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  1. I know the speciality restaurants are closed on port days for lunch but can you get Johnny rockets for lunch on port days and use the unlimited dining plan? thanks, Loralie
  2. Thanks for clarifying it. We will definitely tip extra. Loralie
  3. I will have the unlimited dining plan for my cruise on Anthem of the seas in a few weeks. We are not the most adventurous eaters and we don’t eat seafood. I was thinking of trying wonderland just for the experience and asking only for the main course and dessert. Can that be done? thanks, Loralie
  4. On my cruise planner Order information, it says the gratuity is included. Loralie
  5. So it will be just me and my husband on a 7 night cruise next month and we Purchased the unlimited dining plan. When I purchased it on the cruise planner, it says tips are included. Do you tip on top of that? If so how much is good for 2 people? Just trying to figure out how much cash to bring. Thanks, Loralie
  6. This video shows everything, including bungalows. The prices she quotes are very low compared to what I have seen on my cruise planner but this was filmed when perfect day first opened.
  7. I have seen a few YouTube videos about perfect day at coco cay and I saw bungalows on the video. It has not been offered on the cruise planner at all. I’m sure it will be very expensive but i will check it out.
  8. I’m wondering how much the bungalow will cost. It has not been on my cruise planner and I’ll be there in 3 weeks. I plan to ask as soon as I get on board. I think the bungalows look nicer than the cabanas from what I’ve seen on YouTube. when I get back I’ll post the info. Loralie
  9. The “swim” was sold out so I purchased the ‘encounter”. Is there a big difference? Do they make you wear a wetsuit? This will be my first time and I’m going solo so any advice would be great. thanks, loralie
  10. I purchased the full day water park pass for my November cruise for $61.99. i’m also going in May 2020 with 7 other family members so for that cruise we got the water park cabana which comes with 6 passes. 2 of the people in our group have mobility issues and would not go to the water park anyway so it worked out. When I purchased the water park cabana we got it for $499.00. It’s now going for $999.00 so I’m happy we got it for the lower price. I’ll keep checking the cruise planner, especially around Black Friday. Hopefully the price will go down more. Can’t wait to go in a few weeks😀 Loralie
  11. The NON-waterpark pool is called Oasis Lagoon Loralie
  12. We booked the unlimited dining plan on the cruise planner for our cruise next Month on Anthem of the Seas. Does that include tips or do you tip on top of that? If you tip, how much is common? This is our first time with the dining plan. thanks, Loralie
  13. Thanks for the review. I will have the water park cabana for my cruise in May. Can’t wait! Wish I got it for the great price you got. Lol
  14. My husband and I are picky eaters. We are not sure we will like the food at Wonderland but we want to try it for the experience and the dessert. We have the unlimited dining plan. Can we book Wonderland and Chops In the same night? Has anyone else done this? thanks, Loralie
  15. I will be on Anthem in November. I will be doing North Star, which is free. Should I pay for the helium balloon ride at Coco Cay or are they basically the same thing? If you have done both, do you feel it was worth the money for the balloon ride? thanks, Loralie
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