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  1. You know, as much as I will miss cruising on her, I am a bit happy I will not see her sitting there anymore on my way to work. Got a bit depressing, knowing she was being gutted to be "schiff-ified" I prefer to remember her as I saw her as she left Baltimore for her final cruise.... (click the thumbnail for larger image) The Century class ships had real style and soul... and the crew on both Galaxy and Mercury were always outstanding.
  2. I didn't think of that... could have legitimately said "Hey! That chair is MINE!"
  3. Drove by Pier 5 a little after noon, and she was still there. It's a foggy misty day in Baltimore, which seemed to fit the mood. Did notice several roll=off dumpsters inside the fenced lot loaded with lounge chairs from the pool decks. While I can understand the business reasons, it is sad to see her go. If I hadn't been driving my company vehicle, I might have made a try for one of two of those chairs. Dave
  4. Hi folks, Am glad to hear you lucky ones enjoyed Mercury's last run. As I watched her leave under the Key Bridge the week before last, I envied you very much. I will miss her. As of 6:15pm Sunday, she was still tied up to the MPA pier just outside Ft McHenry. There was some activity onboard, with shipping containers on the upper decks. I was happy to see the Celebrity pendant still flying from her bow. I manage to grab a few quick photos, as I seem to always do;) (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version) Will be in that general area tomorrow. Maybe I'll see her again. Dave
  5. Thanks, BonnieVA and Andy for the kind words. I made quite a few images, but liked this one with the shadows and the bridge trailing away. Of course I remember that one, Phil. I also seem to recall an image somewhere of you in an easyCruise orange tux that someone (who coulda?) doctored up for these boards....;) I've been away from the boards for quite a while, but doing well. Sliding under the Key Bridge while on the upper decks is one of the things that makes cruising out of Baltimore a great experience. It was quite windy yesterday, but I was happy to see a lot of folks out on Mercury experiencing the sight. Was on board one of RCL's ships this summer with the 3 kids, and watching them as it seemed the stacks were going to hit the bridge was a blast. I may be able to catch Mercury one more time next Saturday as she comes in for the final time. I have a shot of Galaxy departing Baltimore for the last time, and wouldn't mind a matched pair. Don't think I'll see another Celebrity vessel under that bridge again, but it was fun while it lasted.... Dave
  6. So, I happened to get off work a bit before 4 today, so wandered down by the Key Bridge to see one of my favorites begin her last cruise as the Mercury. (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version) Sad to know it was her last run as Mercury, but glad I got a chance to see her once again....:) Have made a lot of great memories on that ship (and her sister the Galaxy). Hope all aboard enjoy a great cruise, I know the crew will be the best right up till the last guest walks ashore in 12 days.
  7. Hi folks, We are booked this summer on Enchantment Of The Seas on Deck Eight, in Family Interior Stateroom 8015. This seems to be an oddball cabin for this ship.. no cabin layout or pictures online, minimal info found online about it. I booked it for the capacity to hold 5 of us for a short Bermuda cruise, but would love more info and pictures, if possible, to allow us to plan our setup for this cruise. This will be the first for us bringing the kids, and the first cruise for all three boys. Any specific info on this cabin would be appreciated. I am an experienced cruiser on RCL and Celebrity, but would love to hear from folks who have experienced this cabin first-hand. Thanks!
  8. Should be no problem... I emailed them this morning with an attachment (pdf) showing my last statement (account number obscured,) and got a reply this afternoon that the credit had been applied. My cruise departs in 13 days, so this was cutting it a bit tight, but I've always gotten a prompt request. ShareholderBenefit@rccl.com is the address; be sure to include all the relevant info.
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