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  1. Galeforce, We stayed at the King George in Athens about 13 years ago with great views of the Acropolis. We had drinks at the rooftop bar at your hotel. Such great memories. Thank you for this travel log. I always enjoy what you have to report. And your photos are inspiring.
  2. galeforce9, Our TA is in the process of booking Hotel Mume for us (for early mid May 2019). I would appreciate any other descriptions about what to expect at Hotel Mume and the surrounding area. The trip advisor reviews are very good (a few say that the service is cloying of inauthentic--but the VAST majority rave about the service and love the hotel). I think you are on a cruise right now? Am I correct about that? And thank you in advance for all the description you can muster about Hotel Mume. I do understand that there is little in terms of public areas etc. I would like to know all the reasons you continue to stay there.
  3. SLSD

    Europa 2 -v- Seabourn Odyssey

    This is a fascinating thread. Thank you Ovener for posting. I hope you will continue. I wonder if the slow meals are a cultural thing. I wonder also if you can see a difference in the style of food. While airline food is not a good comparison, we found the food on Lufthansa to be very Germanic last summer--and just not appealing. The smoking policy is a deal breaker for me, but happy that it works for some. Also, I would miss getting to know the other passengers. While taller ceilings and more space sounds great, I haven't yet heard anything to make me a convert.
  4. We would like a hotel in a district that is within a walking district of the old town of Kyoto.
  5. SLSD

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    alwaysonaship, on which SB ship was your first cruise. Try to think of what was different on this one. The crew? The food? The other passengers? The itinerary? The ship itself? The entertainment? The general vibe of the cruise? I'm just so curious. I've also been on two SB cruises--on the Encore and on the Ovation and both were quite similar when it comes to the above things.
  6. SLSD

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    alwaysonaship, Which cruise lines do you prefer? And was your first SB cruise as disappointing as you second one? Would you consider starting a thread and telling us about the disappointing Sojourn cruise?
  7. We are trying to decide (along with our TA) where to stay in Kyoto ahead of our May cruise on the Sojourn out of Kobe. We plan to spend a couple of days in Kyoto seeing the sights before we sail. My question: I seem to remember that someone suggested Hotel Mume? If you have stayed there, would you describe? Any other suggestions welcome as well.
  8. SLSD

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    To be clear, the Roast Chicken was the only TK Grill entree we found to be too salty. And, while I didn't care for TK's version of Eggplant Parm., the other entrees have been fine---and the appetizers and side dishes VERY good. The desserts were appreciated also by those at the table who love desserts. Host Dan, I am disappointed to hear that the food on Sojourn was salty and not up to standards as we will be on the Sojourn in May. Do you remember who the executive chef was on your trip? Wripro, I think all of us WANT to love the TK Grill. But, is that likely? We are talking about FIVE different ships, different chefs, different times---but with the same menu. It is not going to be the same on every ship. On the big ships (Ovation and Encore) the dinning room for the TK Grill is lovely. And, for me, that was part of the charm. I'll be reporting back in May about the TK Grill on the Sojourn.
  9. SLSD

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    Floris, You bring up a good point SB passengers are from all over the world. We do have different expectations when it comes to food. Some love salty food (like the roast chicken in the TK Grill) and others find it inedible. Some of us just love good tasting food, while others really want the exotic, the new and the different. (Try Earth and Ocean for that. ) I think, on balance, that SB does a good job with food. And yes, that Napa Burger is just the best.
  10. SLSD

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    I did not think the NY Strip Steak we had in the TK Grill was anything special. Then again, I don't favor the NY Strip over other cuts of steak. I had a fabulous Rib-Eye Steak in the MDR.
  11. Have a good flight and a wonderful cruise. I look forward to your reports!
  12. SLSD

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    freddie, I enjoyed WAY TOO MANY Napa Burgers on our last cruise. I knew how good they are from our previous cruise and just could not resist having another for several lunches on the Patio Grill. Now, you have given me an idea! I'll try ordering one at the Colonnade. Hopefully, I'll be as successful as you were! Yes, that roast chicken in the TK Grill was inedibly salty. Since we use very little salt in our cooking, we are very sensitive to salt and found it "wildly salty" as you say. I have enjoyed the TK Grill--the ambiance (on Encore and Ovation) which may be quite different on the Sojourn this May. As I mentioned in another thread, I do love the huge prawns offered as an appetizer and also enjoy a number of the other side dishes. This makes me think that if I don't want to order the Dover Sole or steak, I could enjoy the prawns and several sides dishes as a meal. Instead of making a reservation for two, consider making your reservations for four--in case you meet new friends to share a meal with. We have been invitees a couple of times for dining in the TK Grill, but found it is not always easy to change a reservation for two to a reservation for four.
  13. freddie, We have probably had about six meals in the TK Grill now--and have enjoyed the Dover Sole and the steak. I have to say that I do love the colossal prawns as an appetizer. And, a number of the side dishes and desserts are very good. They would be more than a full meal for me in my regular life. I did not care for the Eggplant Parmigiana as it was not like any I've ever had and was not that great. All that being said, I have enjoyed dining in the TK Grill as it is a different venue. For our upcoming cruise, we made all of our reservations for four---expecting to make new friends to share a dinner with. We have found that we could not always change our reservation from two to four on previous cruises.
  14. Thank you for your report Pavovsky. I'm glad your cruise improved as time went on. A few comments: We have sailed on Encore and Ovation , but not on the smaller ships. We'll do that in May. We have experienced the excessive salt in food. The saltiest thing we had was the roast chicken in the TK Grill. It was touted as excellent, but I found it inedible. Sadly, we won't be trying it again! Like you, we have, on a few occasions experienced chaotic service in the MDR. We've had only two evening meals in the Colonnade on two cruises. Your experience encourages me to try it more often. I agree that more casual music would be great.