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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Many of us here in the USA liked using Celebrity's UK website to look up stateroom availability because it was so much better than their poorly designed US website, which is inefficient and cumbersome to use. I guess the UK web people chose to ignore the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Oh well, it looks like we will now just need to use a third party site instead.
  2. We agree with the 12 Special Touches That Will Make You LOVE Celebrity Cruises but would like to add one more very nice Celebrity touch. On other cruise lines, our own stateroom attendants and waiters treat us well, but other ship employees we pass around the ship pretty much ignore us, unless we happen to address them directly. On Celebrity cruises however, it seems that almost every ship employee you encounter, even those who casually pass by in the hallways, will greet you and appear genuinely happy to have you aboard. If you seem puzzled or have any question or problem, they will go "above and beyond" out of their way to assist you, even if you are not one of "their" passengers or if what you need is not within their area of responsibility.
  3. When we take two 7 day cruises back-to-back, we receive all the Captain's Club perks again for the second week (including a second set of laundry coupons). But if we take a 14 day cruise, we only receive one set of perks, the same as for a 7 day cruise!
  4. Celebrity used to have a piano bar in Michael's Club in the evenings that was available to all passengers, but that was long before they started restricting Michael's Club access to suite and zenith passengers only. The room was also used as the venue for the Captain's Club happy hour for a while, until they added the reciprocity with Royal Caribbean. That caused the enormous increase in Captain's Club members, overwhelming the capacity of Michael's Club and resulting in the need to move the happy hour to a larger venue.
  5. So was I. Had no photo, so just continued on without one. Even printed out the xpress pass.
  6. The Relief Band is a great non-medical solution for anyone who is prone to seasickness and does not want to be drugged. It is more effective than the sea bands, which work for many, but it is also more expensive. I am one of the numerous people who have tried the patch and had very bad reactions to it. Many passengers do just fine taking meclizine, provided free of charge at Guest Relations and at the ship's medical center. Others get by with green apples, soda crackers and ginger ale. Then there is the stuff that you dab behind your ear. I have never tried it, but saw that they were selling it in the gift shop on board.
  7. No doubt your intentions were good, but realistically, makeup is an inappropriate gift to give a total stranger, since there are so many individual differences in skin color and tone, skin type, eye color, etc. Additionally, some woman may prefer a liquid, others prefer a powder, and still others a cream for similar products. Then there are the ingredients in different products to consider. Different people are allergic to different things, and different women like different brands. It would be so much better to give cash, or even gift certificates that they can use to select the products they really want. Now if you know that your stateroom attendant or waitress loves a certain makeup product in a particular color and you get it for her, then that would be a different situation entirely. To paraphrase the golden rule: If you do a good job at work, would your rather receive a cash bonus, or would you prefer some makeup or other trinkets that a stranger selected for you without even knowing your personal likes or dislikes?
  8. Thanks. That is exactly what we are planning to do also, and just hope it works as you describe. They used to ask for only the last 4 digits of your credit card number when checking in online, but recently they asked for the whole thing. So we just opted for a cash account, planning to switch it to a credit card account once we are on the ship.
  9. The same thing could have happened to you regardless of which type of travel agent you used. We had a similar experience years ago when using an agent from a well-known and highly regarded outside travel agency. That is why it is important to get everything in writing Any agent who tells you "he couldn't do that and don't worry" is waving a big red warning flag at you right there.
  10. They usually vary the amount depending on the stateroom category you choose and/or the length of the cruise.
  11. Hmmm, with this new system, it looks like anyone could take the keys to any cabin and go in and use the bathroom, or take the bottled water or whatever else they wanted out of the cabin. Also, with the new room numbering method someone could be at the "right" room number but on the wrong deck and not even realize it.
  12. Each time they fix something on the Celebrity website, they manage to mess up something else. Even the features that do work were poorly designed, for the most part being cumbersome and inefficient. Their motto appears to be: "For anything simple that can be accomplished easily in only one or two steps, make sure you program it to require the user to go through at least 10 steps." But one feature of their website that appears to work flawlessly is taking our money. We never have a problem with making payments online. It is easy to see where they put their priorities. 😉
  13. Only for those who arrive early in the day, when there are crowds and lines. When we arrive later in the day, after the mad rush is over, we just walk right on.
  14. Can you make it? None of us can know. It will depend on a combination of circumstances that day. You should be able to make it just fine IF your flight is not delayed, or canceled or diverted and if your checked luggage arrives with you on the same flight, and if there are no problems at the airport on either end, or on the trip from Heathrow to Southampton. Be sure to pack all essentials and enough clothing for at least 3 or 4 days in a carry-on bag, just in case your checked luggage doesn't make it. Also, for peace of mind, do know your backup options for catching up with the ship at the next allowable port, should that be necessary. Another important factor to consider that I don't believe has yet been mentioned is the passenger's own temperament. There are some people who become emotionally upset (even hysterical) about a delay or cancellation and the possibility of missing a ship or a flight, and then there are those who can just shrug off setbacks, take it all in stride and revert to Plan B. Good luck!
  15. The last time we cruised on M-class (end of 2018) they still had the free movies. When you first turned on the TV, it would tell you what the featured free movie was for that day and listed the times it would be shown. It usually repeated several times throughout the day. It looks like X keeps trying to think up more and more ways to charge extra for things that were previously included and that their regular customers (euphemistically called "guests" 😉) have come to expect. I think these cutbacks tie in with their refusal to add another Captain's Club level. Rather than offer "loyalty" incentives, they are trying to attract new customers who will be unaware of all the features that are being eliminated or diminished. For those of us who love the old Celebrity, it now becomes harder and harder each time to decide whether to book another X cruise, or head elsewhere. X management may not care so much about losing the older generation, but surely they must realize that when we move over to another cruise line, or a different type of vacation, often our adult children move over right along with us.
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