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  1. Thank you ❤️ Do they not have Martinis? I love an Apple Martini.
  2. Does anybody have the list for what types of liquors, wines, drinks, ect that they have on the Freedom of the Seas? We purchased the Deluxe Drink Package and I want to see what they have.
  3. Thank you for your recommendations. I am going to check them out. What are T'erds?
  4. Has anybody done the Antigua Beach with Lobster Lunch excursion with Freedom of the Seas? If so, do you think the $103.00 price is worth it? Can you get a beach umbrella for your chair while your there? Thanks for any guidance that you can give. Happy Sailing!!
  5. So after using the awesome drink calculator and figuring what we will drink on average, the Refreshment Package is not going to be bought. The Deluxe Package wouldn't be good because we don't drink enough alcohol. If we bought the Refreshment Package we wouldn't drink enough of the stuff on there to make it work and then would have to pay more for the alcohol. They get ya everywhere....lol. Thanks again for making this decision a little easier!!!
  6. I am looking at getting the Refreshment Beverage package for the hubby and I for our 7 day cruise. I did the price calculator and cannot understand that one bit. Does anybody have a menu of pricing for canned soda, specialty coffees, and bottled water? We don't drink that much so I am not sure that the package would be worth it but not sure. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks
  7. Not sure if you had the package or not since you said that you had the regular buffet water, juice, and coffee. If you did drink a lot of alcohol it looks like it would have been a good deal to get the package.
  8. Thanks for the help. Yes, it would be the Refreshment package, not Deluxe that we would need. I might have two cocktails per evening or maybe not, but I don't think I could drink enough for the Deluxe to be cost effective. The hubby doesn't really drink. We do like premium coffees. I had the cheap coffee on a couple of cruises before and hated it. I got the drink package on Celebrity and it was excellent!! Thanks again!!
  9. Hey Everybody!!!! Going on the Freedom in November and stuck on if I need to get a beverage package or not since it is a itinerary extensive cruise. Looking at the Deluxe Beverage Package. I am a big coffee and water drinker, the hubby is a soda and coffee man. So is is worth getting the package? If so, should I wait to get the package when on the ship or is it cheaper to buy it now? Where on the ship do you get your free coffee? I thought it would be at the Starbucks but the hubby thinks not. All and any comments are appreciated. Thanks 😍
  10. Hey fellow cruisers!! Going on the Freedom of the Seas in November and was wondering about snacks. When I was on Celebrity a while back I ordered a plate of cookies and a container of skim milk every night as I am a night time before bed snack person......(I know, soooo bad). This was for free then.....about 8 years ago. Is this something that I can request on the Freedom and is it free or do we have to pay for it? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  11. Thank you for all of your replies. I did contact the Special Needs Department and they responded. Thank you again
  12. Thank you for letting me know that they would confiscate it. I will ask the cabin attendant if the Special Needs department does not come through. Sea You!!!
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