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  1. Enjoy the trip! We did the Midnight Sun 2 years ago (Bergen-London, June 30) and had spectacular weather on all but 1 day. It was our first Viking Cruise and our first cruise (as adults) and we loved everything about it. The sites and scenery are spectacular. Shetland was a must see for me, so we hired a private guide who was great (Kitty Wake tours) and we covered a lot more of the island than a Viking tour.
  2. Bank of America will also mail your currency to you. It always adds to the excitement of an upcoming trip when an envelope of foreign money shows up in the mailbox (Rubles this past summer!).
  3. I remember Limoncello...I lived just few blocks from there. Mmm..... As for Saltimbocca...it should just be a nice thin cutlet, two or three sage leaves and then a slice of prosciutto - all held together by the magic of Italian love for good food. it gets a light dusting of flour (no dredging, breading, etc), then sauteed until the cutlet is cooked and the prosciutto has a touch of crisp on the edges by is still tender. Then the pan sauce of a little butter and white wine. Dry, crispy, broiled...all no-nos (and an example of why Manfredis hurts my feelings) 🙂 The cheese is not traditional and I prefer the simplicity of the original, but I can see why some add it (Cheese is delicious!). However... it just makes it an italian cordon bleu. Away from food...Thank You all for taking the time to add to this thread (and the past world cruise one). I am a ways off from having the ability to take a cruise of that length (work gets in the way!) so i am traveling vicariously with all of you, and adding to my list of must-see places.
  4. On and off topic... On topic...I was not impressed with Manfredis the two times we went on our Midnight Sun itinerary (Star). Generally speaking as a restaurant, it was good. As an Italian restaurant - I would rank it lower. (The breads were delish, iirc, though - I hope they still are) The off topic bit... where in Boston did you have the Saltimbocca of which you rave?? Though i am also curious...saltimbocca shouldnt be in a cheese sauce. There shouldn't be cheese anywhere near saltimbocca. Is this a thing now? As a lover of cheese, I would put cheese on almost anything, but saltimbocca is sacrosanct. 🙂
  5. As a former Bostonian (and North End resident)...avoid Mikes and go to Modern Pastry. Avoid Hook and go to Yankee Lobster (not far from Cruise Terminal). And try some fresh bread from the Pannettiera behind Bricco. Grab a Drink at Drink (in the seaport) and back in the North end, grab some Oysters at Neptune Oyster.
  6. We just connected through FRA to Russia (to StP, fr Moscow) on Luftansa. TL; dr: no rechecking either way, though on the return flight we did have to go through security screening (and all the requisite passport controls in both directions). Long form: We had a 2 hr. connection, of which 1 hr was eaten up by a delay departing PHL. We were "lucky" enough to deplane at a gate, however it was one of the end gates in terminal A and we had to get to gate B30. After an OJ-sprint through the airport and a shuttle ride, we made it to the plane and on to St. Pete. 1/2 our luggage, though, did not arrive with us.
  7. It's usually built into the timing for the excursions, but times, unless you are the one being waited for, you will be waiting for... very slow bus entrances and exits, a LOT of restroom breaks, etc. We knew this going in, but after 2 weeks it gets old.
  8. Patience. (And the ticket viking provides.)
  9. We were on Midnight Sun Last year. There was a shuttle into Leknes and we went into town after our included tour. HOWEVER, all the shops closed up pretty early and only the grocery store was open (though I did get some regional food-type gifts there). Lerwick had a shuttle. though we only used it to get back to the ship. We had a private guide for the day who was great (if you need a suggestion). In Edinburgh, we tendered at Newhaven. I dont recall the tender ride being very long. There was a shuttle from the dock to/from Charlotte Square (a bit out of the way). We also walked from the dock to mall area where the Royal Yacht Britannia is docked (about 1 mile). There was a great shop with local artisan stuff in that mall.
  10. The choices in the bread basket were the best part of the meal at Manfredis. I was unimpressed by much of what we ate on the two occasions we tried it out.
  11. My partner and I were 40 and 45 when we took out first VO cruise last year (Midnight Sun - on the Star) and looking forward to booking another when our schedules permit (Alas, not among the retired set...yet). We loved the ship and the entire trip despite being well below the average age. We are not ones for crazy nights out. We just enjoy nice meals, and relaxing in style and peace. The explorers lounge was our place to be most evenings...and we often closed it down (there were very few other passengers in there "late night" most nights).
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