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  1. We received the bulk of our refund today for our March 21Breeze Cruise. Our sequence of events: Week before 3/12: Starting to feel uneasy, I called Carnival and cancelled our drink packages, internet package and FTTF just to be sure I got the money back for those. This was before mass cancellations and I easily had that $1000+ refund within a week. 3/12: Requested refund for cancelled cruise ($3901 due back), and was clearly told we would have refund within 30 days (this was prior to them starting to tell people 90 days). 4/16: Concerned about reports on her
  2. As a Floridian and a hospital employee working nonstop to prepare for and confront this crisis, thank you for a measured and thoughtful response to this topic. You hit the nail on the head. Stay safe and well all.
  3. Hi all! I’m reluctantly beginning to accept the fact that we will be canceling our Spring Break cruise plans (Breeze Eastern March 21). While the virus itself doesn’t scare me (two healthy adults in early 40s and two young kids ages 4 and 6), the risk of a quarantine with 2 kids in a 185-square foot room or some other unforeseeable situation does concern me. In looking at alternative options to use the FCC this summer, I see 2 cruises that interest me: the exact Breeze Eastern itinerary we are already booked on (Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk) or the Horizon 8 night Southern itin
  4. We are thinking of the same question, but having a hard time deciding! We haven’t done a Southern itinerary before, so we are excited to explore all these ports! My preliminary thinking on this (as a Floridian who can easily drive to Port Canaveral) is that St. Kitts may be the best day to stay on board. I say this because St. Kitts, St. Thomas and St. Maarten are on other itineraries from Florida so we will likely see all of them again on a cruise where we can drive to the port. If we are making the effort to fly to San Juan, I definitely want to explore all the Southern Caribbea
  5. Does anyone know if the cabs charge $17 for the $5 entry for both adults and kids? Our kids will be 6 and 8 when we visit. If we are overcharged for the adults for the convenience, it may be worth the convenience, but if the charge applies to the kids too, it may be more reasonable to look at other options. Thanks for any input!
  6. No this Southern itinerary doesn’t have any private stops. It departs San Juan then goes to St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, and now St. Maarten. Talk about a packed itinerary!
  7. Oh wow thanks for posting this! Just prompted me to look at my cruise planner and our itinerary was just updated to add St. Maarten too. I have been eager to return to St. Maarten since our one and only visit in 2018. We have never done a southern itinerary before and I was already struggling to decide if we could forego a shore day to relax on the ship with the already packed itinerary, and now we have even more to consider! How are we ever going to pick a day to take it easy on the ship with such a great itinerary of new experiences to choose from??? I could’t be more excited for
  8. I do not have personal experience with this one, but I have done a lot of research into this same question (including you tube videos and photo reviews). By all accounts, these are great cabins-large rooms and very large balconies and no noise complaints. The only drawback is the pole, but we decided that’s not really a big deal and nobody else really complains about that in their reviews, so we have Cabin 1700 on Freedom booked later this year and again for Spring Break 2021!
  9. Oh you’d better believe we will be stopping everywhere for photos! Embarkation, each port stop, dinner, pools, everywhere! It’ll be good timing too as we typically pay for a photographer for Christmas card photos of the kids, so having lots of these pics to choose from will give us the material we need for cards!
  10. Thank you for pointing me to this-great photos! Now I have to go back and read the whole report-thanks!
  11. Thanks so much-I’d love to read a recent review! Have a great time!
  12. Hi all! Though we have been on 4 RC cruises before, we have never purchased (or even looked into) a photo package. For our fall cruise (7-night Southern on Freedom), we would like to get photos. The cruise planner lists the all digital at $174.99, and the all digital + all prints package for $229.99. My questions: 1) Are these “decent” prices compared to typical prices (seems to me they are but I don’t have a frame of reference to compare)? 2) What size are the prints if we add on the prints? 3) Are the prints worth the $55 more? Seems I’d spend around that
  13. Hi all! We will be on the Freedom of the Seas Southern Caribbean itinerary this fall, and for our St. Lucia stop I have come across the “Coastal Cruise to the Pitons” excursion through Royal Caribbean. We are a family of four and our kids will be 5 and 7 at the time. The cost is $74 per adult and $54 per child for a total of $266. We haven’t historically taken ship-sponsored excursions, opting instead to go on our own to the local sights and beaches. But given the distance, maybe a ship excursion would be wise? The excursion has a 4-hour duration and is described as fol
  14. Thank you for the feedback! We have been looking at the Spencer Ambrose Tour as it gets wonderful reviews! My only concern is our daughter has dietary restrictions (Celiac Disease) and 7 hours is a really long day away from the ship and safe food. I’m sure if we bring snacks for her we can make it work though! The cost is also higher at $330 for all of us, though I bet the time at the beach would justify the difference in price.... Decisions, decisions... I’d still love any further input on either of these options (or others that I’m not thinking of that would be worth
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