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  1. Nevermind ... just found out my answer!
  2. I see that now. One of the things I'd like is having the airfare all worked out. I haven't done Oceania (once again trying to talk myself into it), but the idea of just arrive at the airport and your bags wind up on the ship? Worth the price of admission to me. That is the way it works, right?
  3. Not sure how anyone sees it is better off to "DIY" rather than take the O-Life option. Nevermind ... oops on the Internet. Thanks anyways!
  4. Well that is reasonable and makes good sense. Do I have the parameters of the definitions correct though?
  5. Simple question: When you refer to a "big box" or online TA, are you referring in the former to someone like Costco Travel, and in the latter, Avoya/Cruise?
  6. Negative? Hardly. And based on the conversations here, I can't imagine the cruise could be stuffy - I wasn't being disingenuous at all regarding looking forward to meeting people onboard. I see us enjoying the line, I just think all things considered we would be better off immersing ourselves on the offerings on a shorter trip.
  7. Thanks Sammie ... and to posters generally. It's from feedback from people like you that I was able to decide to not use Oceania at this time. I don't mean this in a mean way - but spending $350 a night per guest and being denied access to parts of the ship because I didn't spend $450 or $500? That would drive me crazy and especially if I was on a ship for 14 days, with the primary goal being dining. I can't see telling my lovely, well, we didn't spend $10,000 to take this trip - we only spent $8200 - so we can't eat there. Those reservations went to the people with bigger pockets. Truly possible that GDR > Jacques, or Red Ginger, or Polo. In fact I'm not sure I'd ever even go to Polo. I mean, I get it. And I understand the Marina cannot give open access to 1200 guests into a fine, French restaurant. It makes sense to circle back to O when I can afford a better class of suite, probably on a shorter trip to the Caribbean. I won't be getting off the ship in those situations (love the weather, hate the ports) and get the opportunity to truly take advantage of what Oceania offers. Thanks again to the wonderful people posting here. I look forward to a chance to meet with you on one of these fine ships.
  8. Surprises the heck out of me!!! But I guess that makes a whole lot of sense. For instance, I have no desire (like, none) to get off a cruise ship in most Caribbean ports Those might be days we could have the specialty dining rooms a bit more available. Thanks, that's a good tip.
  9. The menu's blew me away. Just as a for instance, I would want to be in Polo to see that Veal Oscar presentation, and the Lobster dish.
  10. thanks to all! Very reassuring and wonderful that so many of you responded. Speaks well of the clientele the ship line attracts. Looking forward to my first experience with Oceanic - I am especially impressed with the Ocean View staterooms. Really nothing like it on the high seas and the bump in price from an interior is so slight. I do have some reservations ... about reservations. But my wife and I can manage being part of a larger table now and again. Since I seem to have some attention from seasoned O cruisers ... is it functionally possible to almost never dine in the GDR, or at least to repeat several of the specialty spots?
  11. Cherie and I are fairly seasoned and we've been through some rough seas - including Katrina. But always on a ship that I think would have been bigger than even the largest Oceanic vessels. We are considering the Marina, leaving Barcelona in the fall and arriving in Rio for our first try. We just loved the Silhouette on a Rome/Fort Lauderdale run in 2017 - really, a perfect vacation. It was like three vacations - three days in Rome in a land-based, self directed trip, then five ports in 7 days in the Mediterranean, and seven really sunny nice days in consecutive sailing. Obviously weather is weather. We got lucky. I'm just wondering about a smaller ship in the open seas.
  12. "it is far better to own wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price." ~ the Wondrous Buffett If you are going to own Carnival Cruises shares - at least in part because you anticipate discounts on future cruises and you'll be cruising for the next 10 years - then does it matter if you bought 100 shares for $6378 (the price today), or $6440 (the price last year) - especially since you would have picked up a tidy $200 in dividends? My advice: buy when you have the money to put to work, because you can never predict the price of a company.
  13. We got on the ship literally after she left. There were certainly no vestiges of any issues with the ship and we spent a great 14 days (back-to-back) for the first half of September, 2018 on her. A quick assessment was added to the "boards" and I will do a review as well.
  14. We just left the Veendam, after 14 days (Boston- Montreal- Boston) and will file a review in due time. Left Boston 9/1/2018 and returned 9/15/2018. Highlights: Arrived in port at 11:20 dropped wife with bags at dock, parked car and walked back to ship by 11:30. Onboard, before noon. Similarly, disembarkation occurred 30 minutes ahead of time, and from when we were called to being at the curb, that process was 12 minutes. 12. Food: Highest quality, easily comparable to Celebrity MDR/Lido. Pinnacle met difficult standards of ultra premium. Desserts and baked goods were exceptional. Comparable to better onshore bakery. Ship status: Fine. I mean, it's old. So what? Quebec is Quebec no matter if a piece of carpet needs replacement. Didn't impact our stay. Ship itself: Yeah, that kind of sucks. The whole bit with the elevators is something you have to live with, and not being able to get to the MDR from Guest Services is idiotic, as is having room numbers like 707 and 656 on Deck Five. Get over it and sail on. Ports: Outstanding, other than Sydney. Service: Off the charts good. Smells: Not a one. Value: Not a fair comparison. I got $399 per person/per leg. At that price point concessions are made. At twice the number, it still would have been good value. At $1200, which some paid to get a veranda ... mmm. Maybe not.
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