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  1. IMO, another reason for this particular cruise being lightly sold so far is that airfare during Christmas seems to be notoriously high!
  2. Well...if you are going the Bruce Willis route then....Blank Blankers!
  3. Ship on a stick replaced by needle in a syringe.
  4. I am with you and I think that is one more thing that would reduce germ transmission is getting rid of things that people touch and then leave behind.
  5. When paying with gift cards bought at 10% discount, it makes sense to pre-pay grats.
  6. You people tend to hold up the line. Here's how I order a breakfast burrito or a lunch burrito or taco salad. "Sir, what would you like?" "Everything but onions!" 30 seconds later I'm over at the condiment bar grabbing slices of watermelon and putting jicama and salsa galore on my order. That's just me though...
  7. Well, that was a long road to find out that you could have let the poster I quoted respond as to which month they sailed the Panorama. The options are December 2019 or January, February or even very early March of 2020.
  8. My point exactly! Hence the question of April?
  9. Not sure what you are pointing out here. What I was asking is, when did they sail on the Panorama? The very first sailings were, I believe, in early December 2019.
  10. Funny you should mention this...we were playing outdoor ping pong on the oversized ping pong table on the Panaroma this past January. It is located directly under the ropes course...never even gave it a second thought that someone could yak on us. Suddenly I felt moisture from above but initially shrugged it off as sea breeze. Wrong! Looked up in time to see a father trying to comfort his son who had just lost his lunch while navigating the ropes course. We scattered quickly as we were only hit with the first wave. Good thing we all had cheers package as we all chucked our drinks and wen
  11. Have you turned your phone off and done a restart? If so, nevermind...
  12. I was just on the Panorama about a month ago and would always get my own private chuckle whenever using the aft elevators. I would push the buttons and wait for the car to be called and the aft cars are A,B,C or D. For some reason I would seem to get Car D the most often and everytime it was announced, "CAR D", I would mutter under my breath , "B"! ...Cardi B!
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