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  1. Pretty much the same at many hotels as well. A combo and a soap, both in pump. Which is fine. I can adapt. 🙂
  2. I'm (pre)booked for the Enclave on the Sky for my August cruise. I just checked my travel summery and it is still on there. Good luck!
  3. Honestly, the tracking doesn't bother me. It's not any different than Apple, Google, Facebook or the like. I'm on of those that turn many of my tracking/location features off, and then recently I lost my phone. I couldn't track it via my Ipad "find my phone". I laughed and then....I turned it on (once I found it). Like many things in the world, we do like features when they benefit us, and don't care for them when they don't. 🙂
  4. I booked my international EZair flight two months ago for next summer. Still watching it rise. I'll be doing the same once my 2021 cruise flight options open up.
  5. Airborne Binoculars (itinerary dependent)
  6. I'm still an explorer, so for me it's in this order *itinerary (balanced with some sea days for relaxing) *Days of cruising (Not retired, time is limited) *Cruise line *Ship
  7. Interesting while I know food and entertainment is subjective. I've seen enough comments about too much sports playing and "ok" food. I hope comments are being fed to the higher ups in Princess. Looking forward to my summer trip on the Sky!
  8. Jnsplace1

    HOHO in Singapore

    Trying to plan my trip in 2021 for flights, etc. Ship departs from here. About how long are the routes (assuming you don't step off)?
  9. There was an update to the app this week. I'll be very curious if that helps some folks now.
  10. More rain = more clouds typically......I went in May it was chilly while the ship was moving. Also, something to consider, smaller ships also mean that they can fit in the channels. I went on a smaller Celebrity ship during my cruise, and there are some tight spots in the inside inside passage (vs outside inside). Using independent tour operators is a solid deal. There are some great ones that do all sorts of things from hiking, whale watching, helicopters, and water planes (which was cool). enjoy!
  11. Not sure if this will help ease up on things. But Amsterdam is a major hub for the EU, so it's really easy to get in and out of the airport and connect to other cities. In the past, I've flown into the airport (Schiphol) and taken the train into the cities. The train system is fabulous. So, perhaps look at the ability to stay a couple of days ahead or after separate from the cruise? Might free up your ability to depart out of other cities?
  12. This is a copy/paste from the terms: " Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 beverages per 24-hour period (6 a.m. to 6 a.m.). Alcoholic drinks requested above the daily limits are at the discretion of the shipboard management and crew and charged at regular menu prices. Non-alcoholic drinks do NOT have this limitation nor do they count toward this maximum.
  13. And the items that one person finds value in, another may not. Example: I don't care a chair in my room (takes up space/gets in way). I can manage with or without. Some folks cannot. I travel a lot, and every hotel chain (or local) does what they deem best based off the ROI. I would consider cruises no different.
  14. Then if you don't know about this site, you might enjoy it for the geekness it is. 😉 (Ribbon on the top for more goodies to explore) https://www.cruisemapper.com/
  15. I was curious, and googled it. Found this thread from earlier this year. Sounds fun! Better link, with pictures!
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