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  1. I was wondering, is the 1 hour free for any Voyager Club members or only for a certain level?
  2. Just to confirm the Walgreens test was acceptable for the kids because it's a NAAT test.? Thanks for the tip regarding scheduling at midnight!
  3. Looks yummy! Can't wait to go 10/2nd:)
  4. Thank you! There has been so many changes since we booked. I appreciate the clarification! We aren't YC:(
  5. I was looking in the wrong area and it looks like my new cabin is going to be nicer. Thanks again for letting me know:)
  6. Great. Thanks so much, this is very helpful.
  7. He's 10. Thanks for the info. We sail 10/2nd.
  8. Thanks for the info. Was the test at embarkment a nasal swab or a blood test? We are thinking of going to Walgreens. Could you please let me know how quick the turnaround was?
  9. Thank you for your response. When I look at pictures of the ship it doesn't appear to have a metal balcony for my selected cabin 10050 but if that's the case I agree I'm probably better off then.
  10. Hello. I'm booked a similar cabin. Were you able to find out if 9050 was glass or metal? I've since been change but may try to change back. Thank you.
  11. It also looks like I got a smaller balcony and somewhat of an obstructed view because I'm no longer on the hump. So I guess I actually got downgraded.
  12. Hello. I was hoping for some guidance. I booked Bella balcony cabin 10050 on the Meraviglia. I just got my tickets and I've been changed to cabin 10082. Even though it's a Fantastica balcony I don't get the extra perks just the room change. It looks to me like this is actually a downgrade because I'm no longer on the hump and I'm afraid that being only 5 cabins from the hump I'll have some obstruction and also less sun. Also, I think 10050 has a larger balcony. If you could offer me any insight I would appreciate it!
  13. I just received my cruise documents with my new cabin. I received a fantastica balcony a few cabins just down the hall from where I was originally. It's very close to the stairwell so hopefully won't be a problem but I'm glad it's in the same general area. Even though I'm now in a fantastica room, instead of the bella balcony I booked, I don't get what comes along with that upgrade ie. room service which I understand. At least I don't think I do but it does show room service with a $3.50 delivery fee on my documents. Anyway, I'm just glad I have the information and I'm excited for the cruise!
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