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  1. I agree with you cruiseman58. Things are so dire in the United States right now, that planning travel is not even on the horizon. We are hopeful about the vaccines, but have read that there is no guarantee as to how long the immunity would last. There is still a lot we do not know. I think cruising for us may still be more than a year away.
  2. We have not been tempted either. I do find it interesting that they are selling this far in advance when the actual ports will most likely be different from what is advertised. But, what do I know? Just what I read. I do think that in the case of this discount booker/broker, his company (which he has sold, but he is still working for them) buys up the suites and then makes their own deal with passengers.
  3. I'll leave it to others to decide the import of this, but one of the discount travel agents/bookers, has been selling Seabourn cruises for the future--both in Alaska and in the Mediterranean. I haven't crunched the numbers by looking at prices on SB's website and comparing them to the offerings, but the offers include air, lodging at embarkation and disembarkation ports as well as meals, tours, at these ports, etc. etc. No doubt it is a good deal. I only mention it for all of you to be aware. Perhaps SB is hedging its bets and making sure they can put people on the ships--as many will be w
  4. I agree with Markham. M&P Germany, your post really cheered me up. I'm sitting here in our house in Dallas during an over six months "stay at home" ordeal. We are fortunate to be able to change to our farmhouse when we tire of being here in the city. You describe our memories of Seabourn so well. We don't ask for perfection as the desire to please on the part of Seabourn employees was enough for us.Your description of your "perfect" German cruise made me laugh. I'm sure it was wonderful, but understand the things that you missed. Mr. SLSD and I would love to join Ma
  5. Seabourn Just read this on a facebook site: Today, Seabourn announced that it will cancel additional voyages for three cruise ships in its fleet as a part of its pause in global ship operations. The announcement applies to Seabourn Ovation, Seabourn Encore, and Seabourn Quest with each ship having a different “effective through” date. Specific details are as follows: •Seabourn Ovation: with its operations pause effective through January 3, 2
  6. My husband is an attorney-and often had to appear in court on short notice. So--it is not so alarming. LOL I hope that Seabourn will be back up and running and you can try it. We have loved our cruises with Seabourn.
  7. My husband is a lawyer and did litigation --which is why appearance in court was sometimes on short notice. I wouldn't want you to think he had to appear in court because he was being sued by anyone! And, we are with you--while we are willing to wear masks to go where we need to go--we will wait to vacation when it is not necessary.
  8. I can understand shorter trips being appealing if you are still working in your career. We could never travel much during my husband's career because it was impossible to know far in advance when he would have to appear in court. Now--we are interested in leisurely trips-- no rush---and as long as possible. Hopefully, this will be possible again--before we are too elderly to weather the foreign airports, etc. I'm glad others here recognize that the situation in the United States is concerning. Schools are just not starting up--and some are already closing due to the virus. I choose to be
  9. Shorter sailings would not be practical for many people. It is hardly worth it to fly abroad for a short cruise--unless you coupled it with a much longer land based trip. Here's what concerns me. From what I have read, the numbers we are reading concerning the virus (in the United States) may not be accurate. The situation could be much worse than it appears to be. Lately, it has come to my attention that quite a few people that I know or know of have been infected. The reporting system seems to be in flux. All of it is concerning.
  10. This is from a recent article from the Miami Herald: “CDC feels that it is still currently not safe to resume normal cruise ship operations at this time,” said the head of the CDC’s maritime division Dr. Martin Cetron in an interview with the Herald last week. “The pandemic has only increased in intensity and geographic distribution within countries and across the globe. The planning for how to cope for that is not complete at all.” Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article244792442.html?fbclid=IwAR3TUb1OeCYbVSGOCPe_pAZX0-fvwBGL4SeiTL8iOVndrIF_
  11. I'm not going to the SB site either. Too painful. Right now, medical experts are telling us that we may be facing the worst winter health wise in United States history---certainly no time to be planning a cruise. I am hoping our health stays great. At the moment, we are staying home--and doing this since March 12th.
  12. We would like that as well. Let's hope that it happens!
  13. Isklaar, I feel really sad as well. I think my husband and I are substantially older than you are. One thing that concerns us (at ages 68 and 69) is that we are not getting to travel right now--we are healthy. But, as we all know, there are no guarantees in life.
  14. You could be right. But I don't think any of us know what the future holds for Seabourn and its ships right now. My husband saw Sojourn as a bit down at the heels. This didn't affect our enjoyment of our trip. I could see Seabourn slimming down to Encore, Ovation and Venture. It would be a small fleet, but perhaps better positioned to deal with whatever the future holds. I feel a real loss at not being able to cruise. Let's hope whatever happens, it makes our cruising future a happy one.
  15. We had a wonderful cruise May/June 2019 on Sojourn. We loved every minute of it. However, my husband commented several times during our cruise that he thought Seabourn would be retiring the Sojourn. I wonder now if that is the new plan.
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