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  1. Great review so far, thanks for sharing. Loralie
  2. Loving your review so far. Looking forward to going on Anthem for the first time next year. Thanks for sharing your experience. Loralie
  3. . The brunch was the last 2 sea days. We went on the last day. We made the reservation the day before the brunch. The food was set up as a buffet. The waiters came around and offered you more champagne or mimosa, coffee or tea. Loralie
  4. I noticed Evian on board but the ships water tasted fine to me. I also brought a case of Poland spring water with me for my room. I taped a luggage tag to it and they delivered it to my room. That might be a good option for you. Loralie
  5. Yes, the 3rd show was at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. That's the show I went to because when I tried to go to the one for the main dining seating it was full. Loralie
  6. Your plans sound great. I do not have the MDR menus but I'm sure someone on cruise critic has it. We loved Chops and Portifinos so give them a try if you can. We are not drinkers so we did not get the drink package. My husband and kids got the soda package. If your kids like Shirley Temples they are allowed with the soda package.😀 Loralie
  7. My brother in law did not like the food in the MDR at all. I did not think it was as bad as he thought it was. Our waiters were really good and we are more understanding that they are serving thousands of people so we are not expecting a 5 star restaurant experience. I'm sure the fact that you needed gluten free made it more difficult for you than most people. I'm glad they were finally able to straighten out the problem for you. Loralie
  8. I did not know about the brunch before the trip. We reserved it the day before we went. The tour was only 20-25 min and once you went into Portifinos everything was already set up as a buffet so you can take as much time as you want to eat. They did not rush us out. It was very nice. Loralie
  9. Can't think of anything to avoid. We are easygoing and nothing really bothered us. We did a lot of excursions this trip and that really made it special. I did the parasailing and Zipline and rented a cabana at Labadee. Parasailing was my favorite. My kids took a flowrider lesson and they loved it. They really learned a lot. I took the adult cupcake decorating class and I enjoyed it very much. We saw a lot of shows and just tried to do everything we wanted to do that we found interesting. That's the great thing about cruises, you can do as much or as little as you want. Loralie
  10. We used our passports but I believe you are correct that you can use a BC & DL instead of a passport if you want. Loralie
  11. I did not use the laundry service but my brother in law did. He said it was $30.00 for the first bag and $15.00 for a second bag. I'm not sure about the size of the bag. Maybe someone else will know and chime in. Loralie
  12. The brunch was offered the last 2 sea days of the cruise. We went yesterday. I felt the food at Portifinos was better for dinner than the brunch but it was still nice and something different to do. Loralie
  13. We had a handicap balcony room. My husband has limited mobility and needed a scooter. The room was great. We would order room service breakfast in the morning and have it out on the balcony. So nice and peaceful in the morning. My 2 teen boys had an inside promenade room directly across the hall from us. It was small but they liked having their own room and having a window that looked onto the promenade. We had bad weather for our day in Bermuda. It was raining really hard in the morning. I also woke up not feeling too well. Not seasick but I had a sharp pain right under my ribs that went straight to my back. I went back to sleep for a few hours and when I woke up I felt better but felt like we did not have enough time to go off the ship so we just went swimming when the rain stopped. My last trip to Bermuda I went to Horshoe Bay Beach. It was beautiful and I was upset I could not go again. For St. Marten we took a private tour with Bernards Tours. They have group tours too and they were wonderful. I highly recommend them. They took us to. Maho beach, orient beach, the Dutch side and the French side. First they took us to a lookout point to take pictures of the beautiful view. They wanted to take us shopping but we are not shoppers and told them we wanted more time at orient beach. They got us back to the beach with plenty of time. Before I left so many people told me about Bernards tours and they all said it was wonderful. Not one person said anything bad. They were really wonderful. I did not feel like the motion was bad at all. You definitely feel the ship moving here and there but not bad at all. Have fun on your first cruise. I'm sure you will love it like the rest of us! Loralie
  14. I'm sorry, I do not have the MDR menus. We ate at chops and Portifino and we thought they were both great. It was our first time trying specialty dining so we had nothing to compare it to, I read before I left that chops was not as good as it used to be but since I did not go before the change I was happy. I like to make speciality dining reservations on sea days since we are not as busy. For the brunch the tour started at 10:45 am and it lasted about 20-25 min and then you went to Portifinos right after that. Loralie
  15. The only show we had to make reservations for was the ice skating show. They had 3. Showings of Saturday night fever. The first showing was for late dining guests. The second one was for main dining guests. I guess the 3rd was for people who missed the other 2 shows. We had Main dining seating and we tried to go to the second showing but when we got there it was full so we went to the 3rd showing. I enjoyed it but my mother in law said she was falling asleep. Lol Loralie