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  1. Great bar. We finally decided that we will not cruise on a ship that does not have Alchemy and the Red Frog Pub. They are our main focal points of the evenings and we typically cruise with friends and have a blast at trivia in the Red Frog Pub. I recall one cruise where we won every night, but one (that night it was a tie and the tie breaker was who could drink a pint the quickest. I lost because it was a domestic beer. When that happened later in the week we won because I had them switch mine to a Guinness. I believe the host was Samuel Lemmons (good guy). I think it was on the Sunshine.
  2. Absolutely. Love it. Start of with some coffee, a Bloody Mary and a bagel with smoked salmon. Follow that up with steak and (3) eggs sunny side up, with extra sides of bacon and hash browns. Great start to the day and allows me to skip lunch. Never/ever/not if you paid me do we frequent the buffet.
  3. Ha! Now if they would carry some VB stubbies, that would be awesome.
  4. Any ship without Alchemy and Red Frog Pub. Having experienced ships with and without, on multiple occasions, we feel that those are the two places we enjoy the most. Love the trivia in Red Frog Pug and its a nice hang out for an evening. Rarely attend comedy shows (only if the kids are not cruising do we go), never in the main theater.
  5. Depends what you mean by cheap. You could stay on the ship for nothing and enjoy the reduced amount of people. For me it is about the value of the experience compared to the cost. For example, paying for a taxi to get the family (2 adults, 1 teen, 2 preteens) to a crowded, average beach annoys the heck out of me, but paying $100 per person for a really great excursion is money well spent. As an example, our last trip to Cozumel we did the Rio Secreto Underground River excursion. That was better value for money than going to all of the other beaches on the cruise by itself, where we spent more on taxis back and forth and drinks/food. The kids still talk about that excursion, but not the cruise. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g150812-d1075137-Reviews-Rio_Secreto-Playa_del_Carmen_Yucatan_Peninsula.html
  6. I hear you on this. I refuse to make a mixed drink at the house unless its in a Waterford crystal. Nothing worse (1st world problem!) than not enjoying a drink because of a crappy glass/plastic cup.
  7. Thanks for all the hard work Sid. Loved your Magic review and was waiting for this one. Just binge read through. Sucks about the live challenges with the site/data speeds/etc, but the last think you want to be doing on vacation is getting stressed because the POS is not working. Salutations from another 'vacation libation specialist'. Looking forward to the next one. Not really a tequila drinker (more vodka and rum), but your pictures have me sold on expanding my horizons on the next cruise. Out of interest, of all of the hangover pills/patches you have tried out so far, which would be your 'go-to'? Cheers.
  8. Nope. I do it every night. I just confirm what I am doing with the Maitre d' on the first night. from then on it gets brought out.
  9. Along the same vein. Saw they are adding Shaq's chicken. Great! Nothing like adding something bland to get excitement going!
  10. Ask your MD server on the first night if you can have the non-vegetarian Indian entree. They usually check with the Maitre d'. I make that request every cruise and have it brought as an additional entree (Don't judge me....I pass on all the desserts).
  11. I think it is raw salmon (but cured - similar to ceviche). Worth a try anyway (I love ceviche).
  12. Maybe I am mis-remembering, but I thought that costumes with masks that cover faces were not allowed (due to the potential for abuse - sexual or otherwise)?
  13. Here is the one I have seen. Comprehensive. Carnival Vista Cheers Evaluator 2018-07-28.xls
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