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  1. We had to do a sailaway gty as it was the only thing available to book. We were assigned different decks. It is our first time sailing NCL (and now that I see how they run things, probably our last.) RCCL also has a hard time assigning a cabin for 2 and a cabin for 3. That being said, both of our cabin assignments could fit the larger party, so that didn't even come into play. And right now there is a cabin directly beneath ours but on the same deck as our first cabin. So we could have been assigned on the same deck. The reservations were linked. They simply chose to separate us.
  2. You have to split the parents. I've done 5 in a cabin on RCCL and two cabins every other cruise we have done. I will never put 5 in a cabin again. Disney has no problem keeping the two cabins together on GTY. RCCL has a big problem simply because they cannot put cabins of two and cabins of three near each other (unless you are booking way, way out when it starts.) I have no idea how NCL is going to handle it. My hunch is not so good. I can't even get a cabin assignment on GTY and our sail date is in few weeks. I have an offer to bid on both cabins but I can't even get to that poi
  3. I'm just not getting assigned. We have 2 cabins (not that I think that they will be near each other.) To me it seems a bit pointless since I don't even know what we will have as IX. Should I bid or wait?
  4. We booked a GTY on a sailing in about a month. I received the Upgrade bid offer. I'm still sitting guarantee but everything lower than mini-suite is showing as GTY. This is our first NCL so GTY and upgrade bidding is new to us. Thanks!
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