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  1. Maybe Seabourn is surveying those of us who have been regulars, but haven't booked a cruise since the pandemic.
  2. Just as an aside, I remember being at a hosted table on one formal night across the table from a woman in a ball gown. I was in my unassuming black dress with pearls. I did not feel out of place.
  3. You can have a whole bag of laundry done on SB for $50.00. A laundry bag is provided and you can stuff it full. It holds a lot. Pieces that require ironing will be ironed and returned on hangers. Other items will be neatly folded. Considering how much a Seabourn cruise costs, spending a bit to have a LOT of laundry done a couple of times does not seem like a big expenditure. If you go this route, do pay attention to the form and make sure you fill it out in detail and correctly. (Don't ask me how I know this.) We enjoyed the laundry service. There ARE washers and dryers, but not very many. You will probably need to find a time when others are not using them or wait your turn in line. There is an iron and ironing board as well. For me, it is not worth spending my vacation time doing laundry (do plenty of it at home) when I can have it done fairly economically by others. For SB club members, a free bag of laundry is one of the perks.We have enjoyed this. I don't remember at what point that kicks in, but it is there. For those who have sailed many days, SB does their laundry without charge--which is a wonderful perk. For me, a black dress works well for formal nights (and other nights as well!). I've seen women wearing pants on formal nights as well--depending on how they are styled, etc. My husband wears a conservative sports coat, dress pants, dress shirt and bow tie for formal nights (and other nights as well). He has taken a tux in the past and has taken a dark suit, but finds taking a couple of dark sports coats, dress slacks, and ties to be the most versatile for our trip as whole. Others love really dressing up and don't mind packing extra to do this. You have a choice! You can also plan to dine at Earth and Ocean or another venue other than the MDR on formal nights.
  4. Do you think it is an effort by SB to limit passengers' exposure to the virus?
  5. I think we are on the same page. We don't pay for extra luggage either--but at some point or another find ourselves in charge of it, at least temporarily. It is just a lot easier to travel lighter and we try to figure out a way to do that and still be well dressed for formal nights. I wish I could levitate my favorite dresses and shoes and they would appear in the closet on the ship--but it doesn't work that way.
  6. It's not paying for extra luggage weight that is an issue for us-it is actually dealing with the luggage (and yes we get help with it) . You can say to each his own--without even knowing us or how we would really like to dress. Sometimes there are multiple days (up to a week) on either end of the cruise and a need to pack all kinds of clothing. We make the best decisions we can. Mr. SLSD wears a jacket every night to dinner, usually with a bow tie. He dresses this way at home as well when we go out for dinner. He packs dress pants and dress shirts. I usually wear black dresses, black silk pants and tops with scarves and jewelry or something similar for dinner. I pack a lot of things that lay flat and take little space. We actually love dressing up, but have difficulty packing everything we might like to pack for a long trip. And yes, we use the laundry services of Seabourn. We try to travel with one large suitcase and a a tote with things we would want to have if all luggage was lost. We would love to hear exactly how you do it. I'm not familiar with kg, but know that our large suitcases are usually 50 lbs.
  7. I enjoy dressing for dinner as well, but find the packing of multiple dresses to be daunting. Maybe we need lessons!
  8. I totally get it. This is why I don't take a formal black tie appropriate dress on cruises. They can be difficult to pack, will need pressing and will require shoes only worn with that dress. What's more--if there are TWO formal nights, what woman wants to wear the same dress to both? So--I usually take a black dress that will pass muster for formal nights. I would love to have my more formal dresses on the cruise, but the packing logistics don't make sense for me.
  9. This is either the second or maybe even the third survey we have received. The most interesting part for me was the mention of so many US ports. Yes, if they sailed from Galveston, it would be easy for us to drive over for embarkation. We talked about driving to Miami, but that would be a three day drive for us (the way we drive). I hope everyone who gets the survey will answer it--and stress how important vaccination is.
  10. In this morning's email, I received another survey from Seabourn: As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, we are encouraged by signs of progress and look forward to a measured return to travel. Seabourn would like to hear about your future travel and vacation plans, along with your thoughts on health and safety measures we may implement onboard our ships. Please click the link below to participate in a brief survey.Sincerely,Seabourn The survey questions centered around concerns about the virus, whether all passengers and crew being vaccinated was important to us, concerns about being infected with he virus while flying either domestically or internationally, etc. There were other questions about safety protocols onboard (mask wearing) and other questions about whether we felt certain ports in the United States or abroad were safe or not safe as relates to the virus. I found it a bit surprising that even the port of Galveston was mentioned. There were several questions about our future vacation and cruising plans. I answered that we did not plan to cruise in 2021, but were looking forward to cruising in 2022. Of course I stressed in my answers and in the areas where we were asked to further explain our views that all passengers and crew being fully vaccinated was extremely important to us.
  11. We need a new Travel Agent. Too bad you can't share whose yours is--but I will be looking for a Virtuoso agent.
  12. What I would really like are signature salads (instead of a mix and match sort of thing) where real thought has gone into something very special which is available on the menus all the time. I am aware that a special request can be made, but that is hardly the same as everyone knowing that a wonderful entree salad is an option. While I have made a few special requests from time to time, I really prefer to order something on the menu that the kitchen is accustomed to making and is proud of.
  13. Our favorite length of cruise is about 21 days. We look to put together that length of itinerary--preferring at least a 14 day with a 7 day instead of three 7 days. The fewer turnaround days and change of passengers , the better. The menu does repeat a bit, but I don't see that as a huge issue as there is so much to choose from on the menu. The entertainment can repeat a bit as well. We love Seabourn and our plan (when everything calms down pandemic wise) is a series of 21 day cruises with about eight weeks between them.
  14. I think the issue for some of us is that we don't do buffets and would like to see some truly extraordinary (perhaps signature) salads on the menus. It's not a huge issue, but one thing I miss on Seabourn.
  15. I totally applaud your point of view. If I could have seen the future, we would have been on the first sailing in Greece. I could not have been more happy that everything has gone so well. I'll be hoping for the same for you in September.
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