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  1. I can imagine the disappointment. I have to share that I have held off planning and booking our next SB cruise as all of this plays out.
  2. Well, all I can tell you is that we did not get benefits based on days until our next separate cruise. I don't see why different segments booked under one or two numbers should make a difference. We did not think to go to the club representative--next time we will do that. It appears that Seabourn does not treat this situation the same way every time.
  3. And our back to back cruises were under one booking number---perhaps that is the difference. Also, we did not go to the club representative.
  4. That is not how it was handled for us. We were told that our benefits would not be counted until our next separate cruise. This was from Guest Services. Perhaps things have changed since 2018?
  5. Sadly, they will not recognize your benefits on this three leg cruise. You will have to wait for your NEXT Seabourn cruise.
  6. If you are using a travel agent, check with him/her. In our case, Seabourn emailed our travel agent with our suite number.
  7. Markham, By now, you have probably received the Seabourn promotion that offers that a third guest can sail for $99.00 on select Alaskan cruises. Perhaps Seabourn IS sticking its toe in the water for welcoming young children.
  8. As a fellow Texan, I can relate to wondering if everyone is experiencing a very hot summer. I always check latest weather trends and then just pack to experience most anything. We did the SB Baltic cruise last summer (Amsterdam to Stockholm, including St. Petersburg, 21 days). We found that dressing in layers worked well. I had a light down vest which I could wear under a light jacket. My husband packed a light jacket as well, but wished he had packed something like my vest to go under it. We have sailed on both Encore and Ovation and find them to be almost identical.
  9. My husband's shirts and washable khaki trousers were returned pressed and hanging on hangers from the $50 bag of laundry.
  10. Typos galore above--I need to learn to proofread, my apologies. --the brochure does not make it clear which Alaska itineraries are included and this may be worth a look for those who are interested. My question is this---is a $99 third guest fare unusual? And is the !0% single supplement rare?
  11. If you read this entire thread, you will better understand the issue. The ship will hold a bit more more 260 passengers. Seabourn is saying that all the passengers can be deployed on Zodiacs at one time. This does not mean that all can LAND at one time.
  12. A new brochure was dropped through our mail slot today. I was struck by the 10% single supplement and the $99 third passenger fare. The brochure does not make plain which Alaska itineraries are include, but I think it is worth a look for those who may be interests.
  13. I agree with Saminina (and I am so sorry I did not meet you on the Kobe to Vancouver itinerary). This last cruise was our third on SB (fourth if you count a back to back cruise) and heretofore we had not tipped anyone individually. On this last cruise, our dear stewardess was over the top (and she was very new). We had not been impressed with our previous stewardesses. Tracey, on the other hand, was most determined to do anything for us that she could. During the last two days of our cruise, I was very ill and she tried to help and make things better for us. It was much appreciated. Because of this (and her earlier great service) we gave her an envelope with a note of thank you and a generous cash gift. Please note--I would NEVER do this at the beginning of a cruise expecting special treatment. That kind of thing seems so crass to me. And, I am not sure we will ever do it again. I do respect the Seabourn's statement that tips are not required or expected. That is part of what makes sailing with SB a very good thing. Perhaps we made a mistake tipping our stewardess? We had thought about bringing her a gift toward the end of our journey, but decided having a bit of extra money to spend on her time off in Alaskan ports the rest of the summer might be more appreciated. In the future, I am sure we will only give an individual tip under similar extraordinary circumtances.
  14. I think the water deck is used when sea conditions are just right--and at the captain's discretion. I don't think there is a way to predict that. I seem to remember that we were told the day before that water sports were planned if the sea conditions were optimal.
  15. The only tip we have ever given is to our stewardess on our last cruise --because she was so dear and worked so hard. We do contribute to the Crew Fund and think that is the appropriate thing to do. We appreciate that Seabourn has made this easy for us--- no tipping expected as it is included in our fare. Generally, we adhere to the no tipping policy.
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