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  1. We took our carry on champs over and drank them on the beach.
  2. I still don't believe the cruise industry will survive this. I hope it does but I'm not wagering my money on it.
  3. And this is why I recently sold all my cruise stocks and opted for a refund in cash. I cant see how bankruptcy isn't in the future.
  4. I booked thru apple vacations and purchased their cancel for any reason insurance just something changes and the border gets shut down. It's for the airfare and AI both.
  5. I just booked a week in Mexico for November. I'm so ready!
  6. I'd think they would. Shrimp is on the burrito menu and not the taco menu. I always order shrimp tacos and have never been told no.
  7. Menus have been the same since American Table and American Feast started years ago on all ships. Only difference will be port of call menus. Maybe you can find a review that includes menu pics.
  8. I would pick Southern Caribbean anytime. I also love Conquest class ships and cant wait to sail the Freedom. It may not have all the bells and whistles but it has a huge red frog pub, a sports bar and the lines for shows will be nothing compared to larger ships.
  9. Hi cruisers. I normally sail Carnival and I am thinking about trying out RCL. I currently have a sailing booked on the Carnival Mardi Gras for the inaugural sailing but it sounds like the ship will be further delayed. I was looking to book a back up cruise bc knowing Carnival they will wait for some time to let us know if the ship is delayed. But all I come up with are non refundable deposit rates. Is this standard for RCL or am I just missing something? Thanks in advance!
  10. I love the Conquest, it's my favorite class of ship. Lots of bars and lounges and no huge lines for comedy shows. To me the only thing it's lacking is more pay food options for dinner.
  11. That would be my guess, I'm still waiting for my fttf refund from March.
  12. I was on a walk the other day and took a big swig of water that went down wrong. Had a huge coughing spell and when I looked up my neighbor was sitting outside giving me the stink eye.
  13. It's the same American table and American feast menu they've have since they made the change years ago. There is a newish MDR brunch menu.
  14. I'm on the first sailing (one before op) and mine was sold out well before covid cancellations. Not to mention OPs week is Thanksgiving week.
  15. As shof515 said, it's automated and you can ignore it. It's been reported and talked about here several times now. I received one as well and can confirm I wasn't really charged a penalty.
  16. I'm still waiting on a FTTF refund from March. I would say you're in the "up to 90 days" refund boat with lots of us on here.
  17. I hate to hear that. I've never had to get a refund from them. Are they refusing to refund you or just giving you the run around on how long a refund will take?
  18. Just an fyi go port is cheaper than contrans. 18 bucks pp v.s. 20pp
  19. Goport.com. you can book a package with round trip transfers and hotel.
  20. Act like you want to print your cruise documents. It will be on there.
  21. You can do it. If you find a cheaper rate on his number (and he's crushing w you) just call in and they will price adjust. I've done to several times with ES. My husband has less days then me and he usually gets better deals.
  22. You should be able to use the refund from your taxes and port fees to put down the deposit instead of waiting for them to refund you. Regardless of being in 100% penalty they still have to pay you those back to your original form of payment.
  23. You shouldn't have to pay the deposit out of your pocket. I put the cruise I wanted on hold online and then called in. They moved the entire amount I paid (cruise fare, taxes and fees and prepaid grats) over to my new cruise. New trip $13 cheaper so I have $613 obc.
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