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  1. Does their account automatically convert at age 18? I have a kid who should have 25 of his own points. His account shows him as gold with 9 points yet all of his cruises are listed on his screen. I inquired and he was emailed that he needed to start a new account and delete the current one. Really?
  2. I'm in that cabin now. Kids are next door. Not our first time in this cabin. No noise.
  3. My request was not showing as pending or expired and a few minutes later I received the upgrade email.
  4. My kids have the Classic non-alcohol promo package. Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Coke Zero, fresh and bottled juices, premium coffees and teas, and non-premium bottled water. Upcharge to adjust Classic N/A to Premium N/A Pkg From*$4.80USD Adult per day All canned and fountain soft drinks from Coca-Cola, premium bottled water from Evian, Perrier and San Pellegrino, specialty coffees and teas, non-alcoholic frozen drinks and smoothies, Red Bull Energy Drink and specialty waters from Vitamin Water Or I can buy the Kid Beverage Package for the low price of $180 for the 2 of them. This package includes:• Smoothies• Milkshakes• Slushies• Fountain Sodas• Juices• Bottled Water• One mocktail flaring mixology class• Special in cabin delight So will upgrading them to the premium package get any non-alcoholic frozen drink? (That is if I could actually add to my cart.) And Captain's Club and children: They cannot join until age 18. So does nothing count before age 18 or do I have to go back and request the points when they are old enough?
  5. We have done walk-off in FLL and been sitting on the airplane by 8:30am. Admittedly much more difficult with kids and with this whole Covid travel mess. FLL, MIA, PBI, and RSW are all closer than MCO. In normal times there are LOTS of flights out of MCO. But there are also lots of people and sometimes it ends up being the worst option.
  6. Ugh!!! My dilemma: good experience for teens vs Glacier Bay. I've priced out Ovation as well. It costs more for balcony. It does have the virtual interior but now with masks and all, that might not be a good option. I don't know if RCCL is cruising with a lower capacity cap that Princess. We were on Celebrity last month (406 guests) thought SXM might have artificially reduced capacity. So aside from losing Glacier Bay, Sitka instead of Ketchican. We aren't big excursion people anyway, but this is actually intriguing. Last year my 17 year old son decided to start learning Russian. So I may have to take a better look at this. And we homeschool. Travel had been a big part of it.
  7. I am not a new cruiser but we've not ever done an Alaskan cruise. I've decided to take my three teens on a Princess Alaska cruise. My choices: August or September In normal life I can see September having less crowds. I'm not so sure that will be the case this year as there are crowds absolutely everywhere. I have no idea how to apply old rules to new norm. August might be a more "teen" friendly cruise. My kids are used to DCL. And we've been on cruises where my kids were the only kids. So somewhere between 1500 and 3. lol Temperature and weather: How much difference will there be? Admittedly I have no idea how to prepare for a cold weather cruise so I have a lot of shopping to do beforehand. Anyone want to venture a guess how those October cruises are going to go? Crowds: It appears that Princess is coming back to full occupancy rather quickly. They will be at least 80% or higher in the next week or two. We just did the inaugural Celebrity Summit where there were only 406 guests. That was pretty nice. On the bad side: Trying to get a cabin for 4 in August is really tough. I barely see availability. And then we would have to fly in August. The last time I flew I said that it would be the last time I flew until after Labor Day.
  8. Fishing was my downfall question as well.
  9. No it does not qualify. They did have testing at the cruise port though.
  10. In case anyone is wondering, we showed passports, Vax cards and RT-PCR paperwork numerous times at the port. They circled RT-PCR so they are definitely looking for that particular test.
  11. This is the part that stumps me. Are they really looking for a rolling 72 hours of PCR tests according to your check-in time? SXM says 72 hours from departure of last leg. There can be a four hour gap here.
  12. Airline crew wasn't essential in my state nor in the state where he is based. They were classified after grocery workers, food workers, and garbage men. That was a pretty big miss as he does go to ICN, PVG, NRT and SYD. We are cruising in less than a week. We had to buy tickets. There is just no way we would have made it.
  13. My 14 year old has been on 11 (8 on Disney) cruises since December, 2017 when I brought three youngest kids on a cruise to see if they liked it. Silly me. That first cruise was right after Thanksgiving on RCCL. I think that there were 14 kids on board. Nonetheless they all loved cruising. Cruising has brought her out of her shell. She used to be so shy (if she could fold herself up in half and disappear she would have.) We are cruising in a week and we discussed bringing her along. So I totally get what you are asking. We opted to not bring her along on Celebrity. This is a Caribbean cruise and we are still working our way through new norm and she has been to the Caribbean several times. My original plan would have been to take them on the Millenium to Alaska in August. But I just couldn't get a third person booked in a cabin even though she is fully vaccinated. So for me, itinerary would override fewer kids on board. We were on Norwegian for a Med cruise and I don't even think that there were even 14 kids on board. But they didn't care. We were there for the itinerary. We've taken them on Panama Canal, Westbound Transatlantic as well (though those were on DCL so there were kids there just not 2000.) I can't wait to take my kids back out into the world.
  14. The FAA also had the no-fly restriction 48 hours after the vaccine. And that absolutely messed up scheduling.
  15. Although it is the pilot's job to work through the checklist so often times, that is how it is caught.
  16. We have this itinerary the following week. We normally just fly standby in early but nothing is normal now so this was the best workaround that we could do. I know that the airports will be crazy. Just buying tickets has increased our odds but there are so many things that can go wrong, I can't worry about this that far down the list.
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