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  1. I brought an umbrella stroller when mine was 5. It was really useful day one bc camp isn't open until 10 pm. We pushed him around and he fell asleep so we enjoyed karaoke while he snoozed. I also pack individual snacks (pb crackers, gold fish etc) and take them off at stops for him to munch. He wasn't big on the dinners and eating late so we ordered him fries and chocolate milk and let him eat while we got ready so he wasn't starving. I also grab extra milks from breakfast or room service and store them in the fridge for later.
  2. Lobster is 6+ day cruises but you can order it for an upcharge.
  3. Yep, just ignore the sign on the closed doors saying rooms aren't ready and go thru. It will be there as soon as you board.
  4. They will be in your mailbox when rooms are ready at 1:30. Your boarding pass can be used for purchases until then.
  5. Starting this year we bumped it up to two. Have two more scheduled for next year.
  6. No limit on non alcoholic drinks. You can get a bottle of water with your cocktail or coffee.
  7. You can but I would have them read the breakdown of where tips go. It would be hard IMO to tip everyone it goes to leaving some people stiffed. It makes way more work for them waiting thru a big line at guest services and then hunting down the staff.
  8. If it says priority you can show up at your leisure.
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