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  1. Friends......truly, we are in the tunnel but will not see the light for awhile! There are a lot more pandemic concerns to come. I am sad and disappointed that we will not cruise in the near future (this year...only my thoughts.) I am trying to appreciate the other small things in life that perhaps I have overlooked. Happy and Safe travels in the future.
  2. Jumping in here.... I have not cruised to Alaska, however, I did want to add to the conversation about Vancouver Island/Victoria. If anyone is planning time on the island pre or post cruise, while Victoria is a fantastic city and if your vacation time permits, I would suggest the drive to Tofino! ( You may also fly from Vancouver on smaller airlines weather permitting.) Amazing northern surfing town with laid back vibe! We have stayed at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino and I highly recommend. We did a kayak tour across to some small islands and inlets and it was incredible. Our walks on
  3. So much to be grateful for on our Thanksgiving! Let us please hope and pray that this time next year will have found a vaccination to Covid -19 so that our world may find a new normal. Take care, stay healthy and please wear a mask. Pam
  4. LOL.....FOR SURE! RE: Hotels in Alberta....obviously you are well acquainted with the Fairmont Banff Springs. SHe is the Queen Resort of the Mountains. Also check out the Fairmont Lake Louise which is another stately property overlooking a beautiful turquoise lake and the mountains. However, one of my favs in the Rockies is The POST HOTEL. Intimate, fab dining room, incredible wine cellar! Check out the rooms that are on the brook side of the property. And again sadly, my DH and I have not wished to stay at a hotel or eat in a restaurant until COVID calms down. Each to their
  5. We are enjoying this series as well!😃
  6. I am sorry for your most blatant ignorance on the definition of science. I agree that theory is an educated hypothesis. Take care and wear a mask for others and please for yourself.
  7. Perhaps Goodtime Cruizin that just maybe... someone else wearing a mask MIGHT SAVE YOU! Would you in good conscience not want to do the same? We are all in this together. Be kind.
  8. Hello friends....American, Canadian, and abroad. I am so very sad that my DH and I will choose not to cruise until this pandemic is under control. We questioned (as 2 health professionals) whether we should fly from Canada to FLL in the middle of February 2020 to embark on a 10 day cruise onboard the Reflection. We took a chance and said, "YES!" I am quite sure that if the cruise was to depart one week later, we would have not have been on that ship. I am so very sad because my DH and I absolutely enjoyed our recent cruising experience on Celebrity after many years on Royal a
  9. We have stayed at the St. Regis Rome and loved it! Elegant, sumptuous and luxurious! Just what we needed for 2 days prior to our cruise! We used our SPG (now Marriott Bonvoy points) to offset the cost of a suite and a connecting room (for our then teenage kids.) If any CCers want to use the points, this is a great hotel to splurge! We also splurged at the Gritti Palace in Venice! (Also now included with Marriott) That was certainly a treat as well. Having dinner at their Club del Doge Restaurant overlooking the Grand Canal was amazing and unforgettable! AHHHHHHH, Memories...
  10. If you have time while in Lake Louise, there is a Relais & Chateaux Boutique Hotel "The Post Hotel," which has a fabulous dining room.... IMHO much better than the restaurants at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I have stayed at both places several times. If this may be the only time you will visit Lake Louise then absolutely stay at the Fairmont and pay the extra to have a view room on the GOLD FLOOR. So worth it! H. On another visit I would recommend the intimate guest rooms and suites at the Post that are right beside a creek ... Charming and Romantic! Either way, I would defini
  11. I will repeat......US customs is staffed by the USA NOT Canada.
  12. Hmm there is a small problem here with what you are saying. You say almost missed my flight returning from a cruise because of your customs. Well when you are at the airport and go to clear Customs you are clearing US Customs to go back to the USA. So if you have a beef then it is with YOUR US Customs and and not our Canada Customs. The YVR airport authority has nothing to do with controlling what US Customs does. To reiterate travlr21's thoughts...I have had to clear US customs in the the Canadian airports of Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as well as Fran
  13. Canadians did and we stayed at home in March! I call BS....how much sex are you going to have? Are you kidding me??? IT will do good at this point. Every condom or mask counts!!!
  14. My DH and I left the Reflection on March 2 after the Mardi Gras Caribbean Cruise. We were in a RS and absolutely loved our first time on a cruise with just the two of us! (No adult children, parents or friends.) We are grateful to have had this time to ourselves on such a wonderful ship! We were so ready to reserve for next year....but then COVID reared its nasty head! I know that as health professionals, it will be years before we will ever be on ship again. I am very, very sad. We had such a wonderful vacation on the Reflection that I was counting on more to come! I understand our wor
  15. Congrats to your niece! :) My screen name kinda stuck when I used to see a lot of pediatric dental patients.......:)
  16. Hi again, We met you and your wife on the Mardi Gras cruise just before this Pandemic. My DH and myself as health professionals have had a very difficult time with other posters disregarding the absolute devastation that is occurring to our loved ones. I support your posts and hope that because of these threads that more people will be aware of masks, personal protection and curtailing normal activity until we have a vaccination. Please folks......these are scary times. Stay apart but stick together. PLEASE! Take care, Pam
  17. Nice pitch....not buying this product....at this time.
  18. I'd really rather NOT be on a cruise at any time if Covid-19 is still a major threat. Forget not being able to venture out around the ship...or eat your meals anywhere but cramped in your cabin...or not having any form of entertainment, you are also NOT in a position to get top rate medical care. Remember, your cruise ship has VERY LIMITED medical staff and VERY LIMITED facilities... Or. maybe the answer should be...DON'T cruise until this thing is really OVER. Steve.....I sooooo agree with your post! Until there is a vaccination, I believe that holiday air trave
  19. Totally shaking my head as well. Yes sakigemcam, we Canadians would like to address the facts. However, the blatant ignorance of the above....well, just hard to get beyond. Sorry.
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