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  1. My issue with booking a tour is that they hardly give you any time in Rhodes. Maybe we will just walk the town on our own. Any particular places we should check out?
  2. There is a spa. I get emails about it daily from NCL and you can go on their site and see all the services they offer. :)
  3. There definitely is a spa because I've been getting emails about it and when you go on the NCL site it has the spa as an option and all the services it offers.
  4. We are all the way at the end of the hall on the 10th deck.
  5. First timer here..what is a "white hot" party? LOL!! We are sailing on this ship next month. I love a good party!
  6. Hi! We are sailing this same cruise for our 10 year anniversary too next month! Congrats on your anniversary by the way! :) We planned excursions in every port except Rhodes and Crete. I think in Rhodes we are going to head to Elli Beach - apparently it's not far from the ship dock and supposed to be nice. What did you do in Rhodes and Crete? Any suggestions for us? I agree, the time in Crete is minimal so I'm wondering if we should even bother getting off the ship or just make it a spa day! LOL Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Heartfelt - This is the cabin we will be staying in as well! I was wondering the same thing. I've seen some not so recent pics and videos and it does look to be considerably larger than a regular balcony room. The balcony looks to be almost the length of 2 balconies. The set up is a little odd inside though. Everything seems to crammed into a corner.
  8. Hi Keith! I noticed in another person's post that you said you stayed in cabin 10686. This is the cabin we will be staying in on our cruise in a few weeks. We are first time cruisers as well and really looking forward to our trip. I'm just slightly concerned with some of the reviews I've read recently regarding the ships condition. How did you find the cabin? Clean? Bathrooms in particular. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! :):)
  9. I'm staying in this room in August!! We booked it too because of it's size. Looks like your pics and the pics and videos found online are pretty much the same Keith. Was it CLEAN? In particular the bathroom? I've been seeing a lot of photos of the bathrooms on this particular ship and they are gross with mildew in the tiles and such.
  10. Hi All! My husband and I booked our first ever cruise on the Spirit in 48 days!! We are super excited since this will be our first vacation alone together in 8 years! We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I picked this cruise primarily on the itinerary of the Greek Isles and Italy, but to be honest, I'm starting to get nervous with the less than stellar reviews I'm reading about the ships condition. We are staying in an Aft balcony cabin - its supposed to be a larger than normal cabin. I very recently found a video walk through of the cabin from 2013 and let's just say.. I'm REALLY hoping the ship has had some sort of refurb since then. When we booked this ship we were told it was going to be dry docked and refurbished this past Jan, but from the posts I've been ready that hasn't happend. Has anyone sailed the Spirit recently that can give me some insight? I don't mind an older decor, I just need it to be CLEAN. Thanks!!!
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