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  1. This has been my experience on my past few cruises too.
  2. Good info except the part about having to go to your stateroom to find out which bar to go and activate Cheers. I've always just gone to whatever bar I wanted a drink and ordered. Sometimes I get a stickers, sometimes not.
  3. I checked all mine from January and there wasn't one for elegant or casual.
  4. This is from 2018 but it should give you an idea of activities.
  5. Basically the 4 year old can go for free when open until 10pm and then its night owls for a fee. 10 month old can't go until 10pm for a fee. While I've never taken a kid that young there is usually one I see while I'm picking up. The kids area is spit in two rooms with a door between and after hours the kids playing are usually on one side and the other side has a movie and kids laying down. My kid is usually asleep and that's where I've seen the babies. I've had a great experience all the times my kid has cruised with us.
  6. Not if he wants buckets, he would have to do individual beers.
  7. I just checked their website and it says chairs are free, umbrellas are $10. We were there in January, but I really don't remember paying for the umbrella.
  8. Jack's Shack has free chairs and umbrellas if you are spending money there. They also have floats to rent.
  9. FTTF is sold out if that's what it says. Keep checking back daily, especially when payment is due and also online check in day. You will get any refunds in the form you paid, so they will send you new gift cards in your case. You can take the cards with you and add to your s&s account to cover grats and other purchases on board. You can also go to manage your booking, then booking and order details and scroll down to the bottom. It should say get ready for your cruise and there is a red button that says prepay gratuities.
  10. I would at least call now and make sure you are all linked. That way you will already be at a table together.
  11. My husband brings a headband flashlight just incase. I always made fun of him but we actually needed it once at an AI when the power went out.
  12. Never really a sale, just the discount if you buy before vs buying onboard.
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