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  1. I read about the EU suggestions. They sound reasonable, but at the same time daunting. We will not be cruising with these mandates. While we are in favor of wearing masks in public places, we will be waiting to cruise AFTER this is necessary. I think this is a dire thing for cruise lines. It does not bode well.
  2. OK. Thank you. As I thought--this is basically the same offer(s) we have seen before with the addition of being able to buy a FCC while not on a ship. Always a bit confusing and unclear (at least to me). They probably see this as a way to raise much needed cash.
  3. Can someone explain this offer in plain language? I found it a bit confusing. Is this for club members who already have a FCC? And does it offer 10% instead of the usual 5% savings?
  4. As in most things, good leadership is essential.
  5. It could well happen Paul. When is your flight to Rome? We are all in this together and want the virus to be vanquished so that we can resume our normal lives and enjoy cruising again. Right now, we are on approximately day 109 for staying at home. We are among the more fortunate in that we have multiple houses and venues (all drivable in under two hours) to shelter in. We are happy and secure. But, my thoughts go to those who have to go to work, work on the frontlines, and so many other situations. We need leadership, a continuity in messaging, and treatments and vaccines. I'll be watching the travel ban to EU countries from the United States. Hope all of you are well and safe.
  6. According to the article, there will be a reassessment every two weeks. Also: " Exceptions are also being made for travelers from countries outside the safe list, including health care workers, diplomats, humanitarian workers, transit passengers, asylum seekers and students, as well as “passengers traveling for imperative family reasons” and foreign workers whose employment in Europe is deemed essential."
  7. Well, it's official. Travelers from the United States will be barred from entering EU countries in Europe. Don't plan on a cruise including any of these countries anytime soon if you are a US citizen living in the United States. Of course this may further damage the cruising industry as US travelers make up a large percentage of guests for a number of cruise lines, including Seabourn. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/30/world/europe/eu-reopening-blocks-us-travelers.html?smtyp=cur&smid=fb-nytimes&fbclid=IwAR1BwynHZB-n3aYGgppGD40eYxcYtwLAR2DRXMqQ56ggycdVJlVg_q66GSw&fbclid=IwAR26f9E_tiKHz5q3jgq19H1iuBubS8DPzmcE_AHMQcaOEpU6zMtaoaRYZAc
  8. The state of New York has the antibody test widely available. Our son lives there and received it. And yes, he had the antibodies. Still no guarantee that he could not contract the virus again. So many unknowns with this virus--and I think these unknowns will affect the cruising industry.
  9. Right now, it is very difficult to get tested in Dallas--and if you do get tested, you will be waiting over a week for results. Meanwhile, the White House is trying to cut federal funding for testing in Texas. It is becoming a dire situation which will contribute to deaths in the state.
  10. My comment above may be unclear. I reread it and realized that it is not evident what I am talking about. I should have said that most Americans are appalled at how the virus has been handled here. We understand the importance of wearing masks in public. But, what you see on the news is the people saying they have a First Amendment right not to wear them. Our public health system, if we ever had one, is in a shambles and we have no leadership at the top. Meanwhile, I am dreaming of cruising on day 105 of staying at home.
  11. Too many in the United States have a warped idea of what America First really means --and actually, for some, it is more of a "me first" attitude. But Hamrag, please don't judge us all by what you see in the news. The loudest, most crass citizens get the most press. The majority of Americans are appalled about what is happening and doing their best. But, we are all at home, so you don't see us! Thinking about cruising (in my daydreams) today. I am reminded that two years ago we were on a SB Baltic cruise and one year ago, we had just returned from Kobe to Vancouver. Great memories.
  12. You are so fortunate to live in a state which has heeded what the experts have advised. Living in Texas has pretty much been a nightmare. We have a conscientious county judge who is constantly being mocked and assailed by our governor because he has urged the public to do certain things. As a result of the governor not taking more stringent measures, our state is in trouble. It's a little like being trapped in a repeating movie. My husband and I feel very fortunate that we are retired, have nice homes to retreat to, etc. What we really want is to get back to cruising! Unfortunately, the way things are going--and because others cannot seem to follow expert advice, we will have to suffer along with them. I really resent the current administration trying to paint a rosy picture when it is anything but.
  13. We agree with you MIghtyQuinn. We are still in stay at home mode as cases of Covid-19 surge in Texas. We're not going anywhere anytime soon. Currently we are at 104 days of staying at home due to the virus. If the EU bans American travelers, who knows what that will mean for the cruise industry or how long it will last. It is such a sad shame that the United States has not followed recommended guidelines from experts. Instead, we are into exponential spreading of the virus (yes, that is official). We love cruising and hope to do it again, but right now, we are figuring out family logistics and trying to stay well. I hope future cruises work well for those of you from the UK and AU as we Americans languish in a land of denial. We truly miss travel and are hopeful all of this will be resolved. Let's be hopeful!
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