengers and Y crew and based on the results either decide to sample more or not continue to sample, that would make sense. (For example, if you measured temps on 200 passengers and all with within limits...would it really be essential to continue taking temps on the rest?) Or, it could have been that they were out-of-time or ready for a coffee break. We might not ever know...but I can hypothesize why it might be reasonable not to check everyone.
  6. The "leave our waters now" courtesy? https://www.bangkokpost.com/world/1892590/australia-tells-virus-stricken-cruise-ships-to-go-home 😞
  7. Hopefully this gives the remaining ships a blueprint for their returns.
  8. That is a very detailed plan in terms of getting folks out of Florida. It is not nearly so clear as to what happens to folks once they arrive at the airport where the charter flights land. I hope the passengers continue to wear the masks they are being provided.
  9. Say someone is exposed and catches it March 1 or 2nd. (I think that was about the date passengers or crew last interacted in person with anyone on shore.) With about a quarter of the people who are infected not having symptoms they may notice, it is reasonably possible that it was transmitted to someone else who didn't show symptoms or who didn't notice mild symptoms or who didn't report mild symptoms. Then someone gets infected who does manifest significant symptoms. Time in quarantine is a good but not perfect measure. There are no perfect measures.
  10. Someone who was infected but without symptoms boarded. (About 25% or more of folks who are positive for the virus do not have symptoms.) That person, while not showing symptoms, infects someone else who does show symptoms.
  11. HAL's rep said yesterday that "a couple" people on Rotterdam had flu-type symptoms. (The link is back a bunch of pages.)
  12. That article does not say. Perhaps there is more in the San Diego Union? I hope your friends continue to be fine.
  13. HAL acknowledging that "a couple" of folks on Rotterdam have flu-type symptoms is the reason I'd like to see a plan where all passengers are quarantined. I'd also like to see those that need hospitalization get it promptly even if they have to be medevac'd over to Orlando or some other less hard hit area. In the long run, some things need to change with the cruise industry. That time is not now.
  14. As of Tuesday, according to Carnival’s chief maritime officer William Burke, there were “a couple” passengers on Rotterdam with flu-like symptoms. Including crew, there are 1,048 people on Zaandam and 1,442 on Rotterdam. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2020/03/31/zaandam-cruise-ship-still-has-no-guaranteed-port-its-sick-passengers-florida-officials-balk/?itid=sf_travel
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