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  1. Some shows in the theater are boring, (ahem Cats on Oasis). Do you usually walk out of the show if it doesn't interest you? Or Do you take a nap and re-energize for the next activity on the daily planner? I always wonder if a performer thinks it is rude for a audience to walk out during the show or see them sleeping 😴? (In any type of venue-not specifically on a cruise ship theater) I usually sit at the end of an aisle so I can make my escape!
  2. After hearing the good news that cruises will start on Quantum of the Seas out of Singapore for locals in December, I am wondering if RCL could have started earlier in other countries? Like sending a RCL ship to Germany and doing cruises to nowhere for locals like TUI did. In some places like Bermuda, there are not many covid cases there. Should the cruise lines set a ship out of Bermuda for their local people to cruise? Some say the ship is a Destination itself, so this would be sort of a vacation for the locals to enjoy being out at sea and experiencing a cruise.
  3. Consider yourself lucky that the TA was cancelled on the Vision. I think you would of hated it anyway. If looking at a new Princess ship that hasn't come out yet vs a old Royal ship, it is hard to compare. If the price of the cruise was the deciding factor, then you get what you pay for. Although some people still enjoy the small ship feel. Also having such a negative experience from your last cruise on Royal, would probably have your mind already having a negative experience on the Vision. We all do this from time to time where we hold a grudge because of past experiences. I did this o
  4. Be prepared for the NY/NJ clientele. It is much different than taking a cruise out of Florida.
  5. If they replaced it with Shake Shack or Five Guys...I'd definitely pay the upcharge. I would rather have good tasting food then dancing waiters. With the addition of playmakers bar and grill on RCL ships, I wonder how long Johnny Rockets will last since Playmakers serves similar menu items.
  6. How have things changed since Sheehan was replaced by Del Rio for NCL? I see posts where people say things were better back in the times when Sheehan was CEO. What are some examples?
  7. When cruising resumes, do you think NCL will start with the smaller ships sailing or their larger ships? If they use the larger ships, there is more outdoor spaces and more room to social distance, but is the cost to run them more expensive then a smaller ship?
  8. As we wait to hear from the healthy cruising panel created by RCL and NCL, we can speculate that some of the protocols will mirror the same or similar policies developed by the European cruise companies that have started operations like MSC. So far it looks like MSC has successfully completed 4 cruises without any cases, but will the US market be the same way? Wearing masks and social distancing will likely be part of the agreement in the guest vacation policy, but how much will be enforced when on the ship? Yes I like to think everyone could be adults about this and follow rules, b
  9. And your answer explains it all...went right over your head.
  10. I didn't write this but found this on a social media post and thought we all could need some type of dry humor of current events this year. It's a long read with many grammatical mistakes, but I think it was intentional. Dear Diary 2020 Edition, In ❄️ January, 🔥 Australia caught on fire. I don’t even know if that fire was put out, because we straight up almost went to war with Iran 🇮🇷 . We might actually still be at war with them 🤔. I don’t know, because 👩 Jen Aniston and 👨🏻 Brad Pitt spoke to one another at an awards 🏆 show and everyone flipped the crap out 😲. But then there
  11. What the topic was about was ignoring the CDC all together and the government giving people free will to cruise if they wanted to at their own risk. Question was would you go cruising if the CDC had no decision in the matter and the government said go ahead, but its at your own risk.
  12. We all know cruise ships have been a target by the health organizations and kind of a scapegoat for the pandemic. The CDC seems like they don't want cruise ships to continue and have not really cooperated with the cruise lines to restart. Until RCL and NCL came up with a panel to help restart cruising, the CDC made no attempt to help them out. The proposal they said will come out by end of August, but how long will it take for the CDC to review and go over with the cruiselines what they approve. This will probably take months, well after the hoping for the Oct 1 start. Also the CDC
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