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  1. Yep, you sure do. According to your absurd logic a filthy long sleeved shirt is OK a sharp clean short sleeved shirt is not acceptable. Back to your trike.


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    I may be a homely old biker but I do like to clean up on occasion. I can read directions though and have never been refused seating due to inappropriate dress. You?



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  2. Many businesses use customer satisfaction surveys for the purpose of evaluating individual employee performance. Unfortunately ratings creep enters into all of these. Where initially any rating above 5 was intended as good and a rating of 8 as outstanding now anything other than a 10 is considered unacceptable. For this reason such surveys have become meaningless.



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  3. The video is ridiculous because it's not apparent what points the cruise line wants you to take from watching it. BTW RCL has the identical video but with an RCL ship. It would make more sense if the cruise line would simply state the key points rather than making up the spy scenario. Also, the wash your hands video is presented at a level that is probably appropriate for a 3 or 4 year old.


    Just for reference if you have a problem/handicap that makes it difficult to stand during the drill then just simply point this out to one of the drill leaders and they will show you where you can sit during the drill.




    Information presented at a 4 y/o level would be too difficult for many today.

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