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  1. Hey everyone. DW and I are on the Divina in the YC now (1st sea day of our B2B). I’d like to report that nothing has changed except some faces. Service is great and the drinks are flowing. DW had gelato (no charge). I’m not sure what the big hoopla is about Venchi because I just had one of the best chocolate martinis in the Top Sail Lounge. Now, back to enjoying the cruise.
  2. Now that's the POSITIVE attitude to have!!! I love it and agree completely. DW and I will be boarding the Divina next Tursday the 29th for a wonderful B2B in the YC. We too will have a wonderful cruise.
  3. My experience has been NO. BTW the Military discount is 10%.
  4. Well said Hank. I couldn't agree more. 15 days and DW and I will be back on the lovely Divina for a B2B, in the YC of course and we can't wait. Hope you have a great cruise...............
  5. I am absolutely with you regarding the YC. We won't sail any other experience.
  6. Karenlovesparis - notice I didn't comment on the immigration piece. I have never had to experience that. It sounds like a horrible incident and I agree everyone should have been notified about the procedure. I do hope there were some good times during your cruise. Keep the faith with MSC.
  7. I normally don't jump into these things but this time I just can't help myself. I know this will probably raise the hackles on some folks but just like you - the below comments are my opinions. My point is this. You're supposed to be on vacation so relax, enjoy, don't be so critical of things and you'll probably be more relaxed. I've been following this thread primarily just to see what other people think about the Divina. We've been on her 2 past times and are setting sail on her again in 30 days for a B2B. Can't wait! One thing I've learned from following this and many other threads is there are some really "ultra" picky people but in the world of freedoms and rights, you have that right. Some of my comments are: - if your focus is TV, why sail. Stay home and watch hundreds of channels on your cable. - if you say you don't sail for the food, then don't complain about it. - NYC tax on alcohol - If you have been following any other threads you would have seen the discussions on this and would have been forewarned. Wonderful NYC gov't decided to charge an exorbitant amount of tax. If you needed alcohol that badly, get off the ship and go to a local pier-side bar. - many of the previous postings are opinions. provide some true egregious examples, not OMG, housekeeping forgot to put toilet paper in my bathroom or the bartender couldn't make a mixed drink. - if you do state something - "This is only the 2nd time Divinia has been to the US." Be sure of your facts. Divina sailed the Caribbean from November of 2013 to April 2015 from Miami. She has since spent the summers in the Med and the winters in Miami. - MSC is a huge corporation and just like corporations, sometimes everything doesn't always go as planned or anticipated. Here's what I mean. MSC was rolling out new ships, primarily Seaside with a home port of Miami year round. MSC did what I think was smart. They transferred many of their "seasoned" employees to the Seaside. American restaurant, bar, hotel, etc chains do the exact same thing when they open new stores. Regardless of that, when you have new crew members it takes a few cruises for them to get used to things.
  8. dgakers

    She's back!

    November 29 can't get here fast enough. We love the Divina!!! We're looking forward to a wonderful B2B in the YC. IMHO the YC is the only way to go.
  9. It has been our experience that the YC tent is setup about 10:30 am. We always try to arrive sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 and then we're in the YC boarding lounge relaxing shortly after. We plan to follow this same procedure on our next sailing in 30 days on the Divina which will be a B2B.
  10. Wife and I are booked on the Dec 9, 2018 and our itinerary shows still stopping in Panama. It looks like Costa Rica was dropped.
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