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  1. I agree but still better than Applebee’s.
  2. Actually it’s the opposite. At Jacks you are paying for the view and the atmosphere, much better than nasty Applebee’s.
  3. I agree! You are paying for the vibe as well.
  4. Lol yes, or a short crawl for some if you have had too many at Margaritaville. 😂
  5. We go with Grand Turk Diving company and they pick you up right on the beach just down from the pier. They have a few different options and they have a FB page. They are very professional and very reasonable.
  6. Not too sure wth you are even talking about. Start a non profit? For what? Trying to be funny or smart I guess.
  7. None, I think they are gross. Too greasy with no taste.
  8. Someone said it was a HIKE! Lol 9 miles is a hike not a stroll up the beach which is less than 1/2 mile.
  9. Not really, no mention of walking difficulties just that she didn’t know if she could walk that far which means what? She can’t walk 4 miles? 1 mile? She did not specify. It’s literally just down the beach so most people could easily walk that, shorter than walking around the ship depending where you are going.
  10. Apparently not but still, it’s a very short walk! No one said anything about someone having walking difficulties.
  11. It’s not a hike lol. It’s about a 1/4 mile down the beach, no more than a 10 min walk.
  12. We are on the 16th sailing on the Conquest and we are going to GT. I love it there, the guys from the dive and snorkeling company are awesome. We have had the same guy a couple of times and it’s feels like we are going back to see old friends.
  13. I don’t get it I guess, get off the ship and basically sit on a crowded beach right in front of the ship. No thanks. We love Grand Turk but that’s because we get out on the water with one of the two great dive companies and go snorkeling at the wall and then at a reef. They also can take you to an island where they have rays and tons of conch. If you get out and explore then you might like the island much more. The people in general are very friendly and Jack’s Shack is awesome.
  14. I’m not complaining because as a Platinum cruiser I don’t cruise for the gift but the blankets are very thin. i gave one to my son’s roommates daughter and saved one for the dog’s kennel. We are cruising again in two weeks so will most probably give them to someone with kids on the cruise.
  15. I just looked at the deck plans and wondered about the casino being open to the atrium also. I wonder how they are going to keep the smoke contained? also where the heck is Guys Burgers? I’m not a big fan but was looking and saw the Blue Iguana Cantina but the other side is blank.
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