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  1. Ask your PCC or TA to request a bed wedge (riser) and the ship will supply one. DW does this all the time.
  2. My PCC talked to Guest Services Manager and was told - HAL has re-instated the Mariner discounts due to the amount of negative feedback they were receiving from the 4 and 5 star community. Hope that helps
  3. Just rechecked ours and they are now correct and I have printed them out.
  4. DaveOKC, Thanks for posting this I just check and both my DW's and my account are missing our Feb 2006 cruise on the Maasdam out of Norfolk. Krazy Kruizers , Thanks for the suggestion, we will print ours out once it get rectified. Aren't software upgrades great.
  5. This is hoping you do not need the wheel chair. However last year we needed one for DW on our 23 day cruise to Australia and the rental was over $500 so I contacted a friend of ours who used a wheel chair full time and she said you can buy them from Walmart, target, etc for a little over $100 so that is what we did and it worked out great. We will be using it again in a few weeks when we go to Alaska.
  6. Just another positive on cancelling my DW came down with Valley Fever in June of 2017 and was in the hospital and HAL paid the 90% and refunded a 100% of all pre-purchased excursion. Alaska Airlines moved our reservations and did not charge for the change. :)
  7. When we booked one of our cruises it kept going to guarantee cabin so we finally called our PCC and she had to book the cabin be wanted. I wrote this up and put it in the feedback for the web site, all I got back was a thank you for letting us know and we are attempting to prioritize what to fix. Not the warm and fuzzy I was looking for.
  8. Sail, There a few Aussies on our roll calls for the Nordam for Nov 8 and Nov 22. Also there are some on the Westerdam roll calls for March 31 and Apr 14 sailing around Japan. So they are still on the boards. Gary
  9. We recently got a new lap top, when I use it I get the new web site. However, if I use my old lap top I get the old web site; that means they are still supporting both web sites. So I am doing any research using my old lap top.
  10. Thank you for posting this, as DW is using a wheel chair and we had been wondering about the transportation. Last year in Ketchican I got a tide table (NOAA web site) to ensure we came back during low tide so there wasn't much of ramp angle to get back on.
  11. Sail, I emailed our PCC's name and ext to you if you would like to check her out. The email will be from garysuzy@******
  12. No you did not miss a field, it gets your Mariner number from your log in and there is no field to input a mariner number for any of those traveling with you. The other thing it did was not ask for middle names (if you have one) which are required for travel. These have all been added by our PCC. Once that was done some of the check-in documents were automatically populated with the correct information based on the mariner number.
  13. As stated by Jokerstef PCC is personal cruise consultant who are like TA's but work for HAL. The fact that I could see cabins she could not see is a problem. It means if you book through the PCC and ask for a specific cabin they may think it is not available when it really is. Hopefully, the information on this that the PCC forwarded to her management will get the IT folks to fix it. We have had this PCC for a few years and she has always done a great job for us and has always solved any issues we have had.
  14. Sail, Sorry to hear you have not found a replacement cruise. We would not have booked this cruise if not for the PCC, we have really good one and has provided great service. A good TA or PCC is worth their weight in gold - just for keeping the stress away.
  15. Today we attempted to book a cruise through our PCC and learned the following: We could see available cabins that she could not see. PCC manager attempted to fix the problem so the PCC could book the cruise - no luck After ~30 to 40 minutes I was asked to book the cabin myself During the booking I relayed all my keystrokes to my PCC and she submitted the process I used to her Manager. while booking I noticed I could not enter my DW Mariner Number (PCC had to enter it later) When attempting to check out I had to enter my credit card info 4 times before the system accepted them.:mad: I was not able to verify my booking. PCC is having the booking assigned to her so she can fix any other problems that come up. The PCC saved this booking for HAL and we thank her for everything she has done for us. PCC was able to send us a booking verification. PCC is going to work with her Manager to find a solution for this problem. If it is going to be this hard to book cruises HAL will be losing customers.
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