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  1. Ah, that solves my query about how on earth the Sun was going to be allowed to dock in Greenwich. Disembarking out at Tilbury will be much safer for you all, and logistically easier for Viking too. We disembarked last year's WC at Greenwich, which involves tenders.
  2. Jim, we had a steel-on-steel clanging noise issue on Sun (Deck 5) during the last couple of weeks of the WC earlier this year. It took days for the staff to identify it, but our dinner companions (architect and civil engineer) one evening immediately recognised our description as a faulty fire damper in the funnel. Some action was taken to minimise the noise, but it did continue. If it's the same source, you are correct in that it's very difficult to sleep through as it is irregular. Hope they sort it out for you.
  3. Do you happen to know which malt whisky brands are being served in the Explorer's lounge, Jim? Hoping there might be a bottle or two of Laphroaig there when we board in Santiago 😀 or will we need to spend more time in Torshavn?
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