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  1. We always chose the Crowne Plaza in San Pedro. They have a stay and sail rate and a free s huttle to the pier as well.
  2. If you are a fan of VC Champagne it is very much worth it. VC is 35 dollars a glass and we easily do 8 glasses each a day starting with a champagne breakfast. 8 x 2 x 35 x 21 equals 11,760.00. And that's before any "regular top shelf cocktails.
  3. Normal breakfast for 2 I tip 4 or 5 dollars. Just the same as on a shorside Dennys.
  4. those "white spaces" can either be nice or they can be a very noisy cabin service area with constant carts and banging.
  5. Loved the reception everyday on our recent Star voyage to Alaska. The stilton wheel, shrimp, guac and steak tartare nights were the best. Of course skywakers is a much nicer venue for this than "6".
  6. yep cancel those plans for a nice pre-sailing sit down lunch in the MDR
  7. We are very fortunate that our next door neighbors are both pilots and own their own aircraft. They always cruise with us and we pay for part of the fuel and the hangar or tie down space at the destinations. Hopefully they will NEVER sell their home LOL.
  8. 3FF is next but I find waiting is better than any promo for cost savings. Did the Star Princess in April/May this year round trip San Pedro 12 night Alaska for 1710.00 ocean view for both people. (yes we got to choose the cabin). In fact of our 5 cruises in 2019 not a one of them was booked more than 8 days prior to sailaway. Haven't seen a promo that saves more dollars for us than late bookings.
  9. And yes the bar between the casino and the showroom is a smoking bar. It is "shooters" with the pool table on the ceiling.
  10. I agree with son of a son... Of our last 8 cruises 6 or them have been booked between 5 and 7 days of sailing . Late booking beats all of the promos and you still get the perks. Super late bookings make it very resonanle to do multiple cruises a year and at a very reasonable cost.
  11. You can order 2 glasses of wine per key card so just get multiple glasses at a time. Never a need for an empty glass.
  12. The Peninsula hotel is fantastic for views, service ans well as food and location.
  13. We are platinum plus on ncl and elite on princess so have traveled a bit on each. My biggest complaint on ncl is the lack of cruise choices that are of a decent length. For us a 7 day is just a total and complete waste of time, 14 is tolerable but still too short. Ncl needs to put together itens that are 30 to 45 days at least in length that do not have a repeat port.
  14. Those without surge protection are normally allowed.
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