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  1. Anne Thank you so much for this clear and concise response it is exactly the information I required and has put my mind at rest. Thank you once again. John
  2. Hi Myself and my wife are arriving in Dubai by air to join the P & O Arcadia bound for Southampton April 2018, we arrive in DXB Friday 30th March and will stay overnight and plan to embark the ship next day when it arrives in Dubai. I have traveled in the past to Dubai by air and left the country by air so there has never been any thought given to the visa situation i.e. an entry visa has been given at the airport (we are British Citizens) and I assume an exit visa is given when we depart. However I have never arrived by air and left the country by sea, so I was wondering if we may hit a snag when we arrive at the cruise terminal and go to embark onto the ship, I know this may sound silly but it has been playing on my mind, do you know if there will be any problem at the cruise terminal when presenting our passports that contain the visa given at the airport? Also does anyone know if the entry part of the visa is still enforce if we want to leave the ship during it's period in port (as it will be staying overnight 31st March to 1st April? Sorry if this question has an obvious answer but I just want to ensure there are no hiccups when we try embark the ship. Thank you in advance.