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  1. What are some magical moments you have experienced during your cruise? One of mine is on my second cruise on the Explorer of the Seas to Bermuda. For some reason I couldn't sleep one night and I decided to take a walk along the promenade deck where I discovered the helicopter pad entrance. When I approached the area, I was in awe. The night sky was so clear and full of stars. It was like I was in a planetarium but this was the real deal. In the background all I could hear were the waves crashing against the ship. Nobody else was around and i just sat on the bench for 20 minutes admiring the beauty. It was a very serene and unforgettable experience.
  2. When cruises resume, do you think the cruise lines should use their private islands as destinations first before they sail to "mainland" destinations? I think there is more of a controlled environment and reduces exposure when most of the staff on the island are coming from the ship. Yes there are locals who also work on the islands, but will the cruise lines reduce the number of locals working in the straw markets and other venues when they first open? Yes they can screen all passengers at the embarkation port but once passengers visit a destination, it kind of resets the whole screening because they can be exposed to so many people when ashore.
  3. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-sells-six-cruise-ships-more-to-come/ I saw this article and it does bring up the question about the sale of the older ships like the Fantasy Class. However it does go on to say that they are popular and they need to be fresh and maintained because of this.
  4. Best face mask decoration competition.
  5. The cruise industry as we all know is hurting financially with this global pandemic. Some cruise lines taking out loans to help them sustain months of being out of service. To make up their loss in profits, what do you think NCL will do as far as onboard spending/ staffing? Some scenarios that could happen: All ships with Spice H20 becoming a for fee area like Vibe. Charges for water slides. DSC increased to $20/day Onboard spending :Shore excursions, specialty dining, alcohol, internet price, packages, bingo, price increase. Cut staffing. May have less room stewards which will lead to having your room cleaned once a day instead of twice. Choosing morning or night cleaning. Upcharge to clean 2x a day. Slower service in dining venues. Food cost - less choices in buffet and dining room Less ports, more sea days. More visits to private island. What kind of things do you expect will change cruising after this crisis?
  6. I wonder if they will charge extra to tour the ship?
  7. So it seems like you can make reservations for dinner at one of the restaurants onboard while it is docked in NYC on March 7th. Price is $60/person. If you live in NY and want to see what the ship looks like. Theres also a dinner and a show for $100 per person
  8. Is there a reason why you pick NCL over other cruise lines? What is different that NCL provides that other cruises don't offer? If there were 2 cruises on 2 different cruise lines with same itinerary, similar ship but NCL is more expensive, would you still book NCL? If it was up to me, I would go for the cheaper option. Personally I like the NCL product for the entertainment and not having to dress up to goto the dining rooms.
  9. Great review! Thanks for the dailies. I have a few questions. (Anyone can answer with their answers or opinion as well) Do they scan your card to take out towels at the pool deck? I saw there was a specialty dessert place called Cocos. Did you try? If so, is it worth it? Is an ice bucket provided in the room? Is there a weight limit for the slides? How early do you arrive to get good seats in the theater? How many charging outlets are there in the room? Would you sail on The Encore again? Thanks again!
  10. Right now this itinerary on the Jade looks very attractive. And it's in Santorini for most of the day.
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