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  1. Your review is lovely, and quite inspiring. Makes me want to look at Baltics for the future.
  2. Jnsplace1

    Late Flight From FLL

    We're doing a hop on/hop off bus around Miami for the time. I like having the open ended option and still remain in the city.
  3. For me, it's the biggest bang for my buck, which over the years has given me Silver. So obviously for me, NCL does it's job well. The change does't impact my decision making.
  4. Jnsplace1

    8pm Fll flight after cruise

    We're doing a hop on hop off bus, there's a place nearby that will store luggage fairly cheaply. https://www.bigbustours.com/en/miami/miami-bus-tours/
  5. Jnsplace1

    Getaway Thermal Suite Day Pass?

    Yes, Getaway still does Thermal spa passes if they are not sold out on your cruise. They open up about 90 days before I believe. Hours of the spa, not sure, I imagine late as I've heard about people going after dinner on other threads. This was the hours for the Escape: I think that it was 8 am - 10 pm on days 2-6. Embarkation day starts after muster to 10 pm. On the last day, 8 am to 8 pm.
  6. Jnsplace1

    Miami for the day. ideas.

    We're doing the Hop on Hop off bus. This will give us the option of having a lose schedule and also they have a cafe nearby that stores luggage cheaply.
  7. What good advice! Honestly never thought of that. The up selling while I get teh money making need, sometimes can made the whole experience go south. I'll remember this.
  8. Jnsplace1

    UBP question please

    That's a good idea for 1s. Never thought of that. First time with UBP. Before this, was always thinking tips in 5 for the shuttles & etc.
  9. Jnsplace1

    Is Thermal Suite Pass Worth it?

    Mom and I booked ours. She told me on her last cruise this was the best purchase she made. Every return trip from port she would go and just soak the bliss. Once or twice a day and she loved it. With the passes being limited for a tranquil space? Was an easy buy for us.
  10. Jnsplace1

    Non Haven Suite check in at Miami

    Good read. Now I know where to go on my trip in Jan. Just have to decide if I want to board early, or enjoy Miami for a little bit before boarding. Us PacNW folks do enjoy a bit of sunshine in the winter.
  11. Jnsplace1

    Ultra Beverage Program is a Ripoff

    I did a lot of shopping around for my cruise in Jan 2018, and much to my delight I feel like the cabin + UBP is a great deal. It will be the first time for my Mom & I using it. Honestly, I have zero issues pre-paying the gratuity. It's like having the gratuity automatically added when I go to a group dinner or such. I also feel now I have the mental permission to really enjoy playing around with drinks. If I don't like one, move onto the next, no hassles. What better vacation is that? No hassling? Looking forward to it for sure.
  12. Jnsplace1

    NCL Pre-Cruise hotel package

    I'm departing out of Miami next year. I felt that NCL's precruise hotel was too expensive and booked one through Expedia cheaper. Will be taking the shuttle from FLL to Miami after the flight. Cost was reasonable.
  13. I've done classic traditional style before, and honestly when more choice and no set times came into play, I was in heaven. I am very willing to pay a little extra to get a little extra. Sometimes it's worth it, other times it's not. Always the risk to take and since I like to explore, I prefer to take the chance then go back to traditional style. And yes, buffet works great when low energy, or time comes into play.