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  1. What is the difference between a regular balcony and a cove balcony?
  2. Splurge: Cheers program is a definite purchase for us...well worth the money... Balcony- always for us..we spend mornings on it with a nice cup of coffee.. Steak restaurant...we always make reservation.. scrimp....no excursions for us, we have been on so many cruises we stay on the boat by the pool..
  3. Thanks I don't really think about the Serenity area...I was looking for the new bars and Guys Burgers...
  4. I was thinking about going on a cruise on the Conquest,,,does anybody know if it has had the 2.0 upgrade yet?
  5. Do they have the big screen outside by the pool?
  6. Great then that is probably all I need, thanks for the info..
  7. Do they have the Piano Bar?...I really like that one..and as far as Guys Burgers,,,my husband tried it on The Breeze and he actually wasn't impressed at all...but I do like the Mongolian food bar..
  8. That sucks,,,it that the only ship that hasn't had the upgrades....I didn't think about it until after I booked....I would pick the one that hasn't been upgrated...
  9. Hello everybody,,,we just booked a cruise on Carnival Valor...has it had the 2.0 upgrades?
  10. Me and my DH are going on a last minute 3 day cruise..does anybody know if we have a formal night on such a short cruise?
  11. Me and my DH sail on the Breeze in 21 days...we have been going back and forth about the cheers program too...I think we are going to do it...and by the way those are some great pics you are posting...
  12. Thanks for the response....now I have to get 3 princess dresses for each night...I'm sure my 7 year old granddaughter will not have a problem with that:eek:!!!!
  13. We are going on a 3 day cruise on the Dream, do they have a Princess dressup night on a cruise that short? :p
  14. Thanks for the review of Progesso,, I have heard so many bad things about the place ..I was beginning dread our cruise coming up in Feb...I must agree it is in what you make of the trip that makes it great not the place.....we went to Kaui Hawaii a few years ago..and it was the best trip we had ever taken.. so we went back last X-mas and stayed on the other side of the island and it was dreadful....I only wished we had stayed at the same place as the first time... what do they say..."live and learn" well I have learned....stick with what you know.....:eek:
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