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  1. We are thinking about doing the RCL Hawaii Cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver. However, what if we did not want to sail to Vancouver but wanted to stay in HAwaii and fly back. Are you allowed to do that?
  2. Has anyone ever done a UTV tour in Puerto Vallarta? If so, what did you think? What company did you use? We did one years ago called Green Zebra and had a blast but they are no longer in business.
  3. We are leaning toward The Atv/Suspension bridge in Cabo with maybe a inexpensive boat ride to the Arch, Stone Island in Maz, and some sort of UTV tour in PV. Has anyone done a UTV tour in PV?? And if so which one? What company did you use?
  4. Thank you so much!!! This is all so incredibly helpful!! We think Stone Island might be a great option/choice for us.
  5. In less than 2 months we will be cruising to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. We are still deciding are our excursion and would love to hear if people's thoughts if they have done any of these... Cabo: we narrowed it down to doing the UTV & Suspension Bridge tour or Snorkeling & the Arch Mazatlan: UTV or beach day Puerto Vallarta: UTV through Sierra Madre or UTV through rain forrest or ATV & Surfing Has anyone done these? Recommendations, reviews and suggestions would be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks so much for the info, it has definitely helped us decide what to do during our day in port. And that is a great photo!!
  7. We ended up booking with Marysol tours and we were extremely impressed. They took excellent care of us, watched us while at the beach like hawks to make sure we were safe and taken care of and they kept everything on schedule. Great option and would highly recommend.
  8. We sail on April 4 and arrive in Cabo a few days later and were planning on the whale watching tour. Is it a mistake booking/paying for a whale watching tour that late into the whale season??
  9. We will be in the DR/Amber Cove in December and are interested in doing a day at Sousa Beach. What would be the best way (safest and not too expensive) of doing a few hours at this location? Thanks!
  10. Interested in learning the answer to this as well.
  11. We are planning a back-2-back cruise on the Carnival Magic and have the option of a deluxe ocean view midship OR a cove balcony aft. We've cruised on the Magic a couple times already but had a traditional balcony. I've never booked a cove balcony before and need the pros and cons. The deluxe ocean view is enticing with the extra shower/bathroom space, but i do love having the balcony option and being able to step right outside to see the ocean or sit and read a book from the comfort of your own cabin. However, I am concerned about the location of the cove balconies that are left and available for both cruises without switching rooms. The only ones left are not only aft ship, but also directly beneath the galley. I am concerned about noise from both the ship's engines and from the galley with food preparation and movement in the early morning. We are night owls and while we do not sleep in super late, we normally wake around 9:30am. One of the specific cabins on the Magic we are looking at is the cove #2405 and deluxe #2240. Any recommendations you could give and pros and cons of the cove (with the location in mind) and deluxe OV would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  12. We will be in Costa Maya next month and decided we would rent a golf cart and do a little sight seeing on our own and then park somewhere in Mahahual to enjoy the beach, lunch and possibly snorkel. Does anyone know if we need to reserve the gold cart in advance or is this something we can do once we arrive in port? Is it cheaper if we book the golf cart in advance? Where in Mahahual would you suggest to park/which beach "club" would be best?? we are more interested in a great beach spot and mexican lunch (not drinkers) and then possibly a snorkel boat to the reef if it is worth it. Thanks!!
  13. Hi Everyone, I am a long time Carnival cruiser and I am thinking about doing a back-2-back cruise for the first time next holiday season and have a few questions: are there any discounts that Carnival offers for people specifically doing 2 cruises in a row back-2-back? are you able to stay in the same cabin? do you have to pack and repack? do you have to get off the ship between sailings? how quickly can you get back on the ship? Is there anything else we should know about doing a back-2-back? any tips? Thanks in advance.
  14. We have never been to St. Kitts before and are looking to book a tour that would offer a tour of the island, maybe some light hiking and since we are also beach lovers, we want to also have lots of time at the beaches for snorkeling and relaxing. Would we be wise to book something ahead of time?? If so with who?? Or are we better off grabbing a cab once off the ship the day we arrive in port (Dec. 26)? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Everyone, I emailed a couple tour companies (Jo Junie, Bernards) to get prices and tour options for our time in port on Dec. 26. We wanted to do a little sightseeing of the island as it has been many years since our last trip/cruise to St. Martin, snorkel time, a stop in Marigot for some shopping (aka bakery tastings), and Maho Beach. The couple tour companies that got back to me quoted priced of $300-350 for 3 people. I thought this was a bit extreme. Could someone recommend another tour company or would it be less expensive to book a cab once we arrived to do those stops? Thanks for any help you can provide!!
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