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  1. I seriously wouldn’t even go near Harrods on Boxing Day, but I know what you mean. Sadly (ahem) hubby isn’t the least bit interested in luxury ‘stuff’ 😎
  2. @Jim_Iain many thanks. I’ve a penchant for small leather goods and bags, although my hubby has me on a ban except for special occasions lol. A lot of these boutiques do tend to be targeting female clientele, but having discovered Montblanc will be on Apex am more than happy. A nice pen or wallet for my collection won’t hurt 🙄
  3. Bo thanks for that link. The UK website doesn’t give quite as much detail, and I’ve been able to also see the shops on Apex (I’m booked on Apex next year). I am delighted to see one of my favourite luxury brands Montblanc will have its first at sea boutique which will probably mean me treating myself for my birthday (possibly with the $1300 OBC I managed to snag during the last promotion) 😎
  4. Out of curiosity, and because I like to shop luxury now and then, can someone please tell me what brands are on Edge? The X website lists Gucci, Fendi, Coach and Dior amongst the brands. I don’t think I’m expecting full on boutiques across these brands, but what actually is there? And what sort of goods, small leather goods like wallets, jewellery, bags, shoes? I’m genuinely interested.
  5. To the OP, I would encourage you to try sushi made with fresh raw fish, and even some fresh sashimi, if you’ve never tried it but don’t like the idea of it. Honestly, I don’t think you can beat the clean fresh taste o fish prepared simply like this, with a little wasabi, some shoyu and some gari to clean the palette. Washed down with a nice chilled sake or crisp white wine. It’s far better than a California roll, but you’ll never know if you don’t at least try. Enjoy your cruise either way.
  6. I’m pretty sure the S3 Sky suites On Edge have connecting cabins. The two inner S3’s connect to inside cabins with a shared hallway, and the outer S3’s connect to a C3 cabin. Would two adjoining cabins work for a family of 5?
  7. Hi @mkolbicka, Come on over to the roll call for this cruise: There’s plenty of people taking part and discussing the options for St Petersburg, with some of the companies already mentioned.
  8. Of course, the other side of this conundrum is that families looking for 3/4 berth cabins, and there are obviously plenty, stand a chance of booking their cruise of choice if those cabins have been kept back for that very purpose. To the OP, with regards the legality of this practice, it certainly isn’t illegal - the cruise line can determine to allocate cabins and offer them for sale as they see fit. Better that than someone book a 4 berth cabin for 2 only to get bumped later on because a family of 4 want to book, and you then find yourself without choice in the matter or choice of where you’re moved to. At least in the current scenario you still have choice. It’s a more limited choice, yes, but there is still choice. It’s an odd thing though, I’ve just booked a S2 on Apex for 2021 that is showing as a 3/4 berth but booked for 2. Which demonstrates there is not necessarily any logic to this policy!
  9. I like me some tequila too, and a margarita is probably my favourite cocktail, but mixed with the lime and the orange liqueur I’m not so snobby about it 😂🍸
  10. Great, thanks. I’m a bit of a gin snob and I like a decent martini with good gin so it is worth the cost to upgrade for me.
  11. Here’s another question re upgrading the drinks package. Either via the pre-cruise planner or onboard; can your OBC be used to pay for it as you can with everything else?
  12. I’m glad this was resolved to your satisfaction. However, as I read this I can’t help but feel there would have been another option available to Lisa. She’s refunded your original reservation, rebooked and given OBC to cover the cost, thereby making the reservation free. Great. It surely would have been simpler and easier to offer to cover the cost difference and keep your original reservation, at $69pp? Anyway, glad it’s been sorted and you will still be enjoying your cruise no matter what.
  13. Bretty


    I think Kyoto, and the station, is one my favourite places to visit. We’ve always stayed in the Granvia which is built into the station, and the warren of subterranean shops and places to eat is astounding.
  14. A new permutation of this offer has just been released via email in the UK, details below. Uncover a Continent of Endless Wonders Join us in 2021 for an unforgettable journey through Europe. Receive an all-inclusive experience when you book your 2021 European adventure today! Valued at up to £2,000 per person, this is sure to be the best offer of the season.* Free Air Free Drinks Free Onboard Spending Money Free Stateroom Gratuities Bonus Offer for Suites — Free Internet Package and Free Dining Package per person. The prices are high in some cases, and currently the offer is only accessible via the email link, it is not showing on the website otherwise as far as I can tell. The free air is £400 GBP pp (can one assume that flights above this can be paid extra?) Drinks is the SBP OBC it says is up to $600 USD pp ($1200 per stateroom). When clicking on the T&Cs it says that OBC is $600 pp so I’m unclear if it’s up to, depending on cabin category, or if it’s given no matter what cabin. That particular ambiguity is making me hesitant. Anyone else seen this or even booked the offer? Offer available to book up to 28 February.
  15. Of course for those of you in the US or Canada, in a land restaurant you have your menu price plus sales tax plus tip (and I was taught by an American friend to only tip on the pre-tax bill), whereas here in the UK our restaurant bills have no added tax, the price we see is the price we pay, plus any optional tip which in some establishments is already calculated and added on as a service charge, usually 12.5% - 15% (I don’t want to turn this into another of *those* tipping threads 😉). Where possible I like to pay a cash tip to my server, even if I’m settling my bill with a credit card, so I know it’s going to them and if they have a policy to tip out then they’re still getting a good portion.
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