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  1. Another thing I want to add is that some of the cutbacks are not the fault of the stateroom attendant. For example, water pitchers and ice buckets used to be provided in all staterooms. Some time ago, management decided to provide them upon request only, so now you need to ask for them if you want them. Passengers who are unaware of the change in policy could easily assume that they just have a lazy or negligent stateroom attendant when such items are missing from their staterooms.
  2. That is what we do as well. I thought that was standard practice, the reason why they provide do not disturb signs. The piece of paper in the door previously mentioned doesn't work unless there is only one person in the stateroom because when there are 2 people, they are often going in and out at different times. Also, many passengers order room service. For the most part, we have been very happy with the stateroom attendants we have had on Celebrity cruises. They seem to be eager to please. Part of the problem that some are having may simply be a communication problem, not letting the stateroom attendant know what you want or expect. The best ones will replace things like toilet paper or soap before they run out so we don't even need to ask for them, but with others, all we need to do is ask for what we need and they are happy to oblige.
  3. It appears that you have not cruised with Celebrity recently because they did away with formal nights back in 2015. The way it was explained at the time, they want passengers to wear whatever makes them happy and to express their individuality, not for everyone to dress alike. By all means, wear the tuxedo, or not, as you please. You will see a wide range of dress from one end of the spectrum to the other, and nobody should feel out of place. Whatever you choose to wear (within the posted guidelines) will be just fine. If you like to stand out and be noticed, dress at one extreme or the other, but if you just want to blend in and be inconspicuous, dress somewhere in the middle. You are likely to draw compliments if you are among those who dress up.
  4. Here is a link to a video Alaina posted of 7003 on the Infinity, sister ship to the Summit so the room itself should be very similar, just different decor. Celebrity Infinity Cabin 7003 - YouTube Also, take into account that the Summit has since been revolutionized (or whatever they call it) but it should at least give you an idea of the size of the room and the window location.
  5. On the Summit last year in Luminae we asked to see the MDR menu one night early in the cruise, and after that they brought us both menus every time without our even needing to ask.
  6. Are they still putting a basket of bread on the table in the MDR? We always wondered what they did with all the leftover bread. (Maybe we are better off not knowing. 😉) They didn't do that in Luminae. Instead someone would come around with a tray of various types of bread and crackers several times throughout the meal and you would just select what you wanted.
  7. Even in the main dining room, have you noticed the many rows of two tops side by side with only small spaces between them? They are arranged that way to provide the flexibility of pushing them together or separating them easily into two tops, four tops, six tops...... as needed. They will combine or separate tables in all the dining rooms to accommodate whatever the need at the time (within reason and within their limitations, of course). But in Luminae especially they will try to do whatever it takes to make people happy.
  8. Not necessary, but preferable. So don't panic if you can't print it or can't find it. You will still be able to board the ship, even at a port with high security. It just may take a little longer.
  9. Then you will most likely receive the stock answer that those are not their flyers and if you object to them, you need to take your objections up with the companies that provide them. The more cruises we take, the better we become at doing those puzzles (because they keep repeating the same ones over and over again). 😁
  10. It doesn't wrap either front or back. (Crew restricted area at front of ship and theater at back.) But you can easily open a door and cut right across the interior of the ship to the other side, so no, you are not limited to going up and back on one side. (In other words, you can walk almost all the way on one side, and then back in the other direction on the other side.) Doing that on hot or cold weather itineraries is actually quite nice as it provides a brief respite from the heat or cold, as well as sheltering you from the winds often encountered when trying to walk across the ship on the open upper decks. If smoke bothers you however, you may prefer to avoid the smoking area of the promenade deck on the port side.
  11. I wish they would give the option to passengers who don't want them of either getting a credit for their value, or at least substituting something else. We really don't want them, so monogramming them for us would be a total waste. Maybe we can just let them know we don't want them up front so they won't bother to monogram them for us and other people can use them. We would not bring them home as we already have many more robes than we will ever need. It looks like they have moved those old bulky, heavy white robes that used to be in the suites down to lower level cabins. At least the new suite robes look like they would be a lot more comfortable and lighter weight.
  12. Yes, but they play games with you on the Celebrity website by not identifying which kind of discount they are displaying, as well as not identifying which subcategory they are showing you. If you care, you can usually identify the discount category shown by backing out and then putting in your eligible discount categories one at a time (with the awareness that not all available discount categories are even selectable that way). But as others keep mentioning, the Celebrity website can be maddening to use because it is not at all user friendly. Rather it appears to have been sadistically designed by someone who was tying to make it as convoluted and frustrating for the user as possible. (Well, if not sadistic, perhaps merely incompetent.) It is just a lot easier and faster to use a third-party website when looking for available categories and prices.
  13. LOL! Now that really would have been helpful on a B2B where our cabin was on one side of the ship for the first cruise and on the opposite side for the second cruise. For the first couple of days of the second cruise, I had to stop and think about whether to turn left or right each time I headed out for the dining room or the theater.
  14. But in fact it is all to do with the TA. If you use a TA, it is the TA's responsibility to obtain and send you your copy of the cruise line's invoice. The cruise line sends the revised reservation only to the TA, not directly to you because when you use a TA, you are the client of the TA. The TA is the client of the cruise line, and your TA is apparently trying to cop-out here by trying to blame the cruise line for their own negligence.
  15. I wouldn't even bother with a TA but would book directly with the cruise line if a TA couldn't offer me a better price and/or additional perks. The only reason I use a TA is for the extras they provide that are not available booking directly with the cruise line. For cruises where no TA can offer anything worthwhile, or only some token minimal perk (as often happens with some of the rock bottom priced last minute closeout sales), I can't see any good reason to bother involving an unnecessary third party at all. Now I am well aware that there will be some cruisers reading this who will immediately start thinking "Oh, but my wonderful TA does this and that for me" and I certainly am not disputing what they say. That is fine for anyone who feels that way. I just don't happen to be one of them as I really don't want or need the type of hand holding from a TA that some posters gush about.
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