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  1. Yes, I have also been very disappointed on the Port Talks on both Encore and Ovation. Claudio was the staff member giving the talks on the Ovation. Not only was the talk very very basic, he was often rude to passengers. I observed this and overheard other passengers talking about it. If someone came into the talk a minute or two past the start time, he would call them out in a most unpleasant way. He seemed very stingy with information and most people were unhappy with the talks.
  2. I tend to agree with Thecat123. We have loved our Seabourn cruises and have another one coming up in May. We will consider Crystal and Silversea, but have been so happy with SB. We did do a SS cruise about 14 years ago and it was fun--but looking back--I much prefer our SB cruises from the last two years.
  3. Don't give up on Seabourn MBP&O2/O. We are going on our third SB cruise shortly and I have never contacted them directly or heard from them directly. We have always worked through a travel agent and have thoroughly enjoyed our cruises. Contact a TA and enjoy yourself.
  4. All good advice. On our upcoming cruise, I will inquire about TAs that others are very happy with. I will also look into finding a Virtuoso affiliated Travel Agent.
  5. I would also appreciate information on how to find the best agents. We have been using an agent for our last three cruises--and have been generally pleased---but this last time our agent was not that helpful. I waited and waited for information I needed--and finally reached out to other traveling friends for advice. They gave the advice---I contacted their resources--and found what I needed. In the end, it seemed that our agent was only offering extremely high end resources that were not what we wanted and was not listening to us. We are still with this agent for our current cruise (upcoming in May) but I am reluctant to continue with them going forward. I expect an agent to listen---and do their best to meet the criteria you outline.
  6. After reading the posts on this thread, I've gone up a size to ensure that I can appropriately layer.
  7. The exact quote in the brochure: "$95 an ounce--The minimum you would pay for Thomas Keller's Regiis Ova caviar. " Does that match up with anything on the Regis Ova website Hlitner?
  8. Thank you for this fair and detailed review. We have sailed on the Encore and our cruise was very enjoyable in most every respect.
  9. Our TA asked me specifically our sizes as the jackets are being provided by SB for this repositioning voyage which spends a lot of time in Alaska. I would suggest you check with SB yourself as well. Don't rely on information from my TA.
  10. Sunprince, Ha! Lincslady, You are so right. For some, the very idea of planning, flying, packing is daunting!
  11. Sunprince, We are fortunate to live within a small town within a large city. Our little town has its own police and fire department with very quick response times. Our alarm system is tied into the local police department. Yes, it is the what ifs that worry me a lot. I've rescued a visiting dog in our neighborhood who escaped through an open door. I called the vet clinic (in another city) to try to find owners--and that vet called the owner with our contact info. It was very scary for the visiting dog's owners while he was missing. My sister is going to be in town while we are gone--attending to my 96 year old mother. She has been a careless dog owner in the past--so I don't trust her to care for our dog. I want to be sure he is fed and given plenty of refreshed water on time. I saw her not care well for her own dog--so I am wary. She is welcome to stay at our house, but says she doesn't want to stay in a big house alone.
  12. I agree to each his own. For us, it is not about unwillingness to pay for a 24/7 housesitter/dogsitter. We have options for that--but feel safer using other options. Fortunately, our dog takes no medications. And, our dog is not caged at our house.
  13. Sun prince, we have not had a 24 hour pet sitter. We have hired a pet sitting service that comes twice a day, feeding our dog and taking him for walks. We have felt confident with that. They are excellent at their job and our house/yard has been quite secure. The sitter emails us twice a day with photos of our dog and a report. They are also equipped to take our dog to his vet if necessary. Our dog is very small and has certain parts of the house to be in and a dog door to our fenced and locked back yard. This may not be a continuing option due to wildlife encroaching in our very urban environment. Every dog situation is different and ours is evolving. Quite frankly, I was more comfortable with the pet sitting service with the twice a day visits than I would be with someone staying in our house. I would be afraid they would leave the front door open--or something like that. However, for our trip last year (21 day Baltic cruise) our son and daughter in law did house sit for us. We have also boarded our dog in the past. Our other son and daughter in law (in another city) would be happy to keep our dog. However, there are issues there--with our two little grandsons coming and going--often their front door is open and our dog might run out. He is used to our house, his areas, his yard, etc. We even thought about boarding him with the breeder from whom we bought him. We know her very very well and she takes wonderful care of her dogs. BUT---she lives out in the country--has a very secure yard, sleeps her dogs in their crates at night--but I still can foresee certain dangers there. We love our dog immensely (he is a miniature long haired dachshund). We have his safety in mind. And fortunately, he really likes the sitter who come does not seem prone to separation anxiety.
  14. T&C Fulham, I read my husband your comments about the jacket--and he said, good naturally, "what a snob". He was laughing. I get your comments and they amused us. I can see still wearing the jacket if we have just returned from an excursion and not returned to our room---or we've been out on the deck wearing it before lunch. And, we are from Dallas which has very warm weather, so we MIGHT be wearing it at 58 degrees or so. We are sort of expecting grim weather and figure that is why the fares for this itinerary seem so reasonable. I am going to be bringing layers of different sorts and hope that I have what I need.
  15. Our longest cruise, so far, has been 21 days with three days on land at the beginning in Amsterdam. At the end of the 21 day voyage, we did NOT want to get off the ship. I remember Handre saying to us "where did the 21 days go?" as we disembarked. I was wondering that myself. I don't think we could ever do cruises every three months, but I could possibly see doing one every six months of so. I will admit that we are lazy travelers. While some of you are very enterprising and love all the planning of excursions, etc--I really hate that part--which is one of the reasons I love cruises. Twenty years ago, we loved taking auto trips across France with our young sons, but now, we talk about doing it, but plan another cruise instead. We ARE considering a land trip connected to some future cruise which might either begin or end in Monte Carlo. The only cruise lines we have experienced are Silversea (14 years ago) and SB. We are not adverse to trying one of the others, most likely Crystal or Regent, but haven't seriously looked at opportunities there. I'm just back from a bit of shoe shopping for our May cruise. I'm trying to seriously limit the number of pairs I pack, but still be happy with what I have to put on my feet. Not easy! I will admit that I have lost interest in dressing up for dinner. I used to love doing that in the past, but hate shopping for that kind of clothing--or maybe just have difficulty finding what I want. Don't worry, I always dress appropriately for the dress code as does my husband, but would enjoy "country club casual" all day and into the evening. That's just today's thought.
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