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  1. perakcruiser


    No idea if they offer Liwa oasis (from Abu Dhabi) but that place is so amazing. Burj Khalifa is a must, but this you do by yourself. Buy the tickets online well in advance.
  2. I find it very strange that the OC Island Tea costs only USD 6. Would take one even I would have no drinks package and usually don´t drink cocktails :D
  3. Let the YC restaurant staff sing "For he's a jolly good fellow" for you with every meal conducted by your butler. Yes, every meal includes breakfast also, certainly.
  4. According to your level of fitness and lazyness everything except Marseille is walking distance. Genoa, Messina, Valletta, Naples is more or less directly in city center. Ignore the long line at the elevator in Valletta, just a couple of stairs. Or if you don´t want to do the stairs, continue a few meters and go the normal road. Marseille you need a plan, either the shuttle to city or a tour to very interesting places like Avignon, Aix ... Barcelona is walkable, done it many times, 2,5 km to Drassanes Metro. Shuttle busses are available.
  5. Well, you are cruising MSC much longer than me, 2003 compared to 2011, but in all the years I never heard that this "Bar or Spa Service Charge" goes to the staff. Costa samesame. And realistically, if it would go to the staff, MSC would cut their wages exactly corresponding. I don´t believe any cruise line is paying much better than the others. I talked also to Indo staff that was working for different lines before "Why are you not working on the American ships where you get all these high tips?". And the unsurprising answer was "More tips, less salary, at the end, not much difference, higher position after some years with the same line is much more important".
  6. The German cruise lines have this also. But MSC probably will never follow this example. Meanwhile I am used to the one filtered water station at the buffet. As long as they don´t close this I am happy :)
  7. Yes, but these are the total mainstream things done before not just once. Even Montserrat already been two times, probably have to do it again when our kids are older so they can enjoy. That is the curse of Europes favorite cruise and weekend trips destination.
  8. Certainly it does not go to them but to the cruise company. Cannot believe that after so many cruises you thought it is different. If the 15% would go to the bartender all of us would quit their jobs to become a bartender :D Also like it always has been. Cruises are cheap, meals are included, drinks are very expensive. If you want to enjoy cocktails, just buy a drinks package. Or go to all inclusive lines.
  9. No dress code for small kids. But the Italians on board will dress their kids better than we ourselves on elegant night. Nothing is free except the very limited continental breakfast. But I am used to fantastica interior with four beds, believe me, you don't want the room service.
  10. This is very outdated information. On the Meraviglia on the first few weeks Fantastica guests indeed had flexi dining, but that was canceled in 2017 already as it ended up in chaos. My choice flexi dining only for Aurea since then Yes, but 15% more expensive. Better call MSC now to book or your TA if you did not book directly with them.
  11. Sailed the Armonia in 2011 and 2018, nothing to complain about. Yes, not a fancy new ship, but a classical cruise ship everybody can enjoy. Everything is in good condition, the ship is maintained very well. Bonus: If you are qualified for My Choice dining, La Pergola restaurant will give you a better experience and better food than the My Choice on the newer and bigger ships.
  12. Yeah, we have been to that place also, Pestobene is so amazing. But I enjoyed even better pesto, the place is called Cavour 21. But that was a couple of years before and the woman behind the pesto, Alfonsina Trucco, was already about 90 years old. Anyway, i highly recommend to visit Pestobene and Cavour 21.
  13. Don´t do this, Pisa is really too far away and Italian railway is not super reliable, especially the Toscana region is famous for trouble.
  14. Unfortunately off season (October onwards) the ferry boats are very limited and not too helpful if you want to go to the - in my view - best villages. We took the train from La Spezia to Manorla and walked to Corniglia and Vernazza. From there train back to La Spezia, but there was enough time to hop of in Riomaggiore (careful, technically not allowed, but the crowds make it "safe"). I found Riomaggiore not worth the stop, the other places were much better. Note that the walk cannot be done along the coastline, it was closed in 2019 for some years already for "renovation". The hike up and along the hills is tough but the views are really great. The train ticket is always 4 Euro, no matter to which village you go.
  15. While I don´t like the waterfront too much, I certainly agree that Genoa is a nice place for a city walk, certainly we also had a big focus on Pesto when we did that two times meanwhile, had some brillant stuff together with other food. But a third time I would not need to walk around Genua. Misunderstanding. I don´t call Barcelona boring, I call the port boring and the walk from the port to La Rambla. As alternative we also walked up Montjuic, no need to do again. So I don´t really see anything to do in Barcelona nowadays off a cruise ship. While I would not say no at all if I would have to live there for the next years :) Yes, the places outside Genoa are probably good recommendations. Will go to one next time by train. If we not start the cruise in Genoa.
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