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  1. Hi thanks for everybody’s input you have put my mind at rest over this issue so will go with the cruise visa , hope that there is room for us all in the immigration holding area.😥

    thanks Jeanette

  2. cruise number  HO13 April 16
    Hi we have booked a cruise from Singapore to Shanghai in April 2020 disembarking in shanghai then staying for 2days before flying back to Singapore .we are having trouble in identifying what visa we require is it a full visa or a 144 hour transit visa nobody will tell us what we require anybody else going on this cruise who can help.

    Thanks Jeanette 

  3. Hi we are also on this cruise and have been having trouble getting the same info as you require ,nobody seems to know which port it’s supposedly Patong or Deep water ,nowhere near each over ,I would also like to know cost of taxi to Patong or a good beach near to port .

    you wouldn’t think it’s so difficult to get info


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