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  1. I use the UPS my choice app and override the signature required and designate a secure location for a delivery at my home.
  2. It's like secret Santa. You won't know about it until it happens.
  3. If you've ever had your luggage misplaced, which happened to us once. Or delivered after 9pm, that happened once too! Both times with FTTF... Now we carry on and since we no longer purchase FTTF, we lug around until 1:30 pm and then unpack and drink without a worry.
  4. As said before, you CAN all board together. Just at whatever time the other cabins boarding is called.
  5. This is just weird. If there's a price reduction prior to final payment then why wouldn't they just lower the balance?
  6. I thought the exact same thing until our little cruise group added two more this past Monday for a sailing on the Panorama 1/18/2020. I told the 2 people ready to book to call my PVP and book through her and make sure our bookings were linked. They did but were not able to get late or early dining and are waitlisted for YTD. I said, WTH, let me see your booking info and they sent me a screen shot that shows just that. Not that big of deal to us as we always have to meet with the Maitre D on the first day as my wife has Celiac to go over menu's, etc. We will bring up the seating situation then as well and hopefully we can all dine together from the first night forward. I really think it has something to do with the brand new ship. Perhaps a change in MDR assignment protocol for those booking at or after final payment date?
  7. I checked in and got the earliest available check in time as well, 12:30pm. Paid off my cruise today and I have boarding zone A01
  8. That's where they store all these cut backs I keep hearing about πŸ€£πŸ€”πŸ€―
  9. My bad...celebrating the Packers win and math don't always mix. What I meant was as many as 120 pax. I have done staggered check in twice now and am versed in it, but both times the first check in times offered were about 10:30 am.
  10. I fully understand FTTF. When it was first introduced around 2013, it was capacity controlled and limited to the first 30 cabins. They would sometimes release more near sail date, depending on plats and diamonds, etc. Having said that, if they only sold 30 cabins that could be as many as 240 pax. Maybe minimal in your estimation but would you want to wait behind an additional 240 pax to check in and board?
  11. I know that, but your post does serve a notice to those that weren't aware. But that is my point exactly, with no FTTF then only true legacy priority passengers will board early and forcing the remaining pax to check in after 12:30...doing the math, that's a smaller window before last call with more pax to push through.
  12. I checked in right at 9pm last night for my 1/18/2020 Panorama cruise and sure enough 12:30 was the earliest check in time... They aren't offering FTTF! My math says more non-priority passengers to check in and board in a smaller time window. Must be that common core math... I just sailed out of Long Beach this past February. I received an 11:30am check in time. I came to the cruise port straight from LAX and arrived around 9:30am. It was a monsoon, literally pouring rain and winds gusting up to 50mph. I found the check in line for early/lates, and luckily was under a little bit of building eaves. Because of the severe weather the employees working the cruise port took mercy on us and let us que up inside starting at 10am. Then they surprised us by letting us check in as soon as priorities had checked in. I was onboard by 11am, soaking wet from crossing the long gang plank that has no drainage and only a roof but no enclosed sides! Instead of handing out welcome aboard maps of the ship the greeting team in the atrium was tossing towels to you as you entered, literally! This leads me to my main point, why are they wanting more passengers than on the Splendor to check in and board in a smaller window of time? Makes no sense!
  13. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's on the menu. Somehow my wife knew and orders GF pasta and sauces and GF Caesars salad (no croutons). We have only eaten there at lunch, you could assume same thing is available at dinner but I do not have first hand knowledge of GF at dinner.
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