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  1. tvlwork-this really has grown! Thank you for all the time spent creating the spreadsheet & keeping it updated. I think its been helpful to many of us!
  2. That time of year is a plus. No snowstorms and the busy summer travel season hasn't kicked in yet so less chance of flight delays. Yes we do have direct flights out of PHL to Orlando. We originally did have a non-stop flight noted but as soon as we deviated to come in the day before it changed to a connecting. If you're flying in the same day as the cruise it seems they will make alot more of an effort to get you there in time. If you haven't heard by 60 days out I would start checking your edocs every day to see if flight info has been loaded. You'll find out about it sooner
  3. Mikiejag- Our free flight in January went from Philadelphia to Chicago to Orlando 🙄. I thought there might be a stop (Dallas, Atlanta etc) but Chicago? So we had to worry about winter weather in the midwest and the east coast. Luckily the weather was perfect that day in both locations and we had no issues. The return flight was great -Non stop 2:30p-5:00p. BTW we received our flight information the day before Thanksgiving for a Jan. 21 flight. When is your cruise?
  4. 1st off THANK YOU to tvlworm for starting this thread and creating the spreadsheets. I've been checking edocs daily and they just added them along with our flight info. Considering the flights were free it's hard to complain. But it is difficult to understand why they would route us from Philadelphia to Orlando via Chicago? It not only adds travel time, but more importantly it significantly increases our chances of having weather/delay issues. (For those unfamiliar with ORD delays & cancellations due to weather are the norm). Return is perfect-non stop leaving at 2:30p. Ho
  5. I was very surprised to read this as well and think many are still under this assumption. My guess is NCL changed this policy when they started offering free or reduced airfare for many cruises. But if you're paying full fare I would certainly expect them to provide this! If that isn't the case I would look into booking your own flights or have your TA handle this for you. We always fly in the day before to play it safe. Not sure if you're leaving from Seattle but we were on the Alaska cruise out of Seattle in August some years back and really enjoyed our time there prior to leaving fo
  6. YES something is wrong with their website! I had the same issue this morning. I completed dinner & show requests for a 10 day cruise. It seemed to go thru but I wasn't getting the confirmation I typically do and when I looked at my reservation summary only the entertainment request was showing. I called NCL, she re-entered all my selections and she had the exact same issue-nothing processed. Finally determined ONE of the dinner reservations was the issue. We selected a different time for that one night and they all went thru. All are now showing up under my reservation summary when
  7. YIKES good to know! We went to Rome/Tuscany a few years back with the family so we were looking at Barcelona with the idea we would come in early and explore the city for a couple of nights. Might have to rethink that. THANK YOU to everyone who's posted-it's really helpful in making an informed decision. With 11 of us (4 adult kids and their spouses & 2 grandkids) we think having control over the flights is the way to go. We could get lucky like others have but there are lots of logistics with a group this size and potentially having connecting flights, long layovers etc an
  8. Wow-you really did!! Thanks for sharing! I assumed non-stop flights were unlikely. I'm realistic enough to know it can be (and probably will be) different in June but it's great to hear actual experiences!
  9. Thank you for posting! May I ask what your return flight time was?
  10. Thanks everyone-appreciate all the input. Rome is an option too but we did vacation with the family in Italy quite a few years ago and spent several days in Rome so Barcelona is our 1st choice. We did check into Newark (best alternative for us- closer and way less of a hassle then NYC or DC). We've flown out of there several times and after our last international flight decided future flights need to be a non-stop to make sense with the additional travel time/hassle/cost etc. Its a VERY long day with a connecting flight. Prices/times aren't the best right now but we have alerts set up for
  11. Thank you both for your input. Even though we'd all be linked under the same reservation we know there's a chance we wouldn't be on the same flight. We also know there's no guarantee how much additional travel time this will add and that will factor into the final decision. At this point I'm just trying to gather as much information for family members as I can so they can decide what makes the most sense. I'm hoping that will include someones experience flying from PHL to Rome or Barcelona.
  12. It is alot cheaper for the timeframe we're looking at (June due to kids schedule). If you want to fly non stop it's around $1500 for standard econ. Oddly enough flights with a connection weren't that much cheaper unless you want to fly Aer Lingus with its 22 hr return.
  13. I know this question is really specific but I'm hoping someone can share their experience flying out of PHL to Barcelona or Rome on the reduced NCL airfare. We're trying to plan a med cruise out of Barcelona or Rome for 11 of us (our adult kids/spouses and 2 grandkids 6 & 9). It's an expensive trip for such a large group and the reduced airfare at $699 is a significant savings, especially if they book you in standard economy vs basic economy, which seems to be the case from what I've read. I've pored over the boards, reviewing everything I can find on this topic and a
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