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  1. The link you’ve posted is to the ‘overview’ page, you need to look at the the country specific requirements in which it states, and has done since the UK cruises went on sale, that you can only leave the ship on a Celebrity organised tour on the cruises out of Southampton. I’m on the 14th August cruise and emails I’ve had over the last few days indicate those rules will remain in place. I will not be getting off the ship, but not because I’m not allowed to go independently, just I don’t want to. I actually think this rule should stay in place during this season to keep
  2. Morning all, here's a quick question for those who have already sailed or are currently on board and in The Retreat dining in Luminae. In Luminae can you still request to order from the MDR menu? I'm travelling with someone who can be a picky eater at times and just want to check things out ahead if possible. I know that, pre-apocalypse, one could order from the MDR since they're on the same deck and the galleys are adjacent. But I want to know if that still applies now. Many thanks.
  3. As of today this policy has been extended for bookings up to 31 August 2021.
  4. I don’t know much about the option to test at Boots stores, but I know some people on the current UK season on Silhouette have booked them, but are yet to have tests. I think. Maybe check out this thread to see if anyone has actually done it via Boots, I follow the thread but can’t actually remember! https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2782365-silhouette-around-britain-staycruisecations/ Also here’s a site where you can find links to a number of private test providers in the UK including folks arriving to the UK: https://www.covid19-testing.org/travel-testing
  5. The best offer guarantee, afaik, refers to price - I'd be more interested in a price drop than double loyalty points but YMMV.
  6. Our sailing for 14/08 is no longer available for booking, hasn’t been for at least a day or so. Maybe this one is already at capacity?
  7. You need some type of photo ID, and when you do online check-in you have to give details. The options we’re passport of driving licence and you have to input numbers and expiry dates etc. Whichever you use I assume you then take to port for boarding.
  8. Oh wow, they showed the same film 7 times throughout the whole day... they could at least alternate a couple of films a day. Not that I want to sit and watch a film necessarily.
  9. And we can probably sing the whole show! "I am what what I am, I am my own special creation..." 😎
  10. What was the original topic again? DYKWIAs trying to haggle a table in the buffet or something right? 🤣 Me correcting you makes me sound awfully like one of my old school teachers... maybe not such a good idea! I have to turn up the TV on those shows, not because I’m deaf but because the actors all speak so softly, captions might actually help me. If we ever cruise together you can call me Betty (and I’ll call you Al 😉).
  11. I think then you might have been thinking of Nathan Lane who starred in both The Producers and Birdcage.
  12. Okay I had to come back to tell you this because I think you'll find this funny. I did. This morning I've had a nice chat with an X booking agent in the US to get a price adjustment on a cruise next year. Gave my name and booking reference and she says "uh oh, looks like me made a boo boo", and then proceeded to tell me that I'm listed on the reservation as a lady 🤷‍♀️🤣 "and you don't sound like a lady to me". Cue lots of sniggers from us both. So she said "we need to fix that" and I told her I had visions of me turning up to board in a wig and a dress. We had a good laugh at
  13. I've not had chance to see the Magic Carpet yet (our Apex cruise in May was canx), but I'm pretty sure I'd be okay. After all I like walking out on glass walkways such as CN Tower Toronto, the cliff walk at Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, and come to think of it, the suspension bridge itself - which sways and sways... I remember some people literally crawling on their hands and knees across the bridge, determined to cross it but terrified. And yet, you won't get me on a big ride like a rollercoaster 🤷‍♀️
  14. I read somewhere here on CC that guarantee bookings in any category don't come with the perks included, whether it's always included or some other promotion.
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