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  1. I've had good results in insides & balconies sailaway guaranty. Must say, as Platinum Plus I don't see the assignments linked to Latitudes status. Like April, on Escape I booked an IX gty as I booked the cruise 4 days before sailing! Initially very pleased with I1 "family inside" on deck 13. First time to ever be in one of those "sleeps 4" cabins and the beds stored "in the wall" are quite hard to maneuver around. Either bumped head or knee half the time. Also had the family of 4 (very loud) right across the hall. Looked like a quiet little short hall but the kids still managed to run up and down. I knew Bermuda in summer would mean most cabins 3-4 people. Just booked close in B2B cruise and did IX for both legs. Got my assignments within a few days. For leg 1, I'll be in an IB in very good location. For leg 2, an I1, also good location but another case of extra wall bunk beds. On both I've been sent the upgrade offer. I'm also looking at paying for an upgrade as the spread between IX and others within the category narrows. For our Epic TA next year, I booked a cabin I wanted (B6 large balcony) as will be with DH on his first TA. But when solo, and especially last minute, I've been very pleased with the spillways even with no perks. When booking sailaway guarantees keep in mind that no perks are included at all.
  2. If you don't get a response, I'm going on Dawn 8/31 and can buy certificate then and it would cover you. We could work it out in advance. You'd need 1, right?
  3. Loved your Joy review! A lot of work & much appreciated. Isn't that 4 dish limit pp so with two SDP's it would be 8 between you?
  4. Sent you an email about buying both of them! Thanks. Sorry you could not go on a cruise but hope you will have a chance in the not too distant future!
  5. Tried to email you but it came back rejected. If you or anyone else has 1 or preferably 2 vouchers, I would be interested to use for a very close in booking later this month, so expiration date is not really an issue. Please leave details here and I will contact you. $125 or 150 per certificate. Thanks!
  6. Can you settle the debate whether the full lobster has an uncharge or not? Or maybe someone else recently on one of the OB/Bayamo ships can clarify. Thanks.
  7. We booked that TA on Epic next April! On our vacation summary it lists NY - MIA (so yours would be BOS) and on the return it indicates BCN-MAD-JFK. Price quoted, yes, roundtrip. Told that actual flight info released about 40-45 days in advance. I've read here that what is currently in the summary could be different at the end (i.e. right now implies we won't have nonstop BCN to JFK). No way for you at this point to know what you might get on the return but seems BCN-MAD-final destination is pretty usual. They will add transfers which will take you from Miami airport to pier and then from ship to airport in BCN. You can keep them (and pay the charge) or cancel them if you find something better or plans don't make transfers a sensible choice. Quite an active roll call for that cruise so if you do book, please come over and join us!
  8. anyone got CN certiticates read tp expire they are worried about an ready to let go of? Could use 2 , $125 each for two or possibly 150. Please post contact details here. Appreciate that some have 2021-22 vouchers but wondering if anyone has anyone ready to go at this stage for slightly lower asking price?
  9. Would be unacceptable no matter which ship but would you mind sharing where and when? Obviously quite recently as the price hikes reflect that. Thanks.
  10. BirdTravels put up latest from Joy in his live review. I noticed that 1 1/2 lb lobster as well but missed anything about upcharge. Do you know the charge? Last year on Bliss when they were trying out various items I had the lobster pot pie. Can't say it was one of my favorites. I see it didn't make it the "finals."
  11. Not sure when you were on Escape but for the July 14-21 week, Nomita had come on as Asst. GM. Beverage Mgr was Arthur for a few days but then Petrus arrived to take over from Papi's vacancy. Rest of the names you list were on unless someone has more recent info since then. Great team, by the way! Very visible and accessible group of officers!
  12. Hi Judith, Last year on 15 night Bliss from MIA to LA, we had the shorex credit. For a couple of the excursions, the Platinum Plus discount was reflected right on line in some cases but I do remember calling to make some reservations and the agent gave me the price with the discount. We also did some bookings onboard at the shorex desk. Again, we were given the discount. No matter which way, the next day the $50 shorex credit per port per cabin did show up. I recall there were a lot of entries on the folio so I stopped by the desk for a little clarification but it was all good. We like smaller private CC arranged tours especially with friends who form a group, often with $ savings but we were thoroughly satisfied with using the latitudes discount plus credit. It gave us some flexibility as I recall in Puerto Quetzal DH went off to Antigua City, Guatemala (which I had done previously) while I chose Baul and Democracia village excursions. Of course, the $50 credit gets applied only once. We were impressed by the scope and variety of shorex offered and fortunately lucked out by having respectful groups who did not dawdle and hold up the group. Then last fall I went on Breakaway repo from NYC to NOLA solo and so had the whole $50 to myself.😉 I think I made all my bookings onboard after asking questions and submitting the form. Discount taken off the top and the next day credit reflected. Very smooth process. Our roll call did not organize much so going with NCL was perfect and I had a real sense of safety traveling alone. Booked next year's Epic TA and again we will have the perk. If you two switch from Jade TA to Spring 2020 Epic TA we can compare notes using the perk!!😊 Would be nice to sail with you again! Also they did and do often add new excursions once onboard or open up another slot so if you see "sold out" it's always worth a second look. Always enjoy your posts. You contribute a lot of helpful info. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!
  13. If you still have one or two available, could you please let me know how to contact you? Thank you.
  14. KeithJenner, Hope you have a great cruise - looks like a wonderful itinerary. They do have cameras everywhere in public spaces so maybe you can talk to one of the officers and they can review your deck footage since it is right at the beginning of the cruise so not days and days to sift through. Though not a major item, it is a belonging and your wife spent considerable time and effort on it. Don't waste internet minutes till you get to a port but do let us know if it ever shows up! Good luck. Your contributions to this forum always helpful and worthwhile! p.s. To the person who years ago pinched "special" Dutch clog and sushi magnets off our door, hope you have enjoyed them all these years......not!!😞
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