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  1. Best reply I have seen and the most accurate. Plus your post on what Regent's policy is with respect to advertising. Can't advertise but certainly can give more than 5%. 10% of the "commissionable fare" is allowed . Thanks.
  2. With all your incessant criticism of Regent on several boards, guess you will never sail Regent again.
  3. Great point. The World has changed dramatically since this was issued. And it was only issued as a stopgap to allow the cruise industry to show they were doing something. Can't believe that this is still being discussed. Patience.
  4. Fauci was there tonight. As someone above said, let's keep politics out of cruise critic.
  5. Stock price up 42%+ today. Tells me the market believes they will have bailout funds available.
  6. I think he changed his mind. See post #51. BTW there are currently two posts #51 don't understand how that happens but referring to the Marx's post about excellent companies and student debt.
  7. You do realize that they are subject to U.S.tax on parts of their income and they do take advantage of the IRS code exemption on "shipping income"(Section 883 of the Code) which is available to U.S.companies.as well. So they may be registered in foreign countries, they are still subject to U.S.taxes. Just read the NCHL 10-K.
  8. So no bail out and all these people are out of jobs.Not sure of the logic. And Alaska is only to an extent?
  9. Several minutes ago, Trump mentioned cruise lines in his list of businesses that should be helped. Not the first time he has said it. Respect your opinion as to who should be protected but we will see what happens.
  10. Perhaps you too should consider post #37 above.
  11. Perhaps you and the author of the article referenced above should consider the ripple effect of bankruptcy. The industry generates airline, hotel and other transportation revenue as a result of its offerings. Travel agencies many of which are small businesses would suffer greatly. The amount of promised refunds and future cruise credits is substantial and the majority is owed to U.S.citizens. Some food for thought?
  12. Should have said since March 1 instead of February 29. Should have double checked my facts before I posted. Still more than 14 days in and around Australia.
  13. Please read the fine print. I believe the ban is from foreign ports. Mariner has been in Australia since February 29and will be in Fremantle on March 16. Over 14 days in Australia. Let's all hope that this qualifies for an exemption from the ban. Please let 's state all the facts when posting or do not post.
  14. WOW. Wish I was this smart. Maybe one day.
  15. See Post #21 on Page 1 of this thread.
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